Can this dairy staple help protect against insulin resistance?

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If you’re not a fan of fat-free milk because it’s too thin, try ultra-pasteurized fat-free milk, also called UHT (ultra-high temperature). Brands include Parmalat. It tends to have a creamier texture than regular fat-free milk but no more fat or calories.

Menu Magic

  • Pretend you’re a kid again and drink a cold glass of fat-free milk with lunch or dinner.
  • Make yourself a banana-strawberry smoothie with frozen strawberries, a frozen banana, fat-free milk, and a dash of vanilla extract.
  • Create “cream” of carrot or tomato soup using fat-free milk. Thicken it with a small amount of flour.
  • Enjoy a soothing cup of chai once in a while instead of coffee.

Perfect Portion: 1 cup
Three 8-ounce (250-milliliter) servings a day of low-fat milk or other dairy products, such as yogurt, may help tame insulin resistance and also provide much of the calcium you need.

Don’t Fall for It
Almost everyone has seen the commercials advertising dairy foods as an aid in losing weight. The trouble is, the results of studies on dairy and weight loss have been inconsistent, with the latest showing that people who eat a lot of calcium-rich dairy foods don’t in fact have an easier time losing weight. There’s no harm in getting more fat-free milk into your diet; just don’t bank on dairy foods to solve your poundage problems.

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