There’s a Magical Fairy Trail in Suburban New Jersey, and You Need to See the Darling Photos

Get a glimpse of the cottages and doorways of this magical fairy village in New Jersey made by special education teacher Therese Ojibway.


theres-an-adorable-fairy-village-1809Matthew Cohen for Reader's Digest Special education teacher Therese Ojibway, 60, started to transform the trails of the South Mountain Reservation near her Milburn, New Jersey home about five years ago. Read more about her amazing story here. Here, a friendly welcome greets visitors as they begin the trail.

Visitors of all sizes

theres-an-adorable-fairy-village-1814Matthew Cohen for Reader's Digest Ojibway's handiwork has attracted visitors big and small to South Mountain Reserve.

A warm invitation

theres-an-adorable-fairy-village-1819Matthew Cohen for Reader's Digest Even the fairies are invited to stay and make their homes in the village.

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Humble abode

theres-an-adorable-fairy-village-1851Matthew Cohen for Reader's Digest On this trail, birdhouses are meant for more than just birds.

The neighborhood

theres-an-adorable-fairy-village-1824Matthew Cohen for Reader's Digest Over the five years Ojibway has been constructing this trail, more cottages have popped up in the corners of this forest.

Pumpkin patch

theres-an-adorable-fairy-village-1867Matthew Cohen for Reader's Digest Some homes even have little yards, like this one with a pumpkin patch—a picturesque autumn scene.

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Tidying up

theres-an-adorable-fairy-village-1931Matthew Cohen for Reader's Digest Along the trail, plenty of little surprises lie hidden in houses, under roots, or inside fallen trees.

Hidden gems

theres-an-adorable-fairy-village-1789Matthew Cohen for Reader's Digest Some additions to the village take some searching to find, like this miniature vanity set.


theres-an-adorable-fairy-village-1881Matthew Cohen for Reader's Digest Signs posted on the trail remind human visitors to be careful around houses—and inhabitants—much smaller than they are.

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A forest reborn

theres-an-adorable-fairy-village-1879Matthew Cohen for Reader's Digest This fallen tree has life again, thanks to the new dwelling embedded in its roots.

Log hideout

theres-an-adorable-fairy-village-2037Matthew Cohen for Reader's Digest A hollow log becomes a secret hideaway, complete with getaway ladder.

Mossy living

theres-an-adorable-fairy-village-1769Matthew Cohen for Reader's Digest Ojibway started building fairy houses with moss as a young girl in Lansing, Michigan. Now she's passing on her visions.

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Fairy furniture

theres-an-adorable-fairy-village-1956Matthew Cohen for Reader's Digest Sticks can be glued together to make chairs and tables.

Tree transformation

theres-an-adorable-fairy-village-1906Matthew Cohen for Reader's Digest Sometimes Ojibway takes what she sees in nature and envisions a fairy home out of it, like turning this tree into a cozy abode by adding a door.

Troll inspection

theres-an-adorable-fairy-village-2018Matthew Cohen for Reader's Digest Ojibway often checks up on her creations to make sure no trolls—or forest animals—have tampered with the trail.

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The woman behind it all

theres-an-adorable-fairy-village-2049Matthew Cohen for Reader's Digest Ojibway's imagination and creative talent is the real magic behind this enchanted place.
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