The good fat in avocados can help stabilize your blood sugar levels.

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To choose just the right avocado, try this: Hold the avocado in your hand and press it gently, then roll it to the other side and press again. If it gives just a bit but pressure doesn’t leave a permanent dent (an indication that it’s too ripe), it’s ready to eat.

Perfect Portion: 1/5th Avocado
Cut an avocado into five pieces and have one piece for 55 calories. If that sounds high to you, consider how it stacks up against a tablespoon of mayonnaise (100 calories), butter (also 100 calories), or salad dressing (about 75 calories). The avocado has fewer calories and offers a lot more nutrition.

Menu Magic

  • Guacamole is the classic avocado dish. Add some curry for an Indian flair; hot bean sauce or oriental chili paste for an Asian influence; or basil, sun-dried tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, and pine nuts for a taste of Italy.
  • Mash some avocado and use as a spread on sandwiches (made with whole grain bread, of course), bagels, or English muffins to lower the GL of your breakfast or lunch.
  • Add chunks of avocado to a side salad to lower the GL of the meal. Adding it to salads also increases your body’s ability to absorb the good-for-you carotenoids, such as beta-carotene, in salad greens.

Smart Substitutions
Instead of cheese in your sandwich: Add a slice of avocado. You’ll swap good fats for bad ones.

Instead of cheese as a snack: Have a slice of ripe avocado drizzled with lemon juice.

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