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Diet & Weight Loss

17 Proven Weight-Loss Tricks From the ‘Stop & Drop Diet’

Stop eating unhealthy versions of the foods you love and drop up to five pounds in five days with… >>

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Everyday Wellness

5 Burning Questions You Have About ‘Female Viagra’ But Are Too Shy to Ask

Curious? Answers to all the questions you secretly have about Addyi (flibanserin)—the first… >>

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4 Memory Problems That Have Nothing to Do With Alzheimer’s

Are they normal brain blips—or something worse? How everything from pregnancy to stress can mess… >>

signs of a stroke brain


3 Myths About Alzheimer’s Disease You Should Stop Believing

A complex neurological that strikes more than 5 million Americans, Alzheimer’s disease is… >>

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Take Care of Your Voice: Why You Sound Hoarse (Or Old) and What to Do About It

Struggling to be heard? It may not be their hearing—but your volume. >>

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Healthy Eating

Best Foods for Skin: Eat These 6 and You Could Make Your Face Look Younger

These superfoods for your skin are packed with anti-aging nutrients that protect skin from damage… >>

silent signs body trouble


11 Silent Signs of Big Health Problems You Might Be Ignoring

Subtle clues—from handwriting to snoring—can reveal the earliest warnings of illness. Here's… >>

nocebo effects


Do You Fall for the ‘Nocebo Effect?’ 5 Ways to Stay Positive for Better Health

Scientific studies confirm that a placebo (a dummy medication or procedure) can genuinely benefit a… >>

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Healthy Eating

7 of the Best Ways to Eat Apples for Ridiculous Health Benefits

You know eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But recent research reveals that pairing… >>

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Alzheimer’s Research: 7 Breakthroughs to Give Hope for the Future

It's an exciting time for Alzheimer's disease research, with new studies, treatments, and answers… >>

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Everyday Wellness

Falling Asleep At Your Desk? 11 Tips for Energy After Lunch

Fight post-lunch drowsiness and boost energy at work by chewing gum, watching cat videos, eating… >>

signs of a stroke brain


Am I Having a Stroke? 7 Signs of Stroke You Might Be Ignoring

Stroke is the fifth-leading cause of death nationwide. Brain damage from strokes can be minimized… >>

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Everyday Wellness

8 Crucial Water Safety Tips Lifeguards Wish Parents Knew

Top water safety experts weigh in on what parents miss when it comes to pool and beach safety. >>

hair myths hair goes gray


5 Hair Myths We All Need to Stop Believing (and 3 Surprising Truths)

What really makes hair grow, fall out, change color, and more fascinating facts about how to best… >>

healthy foods with bad rap popcorn


These 9 Healthy Foods Get an Unfair Bad Rap

Always thought beef jerky or popcorn were unhealthy snacks? There are actually important… >>

hearing loss hearing aid


Only 14 Percent of People With Hearing Loss Use Hearing Aids. This Is a Major Health Crisis.

Ignoring hearing loss can raise the risk of dementia, falls, and other serious health concerns… >>

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Diet & Weight Loss

New Science: Being a Little Cold Might Be Really, Really Good for Weight Loss

Could global warming be making you fat? Year-round warmth is a luxury that might affect your body… >>

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New Survey: Science-Backed Habits Reduce Dementia Risk, But Many Americans Are Misinformed

A new survey from Reader’s Digest and the Alzheimer’s Association reveals that many Americans… >>

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Everyday Wellness

7 Sunscreen Mistakes You May Not Know You’re Making

Dermatologists share the most common sunscreen mistakes people make, and easy fixes to protect your… >>

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Health Care

Can My Doctor Charge Extra for That? The 3 Times You Might Pay More

Copies of forms? Late-night phone calls? What you do—and don't—have to pay for at the doctor's… >>