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september 2015 aol health voice first aid


Take Care of Your Voice: Why You Sound Hoarse (Or Old) and What to Do About It

Struggling to be heard? It may not be their hearing—but your volume. >>

september 2015 aol food beauty

Healthy Eating

Best Foods for Skin: Eat These 6 and You Could Make Your Face Look Younger

These superfoods for your skin are packed with anti-aging nutrients that protect skin from damage… >>

silent signs body trouble


11 Silent Signs of Big Health Problems You Might Be Ignoring

Subtle clues—from handwriting to snoring—can reveal the earliest warnings of illness. Here's… >>

nocebo effects


Do You Fall for the ‘Nocebo Effect?’ 5 Ways to Stay Positive for Better Health

Scientific studies confirm that a placebo (a dummy medication or procedure) can genuinely benefit a… >>

apple health benefits once a day

Healthy Eating

7 of the Best Ways to Eat Apples for Ridiculous Health Benefits

You know eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But recent research reveals that pairing… >>

alzheimers research opener


Alzheimer’s Research: 7 Breakthroughs to Give Hope for the Future

It's an exciting time for Alzheimer's disease research, with new studies, treatments, and answers… >>

toast and peanut butter for energy

Everyday Wellness

Falling Asleep At Your Desk? 11 Tips for Energy After Lunch

Fight post-lunch drowsiness and boost energy at work by chewing gum, watching cat videos, eating… >>

signs of a stroke brain


Am I Having a Stroke? 7 Signs of Stroke You Might Be Ignoring

Stroke is the fifth-leading cause of death nationwide. Brain damage from strokes can be minimized… >>

lifeguard holding breath games

Everyday Wellness

8 Crucial Water Safety Tips Lifeguards Wish Parents Knew

Top water safety experts weigh in on what parents miss when it comes to pool and beach safety. >>

hair myths hair goes gray


5 Hair Myths We All Need to Stop Believing (and 3 Surprising Truths)

What really makes hair grow, fall out, change color, and more fascinating facts about how to best… >>

healthy foods with bad rap popcorn


These 9 Healthy Foods Get an Unfair Bad Rap

Always thought beef jerky or popcorn were unhealthy snacks? There are actually important… >>

hearing loss hearing aid


Only 14 Percent of People With Hearing Loss Use Hearing Aids. This Is a Major Health Crisis.

Ignoring hearing loss can raise the risk of dementia, falls, and other serious health concerns… >>

july aug 2015 health fob global warming

Diet & Weight Loss

New Science: Being a Little Cold Might Be Really, Really Good for Weight Loss

Could global warming be making you fat? Year-round warmth is a luxury that might affect your body… >>

doctor and patient speaking


New Survey: Science-Backed Habits Reduce Dementia Risk, But Many Americans Are Misinformed

A new survey from Reader’s Digest and the Alzheimer’s Association reveals that many Americans… >>

spray sunscreen

Everyday Wellness

7 Sunscreen Mistakes You May Not Know You’re Making

Dermatologists share the most common sunscreen mistakes people make, and easy fixes to protect your… >>

july aug 2015 aol health doctor charges

Health Care

Can My Doctor Charge Extra for That? The 3 Times You Might Pay More

Copies of forms? Late-night phone calls? What you do—and don't—have to pay for at the doctor's… >>

july aug 2015 aol health kitchen remedies

Everyday Wellness

5 Classic Kitchen Home Remedies With New Science-Backed Benefits

From cranberry juice to ginger, surprisingly healthy updates on your favorite kitchen cures. >>

grandparents lower depression

Everyday Wellness

7 Lovely Reasons Being a Grandparent Is Good For Your Health

Your grandchildren do more than make you smile—they can help you stay sharper, be more active… >>

look and act young habits play with grandchildren

Everyday Wellness

12 Habits of People Who Look and Act Younger Than Their Age

How we work, sleep, spend our leisure time, and even think about aging all play a role in how old… >>

facts about friendship understand friendship

Everyday Wellness

6 Facts That Prove Friends Are Ridiculously Healthy For Us

According to science, friends can make us happier, healthier, and yes, even more beautiful. >>