Who’s Right: Is Meat Good or Bad for You?

Fortified with vitamins or cause of cancer: Here's a lean lowdown on the latest studies to help you determine whether red meat is bad for you to eat.

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What You’ve Heard

Burgers, steaks, hot dogs—red meat is an American diet staple, but our carnivore cravings may be killing us. After tracking food choices of more than 121,000 adults for up to 28 years, Harvard researchers found that people who ate three ounces of red meat every day were about 13 percent more likely to die—often from heart disease or cancer—before the study ended than people who didn’t eat meat. And daily servings of processed meat such as bacon raised the risk of early death by 20 percent. Saturated fat and cholesterol are only the start of meat’s diet dangers. Overloads of iron can threaten the hearts of meat eaters; sodium and nitrates make processed meat even worse. It’s no wonder that many experts recommend reducing or eliminating red meat from your diet.

But Wait …

A 2012 report found that Americans who regularly eat lean beef get more protein, zinc, potassium, and B vitamins than people who don’t. And a 2010 report estimated that lean beef accounts for about 15 percent of the nation’s protein but only about 4 percent of total fat. “Lean meat is a healthy thing,” says Carol O’Neil, PhD, a coauthor of both reports and a professor of human nutrition and food at Louisiana State University.

So What Should You Do?

You can still fit a daily serving of red meat into a healthy diet. Choose lean cuts (see what the hosts of The Doctors TV suggest) and avoid processed meats (bacon, sausage, bologna—anything preserved with salt, curing, or chemicals). With fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to round things out, enjoying a steak isn’t a high-stakes gamble.

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106 thoughts on “Who’s Right: Is Meat Good or Bad for You?

  1. take a look at meet you meat on you tube nothing good comes from something bad

  2. Yawn. When you cook meat the proteins break and we cant digest them so well. We don’t carry proteins to digest proteins that have been changed by heat. There is plenty of protein in other sources without all the crap you get from meat.

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  4. Why risk eating meat when there are plenty ofalternatives to killing innoccent babys

  5. I eat a lot of lean meats like chicken every week and red meats about 2, maybe 3, times a month. Red meats are part of my diet more in the summer months than any other time during the year. Particularly during parties or while camping. And it’s mostly hot dogs because they’re easy to heat up over the open flames of a camp fire.

  6. stopped reading after first sentence – beef and hot dogs are called red meat. thumb down

  7. Where do veggies come into play for someone with less than 10 percent bodyfat and high metabolism? I have to eat around 10 ounces of meat per day or I get lethargic and unresponsive, I’ve tried eating more veggies than meat and even eaten just veggies for a few days I ended up face down on the floor at home from what my doctor said was malnutrition. I know the average person should eat more veggies but some people (like me) can’t, I don’t have any deficiencies my body just uses a lot of energy I consume an average of 8000 calories per day just so that I can do my daily activities. I am not anti veggies I am anti rufage I eat: spinach, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, onion, peppers (spicy and non spicy), cucumber, oranges, lemons, pamagranits, grapefruit, beef (alfalfa fed), chicken, tuna(not so good from possible mercury), tilapia, swai, and white breads. These are different from day to day and not every day for every one of them, I don’t eat citrus every day for dental reasons I don’t eat fish every day due to possibly consuming mercury in high quantities. I don’t eat refuse veggies such as lettuce, corn and other plants that have no nutritional value and I don’t use supplements because I like having liver function. I don’t like my food to have no nutritional value because I myself like living and living healthy, plus supplements contain chemicals that are fillers that are processed through the liver and having to process the toxic fillers damages the liver that’s why I don’t take any pills or supplement.

