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We Hear You America: How the 2011 Campaign Made Winning Towns Better

Find out how lucky winners of Reader’s Digest We Hear You America prize grants used their funds to make their communities better.

Rancho Cordova, CA

Population: 64,776 (2010 Census)
Prize: Round 2: Grand Prize of $40,000
For: A town Christmas tree and ice rink

Find out more about Rancho Cordova's project

Crescent City, CA

Population: 7,643 (2010 Census)
Prize: Round 2: Municipal Runner-Up Prize of $10,000
For: Rebuilding the harbor

Find out more about Crescent City's project

Greensboro, NC

Population: 269,666 (2010 Census)
Prize: Round 1: Category-based (Population 250,000-499,999) Municipal Runner-Up Prize of $10,000
For: local Red Cross and United Way chapters

Find out more about Greensboro's project

Aurora, IL

Population: 197,899 (2010 Census)
Prize: Category-based (Population 100,000-249,999) Municipal Runner-Up Prize of $10,000
For: Festival of Lights

Find out more about Aurora's project

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Originally Published in Reader's Digest