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10 Amenities Slowly Vanishing from Hotel Rooms

Your hotel room definitely still has a bed—but these once-common amenities might be missing.

13 Travel Secrets Only Hotel Managers Know

Don't travel before reading these tips—unless you want to skip the upgrade and pay more for your room.

When Is the Best Time to Book a Hotel? Here’s What Travel Experts Say

These insider tips and tricks will teach you the best time to book a hotel to get the best value...

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This Is Why You Should Never Use the Hotel Hair Dryer

Gross! This will make you want to bring your own hair dryer from now on (or just go au naturale).

16 Tips for Saving a Ton of Money on Hotel Rooms

Save money so you can spend more where it counts: making memories.

The 10 Best Hotel Rewards Programs—Ranked

ThePointsGuy.com rated hotel loyalty programs based on ten factors: ease and value of earning/redeeming points, number of hotels/rooms, perks, elite...

11 Rude Hotel Habits You Should Stop ASAP

Avoid these rude habits that bother both hotel employees and other guests.

12 Things You Should Always Do Before You Leave Your Hotel Room

Make sure you do these things before you leave your hotel room and you'll save time, money, and earn the...

13 Secrets Airbnb Hosts Will Never Tell You

Once you know these insider tips, your next home stay experience will be much more enjoyable—and possibly even less expensive!

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See Inside Walt Disney World’s Most Expensive Hotel Room

The Four Seasons Resort Orlando takes magic to a whole new level.

16 of the Most Luxurious Presidential Suites Around the World

You don't need to be the leader of the free world to vacation like one. Feel like the commander-in-chief of...

This Is How to Spot Bed Bugs in Your Hotel Room

Bed bugs won’t just ruin your stay—that bad luck could follow you home, because bed bugs can latch onto your...

The Most Popular Airbnb in Every U.S. State

From an earthship in New Mexico to an underground hygge in Washington, and all the wooded cabins, yurts, and tree...

15 Wacky Places You Can Rent on Airbnb Right Now

Ready to branch out on your next vacay? Airbnb can help: From a giant seashell to a tree house to...

This Is the Real Reason Why Hotel Rooms Have Bibles

No, they don't want to convert you.

The Real Reason Hotels Use White Sheets

They're easiest to stain—but that's exactly why it makes sense!

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13 Things Hotels Aren’t Cleaning as They Should

While bed sheets may take a tumble through the hotel washing machines in between guests, other room items aren't cleaned...

25 of the World’s Strangest and Most Unique Hotels

You can stay at a safe, normal, everyday hotel on vacation. Or you could have the experience of a lifetime...

10 Secrets to Score a Free Hotel Room Upgrade

Top hotel managers shared their secret hacks to score a free hotel upgrade so your next trip can be even...

This Is the Difference Between a Hotel and a Motel

They're similar, but they're definitely not synonymous.

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13 Ways Your Hotel Room Could Be Making You Sick

You're going to want to bring sanitizing wipes to wipe down every square inch of your hotel room after reading...