  8. Blah Blah Blah. Who supported these studies? Foster Farms? YES, beef can be a good way to get protein. Has anyone ever heard of legumes? Edamame beans have as much protein as steak with absolutely NO risk of any cardiovascular diseases or cholesterol problems, and so do most legumes. People are just turned off by the whole idea because its a DRASTIC change in their lifestyle. “But what will I eat if I’m not eating meat?” People dont even know where to begin when they think of cooking a dinner WITHOUT meat. Americans go through life with blinders over their eyes and dont ever change. Were not cavemen. Time to EVOLVE.

    1. And seriously the healthiest people out their are vegetarians or vegans. Or people that rarely eat meat. Look at the average american. They consume meat most often at every meal. And are they the picture of health? Nope. I’m vegetarian and most often vegan and I am a so healthy. I’m lean. I am right in my weight class for my height. How many meat&dairy eaters can say that? Not a very large percent.

  9. Girls, got UTI? See if cutting chicken out helps.
    Over 40 and struggling with cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension, high blood pressure? Try cutting meat and see if it helps and gives you more energy.
    Feeling perfectly fine and don’t care what happens to you after 30? Don’t change a thing.

  10. ya meat and milk are bad for u as it makes diabetic, liver disease ,cancer worse for a person…….i wk as a Nurse so know……….it’s good to eat meat and dairy 2 times a week only ………ya guys 2 times a week only

  11. most people saying handcuff, or cavity search was wrong, have no idea about US laws. I hope you don’t get arrested for anything because if you do you will be handcuffed and searched no matter who you are and from which you are from even US citizens.

  12. ohh forgot sake, get a life people, everything if over limits, is bad for your health. So eat moderately, do some workout and live a happy life PERIOD

  13. I can say I was always skeptical of a vegetarian diet and have always eaten large quantities of meat products. After looking at a lot of research relating to cancer and health. It is really clear that too much meat is bad. Whole foods is the way to go without a doubt. I just had a large steak for dinner tonight and can feel it digesting and is unpleasant. If I only eat vegetables and fruit all day I actually will feel a lot better that night and it’s noticeable. I don’t think I could cut out meat all together, but am beginning to believe that meat isn’t good. At least would love to get to 60 – 70% or more diet based on plants instead of meat and have a balance.

    1. Yeah let’s ignore all the cases where people who were overweight , high cholesterol and on 6-10 medications daily from a poor diet filled with processed meats and by simply changing to a plant based diet resolved there blood pressure, cholesterol and no longer on any medication. Yeah in moderation works too but meat cut to a minimum it will do you way more good than bad despite all the arguments about iron B12 etc from meats.

  14. people drink fish oil to get smart-because fish oil carry dha and epa that is good for our brain- that is precisely why meat eater eat meat- they need those oil fat from animal to get them smart- simple-

  15. Evolution, human become smarter as a species when meat is consumed-has you ever eat the fish brain and try to suck it out- there is something about the brain that taste good and make you smart.that is why in indian they eat monkey brain because it has a lot of nutrious values for your own brain needs, if we human want to survive at a species we need to find a plant to make us smarter or else meat eater will colonized us and rule us and eat us like meat us do with eat animal, the simple reason of eating animal is to suck the nutrient that is good for the brain for the animal, because the brain need the nutrients from the animal that it can’t get from plants. -so simple right- that why we eat meat to get the brain power. so to all the vegan, you need to go into the jungle and find the food that is good for the brain or else your species will be extinct,

    1. Utter rubbish. Lion’s only eat meat – by your logic all carnivorous animals should be 20 times more smarter than us! LOL. My domesticated house cat doesn’t even know how to drive.

      1. Your house cat lays around all day being fed, housed and looked after by you. It never has to do anything but lay on your lap and get a free massage. Your cat is so smart it has tricked you in too working for it, your a slave to your cat and you don’t even realize it.

  16. I have to agree with meat eater though- for some reason meat eater has their genes more superior than wheat and rice eat- it is the fact that wheat and rice eater live longer no need to prove that – the bible refered to fasting and chinese people also search plants to live longer – but mentally meat eater are smarter than grain eater, if you just think of meat eater at alien, eventually they will feed us and raise human to eat human like the way we did to animal- we raised feed animal raised them and eat them.Grain eater may live longer but what is the point of living longer when you are not smart and- you only live once live never twice.


