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13 New Rules You’ll Have to Follow Next Time You Fly

Coronavirus has changed everything about the way we live, work, and shop and introduced a variety of new rules for travel that you'll experience the next time you fly.

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Why We Decided to Rent an Airbnb During Coronavirus

Off we went to Cape Cod! But with some safety measures in place.

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14 Coronavirus Mistakes You’ll Probably Make This Summer

Here's your guide to enjoying the warm weather and time outdoors—safely—this summer.

14 Ways Cruises Could Change Forever After Coronavirus

Bye-bye, buffets? From the end of a beloved tradition to the beginning of stricter safety measures, here’s what you might...

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What Travel Could Look Like After Coronavirus

Many aspects of life will likely never return to normal after COVID-19, but here's how flying will be changed forever...

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How Globetrotters Are Satisfying Their Quarantine Wanderlust

Some frequent travelers are writing notes to the people who made their travel experience memorable as a way of saying...

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Why You Should Still Use Your Vacation Days During Quarantine

By taking time away from work, you take much-needed recovery time for yourself.

Why I Won’t Stop Taking Cruises—Even After Coronavirus

A frequent cruiser shares her thoughts on cruising past the pandemic.

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How 8 Travelers Are Recreating the Spring Break They Were Supposed to Have

Many folks have figured out creative ways to create beautiful experiences at home.

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What Happened When I Tried Flying From Mexico to the U.S. During the Pandemic

Of course, traveling is anything but normal right now. Here’s what you need to know before attempting to make your...

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How to Get a Refund If a World Crisis Forces You to Cancel a Trip

Unable to travel due to coronavirus or any other world event? Here's how and when you can cancel.

American Towns That Used to Be Poor but Are Now Rich

These cities gone from bust to boom thanks to their thriving arts scenes, vibrant downtown digs, and more.

14 Islands in the Bahamas You Can Still Visit

Hurricane Dorian delivered a frightening Category 5 blow to the Bahamas' outer islands of Grand Bahama and Abacos the beginning...

10 Islands You Can Still Visit in Hurricane Season

Although no Caribbean destination is completely hurricane-proof, these gorgeous islands come closest to being year-round tropical paradises.

The Most Popular Destination This Summer May Surprise You

New research shows that Americans are searching for flights to one sunny destination in droves this summer say the experts...

12 Perfect Places to Stay to Celebrate Pride

Get ready to break out your rainbow sunglasses, because June is lighting up with Pride festivities around the country commemorating...

7 Safe Warm-Weather Destinations to Visit If You’re Worried About Hurricane Season

If you had a Caribbean holiday planned, try these balmy vacations instead that are located well out of any hurricane...