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At Reader’s Digest, we know you have so many places to go and even more people to see. No matter where you’re heading, we’ve got all you need to know, bring, and plan for before you leave on your next worldwind vacation.

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16 Scary Driving Scenarios and Exactly How to Handle Them

Often when driving, we encounter situations that are out of our control. Make the right decisions when in a tight spot with these tips.

9 Ways to Unplug on Vacation Without Going Crazy

If you want to actually relax and have fun on your vacation, taking a digital detox is key. Here's how...

The 13 Best Cruises for Kids

Swimming pools, unlimited soft serve, chicken fingers and pizza galore, glitzy game rooms… ships designed to be the best cruises...

The Most Scenic Train Rides Across America

From a three-hour wine train across Napa to a week-long coast-to-coast adventure to remember, here's how to answer the siren...

15 Best Summer Weekend Getaways You’ll Want to Book This Second

Why hello, Summer Fridays! Here's how to make the most of all 15 of your summer weekends.

10 of the Best Small-Town Festivals in America

Whether you seek culture, community, or comfort food, these amazing festivals prove that small towns from coast to coast know...

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This Is the Safest (and Fastest!) Way to Remove Snow from Your Car

We know, it's cold. Here's how to do the job quickly.

18 Easy Tricks to Never Take a Bad Vacation Photo Again

Here's how to make your vacation shots look like they were taken by professionals.

9 Traditional Travel Tips It’s Safe to Ignore

If you're not a seasoned jetsetter, planning a trip and getting out of town can be stressful. But before you...

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13 Weird Tricks to Clean Your Car

We found simple, cheap, unexpected tips on how to wash your car to keep it cleaner for longer.

This Is How to Get Cast as Movie Extra

Get ready for your (small) big-screen debut.

13 Things Travel Experts Wish You Knew About Booking a Cruise

Career cruisers have the inside scoop on how to get the most out of your summer vacation at sea.

This State Has the Worst Drivers in the United States

Your driving prowess may depend on who taught you how to hit the road. And apparently, it also depends on...

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You Can Save TONS of Money on Tolls with This Amazing App Feature

Tolls play a key role in the maintenance of transit infrastructure. But they are kind of a drag and kind...

10 Ways You’re Wasting Money on Vacation—and How to Avoid Them

The website GoCompare.com recently surveyed travelers to find the biggest spending mistakes people make. Here are the blunders, and ways...

6 Fall Activities to Try This Year—That Aren’t Apple Picking

You've already taste-tested ciders and picked a bunch of apples—here's how to get off the beaten path.

You’ll Want to Memorize These 6 Smart Solutions for Common Vacation Problems

Let's face it, as much as travel can be fun, when things don't go right, it can quickly turn into...

Don’t Book That Vacation Home Rental Before You Read This!

Here's how to get the postcard-worthy stay you deserve.

Here’s How to Tell a Vacation Story Your Friends Actually Want to Hear

Our advice: Don't share any more vacation adventures before reading this first.

Cheers! How to Propose a Toast Around the World

A fun way to learn about the people in the destinations you travel to around the world is to drop...

9 Easy Ways to Beat Those Post-Vacation Blues

That super-bored feeling you get after a great vacation is totally fixable. Here's how to do it without immediately setting...

Can’t Sleep on Vacay? 17 Tips to Snooze Better When Traveling

In an unfamiliar setting, your ears pick up every noise and you're hyperaware of your surroundings, making it harder than...