  18. Does the author not know that the meat industry sponsors studies and that these studies always result in meat consumption coming our favorably?

  19. I don’t believe one bit of it… Since cutting out meat (I still get some dairy and eggs every now and then) I have found myself in the best shape ever. I’m not tired after meals, I’m mentally alert and not drained like I felt before. And I necessarily don’t think meat is bad, but it’s like a drug, it’s only good when done in moderation. You think we eat meat in moderation these days? Heck no… It’s the staple of nearly every served meal in America. Just look at some of the top athletes in MMA and bodybuilding that are vegans. And you can get just as much health eating fruits and vegetables as you can meat, plus it digests so much easier. Meat takes a significant amount of energy just for the body to process. It is environmentally more hazardous and take one trip to any non-true organic farm and just take a look how what your food is made. I’m sorry, that was my turning point because they are mostly just flat our cruel in every sense of the way. If you want good meat cause you can’t stop (which is that same chemical in your brain as if you were on cocaine), take a look around for real organic farms (not just the ones that claim organic because they are sometimes just as bad and buy most their products from the bad meat companies themselves) and eat quality meat and in moderation. Meat really does contribute to a majority of health issues. Don’t base your FACTS on an article like this. Research yourself. Just look at the time during the world war when Hitler took all the livestock from Norway (or some similar country nearby) and look how when those people were FORCED to eating only vegetables, the people actually got less sick, had a significant drop in heart problems and much more. It was a true accidental experiment that everyone can learn from.

    1. Great for Norway that Germany lost and left their country. Bad for Norway in that they eventually continued eating their old diet of meat and dairy with the resulting increase of heart disease and cancer.

      1. And maybe they also picked back up their diet of refined sugar and white flour?!

  20. I don’t eat slaughtered loving beings, sorry world. I’m keeping my vegan diet.

    1. I am a meat eater but I respect vegan diets when one does it well. No one wants you to apologize or change that:)

    2. I would guess that the vast majority of people would not eat animals if they were aware of the treatment they receive in our factory farms. I occasionally wonder what it would be like to face a just God after a lifetime of participating in the factory farm phenomena by eating what they produce.

    3. Plants have been shown to have an intelligence as well. You should stop eating plants.

      1. How about fishing your own fish in a beautiful lake, all humane and dandy?

  21. If you have to eat it in moderation, it’s probably not good for you. Has anyone credible ever recommended that we eat our veggies and fruit in moderation?….J/s

      1. WRONG!!! Where you get your information? Drug abusers? You can eat as much vegetables and fruits as you want and not have any risk of side effects. Side effects of too much veggies and fruits in a vegan diet may include clear thinking, abundant energy, less risk of heart disease and other ailments, less doctor visits, cancer-free and excellent health. If there is any risk, it’s because of genetically modified foods such as Monsanto foods and/or pesticides. But least you can grow your own, but not if the govt has their way. People need to wake the f up on this subject.

        1. Lets see you live on a diet of nothing but say…… Oranges and then come back to me on that one. Veggies there are lots of fruits and veggies and vegans are suppose to eat a variety not just one that is their favorite.

          1. Please show me where she said you can live on just one fruit or veggie. Idiot.

          2. She was saying that I was wrong that things need to be eaten in moseration. I used that as an example to show why I was not wrong.

        2. If you take in too many calories than you can burn, be it vegetables, fruit, or anything else, it will be unhealthy. You will gain weight. You will become unfit and all the baggage that comes along with it.

          Eating needs to be done in moderation no matter what diet you choose.

          1. Eat 1,000 vegetables in 1 day and trust me, you’ll end up in the hospital.

    1. Eating too much can kill you.. You must eat in moderation, right? But according to your logic, since it can kill you one way, you shouldn’t eat anyway!

