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12 Italian Phrases Everyone Should Know How to Use

Enhancing your knowledge of the Italian cultural experience means moving beyond ciao and gelato. Master these terms, and you'll look more worldly in no time. Prego (you're welcome)!

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You Can Polish Your Car with This Common Hair Product

Hair conditioner works just as well as car polish on your car. Here's the lowdown on why it works and...

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Here’s How to Get Picked for an Upgrade on a Flight

Try this trick to get more leg room without paying more money.

The Most Scenic Train Rides Across America

From a three-hour wine train across Napa to a week-long coast-to-coast adventure to remember, here's how to answer the siren...

Here’s How Climbers Are Ruining Mount Everest

Overcrowded with inexperienced climbers and polluted with waste, Mount Everest—one of the earth’s natural wonders—is in danger. How to fix...

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13 Ways Hackers Get You When You Travel

An expert reveals the surprising ways you're more vulnerable to identity theft when you travel—and how to protect yourself.

35 City Names Around the World You’re Mispronouncing

Sound like a native—or at least a savvy tourist—when you learn how to say these place names correctly.

15 Best Summer Weekend Getaways You’ll Want to Book This Second

Why hello, Summer Fridays! Here's how to make the most of all 15 of your summer weekends.

This Is How to Spot Bed Bugs in Your Hotel Room

Bed bugs won’t just ruin your stay—that bad luck could follow you home, because bed bugs can latch onto your...

10 of the Best Small-Town Festivals in America

Whether you seek culture, community, or comfort food, these amazing festivals prove that small towns from coast to coast know...

The Most Difficult-to-Pronounce Town in Every Single State

The English language is tricky enough without all those U.S. town and city names that aren't even derived from English....

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This Is the Safest (and Fastest!) Way to Remove Snow from Your Car

We know, it's cold. Here's how to do the job quickly.

10 Most Extravagant Hotel Amenities in the World

If money's no option, these are the destinations that really know how to pamper you. Check out these opulent extras.

The Things You’re Doing That Will Get You a Speeding Ticket (Besides Speeding)

Here's a puzzler: Everyone's going the same speed, yet you're the one that got pulled over. Here's what you're doing...

18 Easy Tricks to Never Take a Bad Vacation Photo Again

Here's how to make your vacation shots look like they were taken by professionals.

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9 Smart Tips for Fighting a Parking Ticket

You return to your car and see it: That hideous ticket tucked under your windshield wiper. Here's what to do...

50 Most Overrated Tourist Attractions in the World

Before you see any of these hot spots, read tips from world travelers on what to avoid—and how to make...

9 Traditional Travel Tips It’s Safe to Ignore

If you're not a seasoned jetsetter, planning a trip and getting out of town can be stressful. But before you...

Don’t Get Sick or Robbed on Vacation! 22 Tips for a Better Hotel Stay

Hotels can feel like a great retreat, but traveling also leaves you more vulnerable than ever to getting sick or...

The 10 Best Sandwiches from Around the World

Cooks around the world know how to put together some pretty mouthwatering sandwiches.

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17 Tricks to Make Your Next Flight Healthier

Stale air, hours of sitting, and close contact with other passengers mean plane rides can take a toll on your...

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13 Weird Tricks to Clean Your Car

We found simple, cheap, unexpected tips on how to wash your car to keep it cleaner for longer.

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9 Easy Ways to Use Your Phone Internationally—That Don’t Cost a Fortune

We love to travel, but we really don't want to be that out of touch. Here's how to stay connected...

10 Summer Travel Scams You Need to Take Seriously

Be wary when you're ready to hit the road—scammers await, and can cost you hundreds of dollars if you're not...

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20 Secrets Amusement Parks Won’t Tell You About Saving Money and Avoiding Crowds

From how to beat the crowds to the real reasons rides get shut down, former and current amusement park employees...

This Is How to Get Cast as Movie Extra

Get ready for your (small) big-screen debut.

Here’s How to Board a Plane if Your ID Is Lost or Stolen

It's a nightmare situation you want to avoid at all costs. But should you get to the airport with only...