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At Reader’s Digest, we know you have so many places to go and even more people to see. No matter where you’re heading, we’ve got all you need to know, bring, and plan for before you leave on your next worldwind vacation.

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14 Beaches That Are Better in the Fall

Who says beach season ends on Labor Day? Once September hits, beach destinations around the country experience a drop in...

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This Is Why Cops Touch Your Car’s Tail Light During Traffic Stops

Nope, it's not because they're trying to buff out that scratch above your bumper.

13 Abandoned Places in New York City You Can Still Visit

It's hard to believe that New York City, with its 8.4 million people, could even have abandoned places—but it does,...

27 Luxury Camping Adventures That Will Make You an Outdoors Person

Want to spend more time in the great outdoors without forgoing the finer things in life like high thread counts,...

The Most Beautiful Lakes in America for Swimming

Beyond their pristine settings and peaceful waters, lakes act like time machines, taking us back to carefree summer days spent...

The 50 Best Beaches in the World

The votes are in! According to 600 top travel professionals surveyed by FlightNetwork, these beaches all share one thing: they...

14 Things Smart Homeowners Do Before Going on Vacation

From burglars to water damage, ensure you return to a safe and secure property by taking care of these few...

15 Less Crowded Alternatives to the Most Popular Tourist Attractions

Calling a hot spot "overrated" does not mean that it is unworthy of a visit, but rather that there might...

30 Best Things to Do in the Bahamas

If you've never ventured outside of Nassau, you're only scratching the surface of this island paradise that's made up of...

12 Bucket List Vacations That Are Cheaper Than Disney

Where else can you head for that budget? We've got some amazing ideas for bucket list vacations that will amaze...

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10 Popular Travel Tips That Are No Longer True

Don't believe everything you hear about the best way to travel safely, happily, and on a budget.

The Most Charming Small Town in Every State

You'll find the heart of America in these small-town gems that seem lost in time. Add them to your must-visit...

The Strangest Museum in Every State

From disturbing oddities to "why-does-this-deserve-an-entire-museum?" subjects, these are the types of out-of-the-box attractions that make America what it is.

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6 Infamous Homes Everyone Should Know

You likely know these infamous houses, but do you remember why they're infamous?

31 Secrets Park Rangers Want You to Know

From excellent deals to cautionary tales, these tips and tricks will leave you perfectly prepared for a trip to the...

10 Sam’s Club Travel Deals You Don’t Want to Miss

Sam's Club launched its new travel service only three months ago and is now offering its famous discounts on amazing...

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The Funniest Family Vacations Stories That You Will Sadly Relate To

From Disney disasters to beach flops, your most memorable (i.e., hilarious!) family travel snafus.

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Could You Pass the Driver’s Test Again? Find Out.

We created questions based on real motor vehicle department practice tests.

15 Must-See Sights You Can Only See Along the Pacific Coast Highway

Spanning more than 600 miles, the Pacific Coast Highway has been described as the ultimate road trip. Here’s what you...

14 Code Words You Never Want to Hear on Cruise Ships

Cruise ship code words like "Bravo, Bravo, Bravo" are semisecret in the industry. See how many you can remember before...

25 Rare Vintage Photos of America’s National Parks

Take a look back in time to see how much America's National Parks have changed over the years.

The Most Popular Destination This Summer May Surprise You

New research shows that Americans are searching for flights to one sunny destination in droves this summer say the experts...

The 13 Most Dangerous Beaches in the World

If your plans for your beach vacation include reading, relaxing, and surviving, cross these destinations off your list.

16 of the Most Luxurious Presidential Suites Around the World

You don't need to be the leader of the free world to vacation like one. Feel like the commander-in-chief of...

The Most Scenic Train Rides Across America

From a three-hour wine train across Napa to a week-long coast-to-coast adventure to remember, here's how to answer the siren...

21 Nicest Small Towns in America Everyone Should Visit Before They’re 50

Consider this an ode to knowing your neighbors, having the baristas at the coffee shop know your order by heart,...