  22. All red meat is unhealthy. I have switched to just a fish and chicken diet. Saying beef has vitamins and is can do good for your body is a big lie. Modern medicine and doctors have proved the fact that meat can cause many diseases. I may even become a vegetarian, even though it would difficult to maintain the right amount of protein in my diet. I have a good friend who says since she’s become a vegetarian she feels much healthier and her doctor says she is. Her heart rate was increasing and she could have had a heart attack at the age of 27. Luckily, her doctor recommended to her a non-meat based diet. Now she’s healthier than ever! I’d love to live 10 more years, so I may follow in her footsteps.

    1. It is easy to get enough protein in your diet even on a vegan diet, much less on a vegetarian diet. If you eat a reasonalbly varied diet of fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans and grains you will get all the protein your body needs. Although not necessary, if you want to get more protein, eat soy, quinoa, beans and nuts.

    2. Can you refer to any actual science to support your astoundingly broad claim that “all red meat is unhealthy” because I’d like to go read it?

  23. That’s ridiculous to even consider meat being good for you! All of the nutrition in every sort of meat is contained in so many different types of foods. Don’t take the risks, and become a vegetarian! For you and for the animals. That way everyone is happy.

    1. Knowing that the U.S.D.A. and the F.D.A. are corrupted by the meat, dairy and pharmaceutical industries, I am somewhat surprised at the number of people who know what science has clearly shown us over the last 20 years.
      If everyone understood what a whole foods plant based diet would do for our health, ecology and reduction of animal suffering, the world would change for the better.

    2. To recommend eating meat in moderation is like telling a drug abuser its okay to keep taking their poison, as long as it is in moderation. Actually, we do this all the time. How many adverts of alcohol have you seen asking you to drink in moderation? It’s absurd.

      1. We have been eating wild meat for millions of years. Alcohol, like red wine, in moderation is actually healthy.

    3. It is ridiculous not to consider meat being good for you. Unless you have a very closed mind. Besides, meat is yummy. As for the ‘risks’ of eating meat, vegetables can be corrupted by poor farming practices too. Salmonella and other dangerous bacteria are spread by veggies as well as meat.

  24. Why do all the Independent studies show meat increases risk of dying, yet industry funded always give a different result? I’m sick of lobbyists and advertisers being the driving force being public information.

    1. A few years ago, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine sued the U.S.D.A for publication of the financial ties of the eleven person committee of the U.S.D.A. that is responsible for creating our food recommendations. Six of the eleven had ties to Dairy.

  25. @ Ijazzzz…

    Well, cows are actually herbivores and should not eat grains, they’re bad for them. In fact in order to remain alive on a grain diet they have to be pumped full of anti-biotics (also bad for them) otherwise they’ll die almost immediately.

    Second, grains aren’t exactly all that good for humans either, so we would be wise to do as cows do and eat leafy greens.

    Best to eat grass fed beef.

  26. Eating a BALANCED diet of lean meats (Beef, Pork, Poultry, or Lamb) means that you must include lots of vegetables and fruits. NOT JUST ONE THING! The human body was designed to consume a variety of foods and a good balance of the daily pyramid of foods is essential. It SHOULD include some red meats (Remember, PORTION CONTROL is important here). Yes Chicken can be a source of bad bacteria and chicken fat is just as bad for you as bacon fat, but if you cook ALL meats properly you can avoid most problems. Medium rare beef is usually safe, but most chicken must be well done. Pork should never be rare nor should lamb, but medium is still a safe level. Even seafood should be cooked a little bit…but be very careful to NOT overcook seafood however, because it not only destroys the flavor but some of the nutrients. Recent studies have also shown that dark meats of turkey can be especially healthy for you as well. 

    And REMEMBER……………… Moderation in all things is essential!

