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At Reader’s Digest, we know you have so many places to go and even more people to see. No matter where you’re heading, we’ve got all you need to know, bring, and plan for before you leave on your next worldwind vacation.

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9 of the Coolest Concept Cars That Never Existed

These retro-futuristic vehicles, part of the High Museum of Art's exhibit "Dream Cars: Innovative Design, Visionary Ideas," will make your...

5 All-American Family Vacation Ideas

Bet you never thought you'd unearth a T-Rex with grandma: These five travel destinations show new sides of the United...

Zen Travel Advice: Remember to Get Lost

The best experiences can't be planned.

Top 10 Unexpected Food Travel Destinations

Go beyond France and Italy! Whether exploring regional specialties or national favorites, you'll savor incredible local cuisine when visiting these...

Affordable Family Vacations: Tips to Make It Happen

Travel experts answer common questions about how you can afford a fun, memorable trip.

What Unites These States?

Philip Caputo traveled from Key West, Florida, to Deadhorse, Alaska, asking everyday Americans what holds our country together. In the...

What Star Gazing Looks Like From the Last of the Wild Roads

At the crest between valleys, I take out binoculars, and in turn they take my breath, multiplying the number of...

Going on a Road Trip? Remember to Pack These!

Driving to Grandma's house for the holidays? Here's everything you'll need to keep a carload of travelers happy, safe, and...

Genius Ways to Save on Gas

Did you know that 39% of Americans are considering a hybrid or plug-in for their next car? Even if you...

Survival Stories: Hot, Thirsty, and Lost in Death Valley

Three women took a drive to Death Valley for a day of exploring. Three days and 300 miles later, they...

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Hey, Mr. President: Have I Got a Burger For You

Now, there’s no beef here, Mr. President, because clearly you know your way around a patty (ahem, obamaeatingburgers.tumblr.com), but when

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Look Twice: 10 Funny Hotel Photos

Fancy camera tricks—busted! If you’ve ever been disappointed entering a not-so-majestic hotel room after falling for it on the property’s

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25+ American Tourist Restaurants that Locals Swear By

These restaurants may be listed in every guidebook, but they evoke fierce hometown pride from those in the know and...

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Easy-to-Make Recipes While Cooking on Vacation

These fast, tasty ideas will help you save time and money when making meals away from home.

American Trivia: Great State Nicknames

Think you can tell the Beehive State from the Volunteer State? Quiz yourself and see.

American Quiz: Highest, Lowest, Oldest, and Largest

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of trivia: Test yourself as we spotlight nine notable locations across America.

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Unforgettable Car Stories: Staff Picks

Our editors reflect on the rides that meant the most to them, from their first set of wheels in high...

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Happy Feet: Travel Photo Idea

Photographer Tom Robinson goes feet first for vacation photos.

The 9 Best-Kept Travel Gems America has to Offer

Tourist attractions are popular for good reason, but be sure to take time on your travels to seek out hidden...

6 Things Casinos Don’t Want You to Know About Your Odds

Casinos keep you out of the loop for a reason.

21 Essential Hiking Tips

Follow these tips and stay safe on the trails.

10 Healthy Road Trip Snacks

Don't destroy your diet on the road, pack these healthy snacks before you go on your trip.

Top 5 Educational Family Vacations

Turn your vacation into an education by visiting one of these family-friendly cities.

Celebrate National Park Week

Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas There has perhaps never been a better time to explore America’s stunning and diverse national

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The Best Family Beach Vacation Spots

It may not feel like summer yet, but now’s the time to plan your getaway with the kids at the

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5 Simple Spring Breaks for Families

Why stay at home this spring break when your family could check out cherry blossoms, travel back in time, or...