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Which Airlines Have the Best (and Worst) Fees?

Is that cheap airfare you found too good to be true? Very possibly! Here’s how to make sure you don’t end up paying way more than you expect.

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What Airlines Losing Money Could Mean for You

Airlines have been hemorrhaging money in recent months, another casualty of COVID-19. The U.S. government has bailed them out repeatedly...but...

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The History of Inflight Dining

As the airline industry has evolved over time, inflight dining has also changed much since making its debut over a...

When to Book Your 2020 Air Travel to Get the Cheapest Fares

Want to save a bundle? Forget everything you think you know about nabbing the best airfare and follow this advice...

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This Is What Airfare Could Look Like in 2021

We talked to the operations manager of a flight deals site to explore how the pandemic has really affected airlines. Plus, find...

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The 7 Oldest Airlines Still Operating Around the World

In a notoriously volatile industry, these companies have proven they’re in it for the long haul.

The Most Trusted Airline in America

Once you start flying on the most trusted airline in America, you'll never want to fly with any other.

Which Is Worse for the Environment: Driving or Flying?

Not all trips are created equal—especially when you consider how they can harm the planet.

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4 Gross Things Airlines Do to Save Money

While most carriers are taking appropriate measures to ensure the health and safety of their crew and passengers, travelers should...

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The Airline with the Worst Reputation in America

Keep this in mind when you book your next flight.

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I’m a Nurse—Here’s Why I’m Not Afraid to Fly

I've flown twice during the pandemic and I'm planning more domestic trips—as long as you're properly prepared and follow the...

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13 Things Airlines Don’t Want to Tell You (But Every Flier Should Know)

From how to get the best seats to disgusting airplane habits to avoid, get these insider secrets to a safer,...

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14 Airplane Hacks That Will Change the Way You Fly

Before you book your next trip, learn these insider tricks that will make flying a whole lot easier and more...

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7 Secrets to Avoid Flying on a Crowded Plane

Avoiding the dreaded middle seat carries even more importance in this age of social distancing. Here's how to make sure...

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19 Things to Never Say to Flight Attendants

Flight attendants have seen it all and heard it all. Although there's not much that can surprise them, there's plenty...

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The Airline Getting the Most Complaints During the Pandemic

Every airline is going through a tough time right now—but one has been bombarded with far more customer complaints than...

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The Truth About Recirculated Air on Airplanes

There are plenty of justifiable reasons to be nervous about flying on an airplane right now—but this common myth isn't...

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The 15 Best National Park Road Trips to Take All Year Long

Looking for the perfect getaway? Forget the plane tickets, and rev up the car! America’s many wonders are just a...

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What Flight Attendants Want You to Know Before You Fly Again

Taking to the skies looks different these days—but for both crew and travelers, the new cleanliness standards are welcomed. Airlines...

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12 Photos That Show the “New Normal” of Air Travel

This is what it looks like to fly in a post-pandemic world.

20 of the Most Beautiful Sea Caves in the World

Even if we can't travel just yet, these photos will have you planning a sea cave adventure we're all sure...

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Why Travel Agents Think You Should Buy Plane Tickets Now—But Travel Later

Dreaming of a tropical getaway? If you want a great deal and a much-needed mental escape, now is the time...

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Where to Sit on an Airplane to Avoid Getting Sick

Another reason why the window seat is the best seat on the plane.

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This Is What a Flight Attendant First Notices About You

You'll be surprised by how much a flight attendant can learn about you simply by greeting you at the door.

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13 Red Flags You’re About to Book a Bad Airline

The price is right and the destination looks incredible but something just doesn't feel right about the flight you are...