    1. Eating something that promotes cancer, heart disease, diabetes should never be taken in moderation. Period.

      1. Eating too much broccoli can cause hyperaxularia. If we replaced broccoli with meat in our diets we would have a lot of problems with the above stated condition.

      2. Soy also causes cancer. I hope you don’t use soy replacement for meat.

      3. I wonder what else they were eating… You know, besides the (Red) Meat….

        1. Yep. That plays a big part. I totally respect vegetarians and vegans but if someone died of a heart attack and his diet consisted of candy, soda, and some read meat, they would blame it on the meat.

      4. Drinking too much water can also cause death, and eating too much while been starving can also cause some people to die. Lets not mention how every single food can kill you one way or another by eating too much.

      5. We have been eating red meat for millions of years. It is true that conventional farming practices are messed up but I eat a good amount of red meat and my health markers have steadily improved.

    2. You didnt mention the pain and suffering of the animals concerned.Would you give up a loved one for someones barbeque. Why do humans think they are supperior to animals.I dont see them ruining the planet.

    3. Who says that animal fat is bad for you? We homo sapiens have been eating it for millions of years.

  27. I say, look at your family. If they are dying young and they all eat red meat, then cut back your self. Eat more vegetarian products and then have your meat only a couple times a week. Also when getting meat, look for grass fed organic beef. There are lots of local people who have farms where you can go out and pick out your own cow. Its much better for you than getting it from the store.

  28. What is a non-processed breakfast meat to replace bacon or turkey sausage?

    1. side pork, its not very popular and it’s pretty fatty. Not the best thing for you but it hasn’t been salted or anything like bacon. It’s delicious and everything but if your looking for it to be a healthy meat, just look for organic (be careful though, a lot of ‘organic’ farmers don’t actually give their animals better quality lives, they just abstain from giving them antibiotics while they still lead the same quality lives and are given the same quality food compared to non-organic) best bet is to look for a farmer living close to your area and possibly ask kindly to check out their farm conditions before buying (probably be a big hassle but you can then know the quality of meat you are eating and not be afraid your just going to poison it)

  29. I have been eating nothing but fruits and vegetables for two weeks! I can’t wait until I will be adding MEAT.  I have promised myself that I will be careful and not eat more than once a week. I think its a shame that something that tastes so good is bad for us.  My grandfather was a healthy 90 years and I can still see him eating “fat-back” (bacon) with his cup of hot water and two eggs each morning.

    1. If your grandfather was healthy 90 years and ate bacon and eggs every morning, then it was probably a healthy diet *for him*. Diet is a very individual thing. The balance of carbohydrates, protein and fat that works well for my uncle on a farm would probably not work well for me with my relatively sedentary desk job. However, the supposedly ‘healthy’ diet my wife has been pushing me to adopt has caused me to gain weight and get sick. Bacon or eggs is not generally unhealthy in the correct balance with the rest of your diet, provided that the animal products are not loaded with chemicals or preservatives.

      1. I agree. Bacon and eggs from healthy animals is so much better than bagels, orange juice, cereals, and other industrial garbage thrown at us as part of a “healthy” breakfast.

  30. you know something i can only say people sre always looking for ways to make a buch  or try to scare others ,but listen can i tell you drinking water is also a problem for your health  we are so bored that every year we find out something new so hey what ever you do,do it inmoderation,bless you all and enjoy the life you haveyou are the master of your future

  31. Yes but what about the effects on the planet of raising it?  What about all the grain it takes to feed it and could be used to feed people who are starving.  We certainly can’t feed them beef!  Just saying.

    1. Yes we most certainly can. We can feed them whatever the hell they want to eat. We all know there is more than enough food to go around, but the rich are that way because they have greed. Greed doesn’t stop at just money and possessions

  32. Not only does beef taste great, it is one of the best ways to fuel your body. Beef is a major contributor of  protein, zinc and vitamin B12, vitamin B6, iron and niacin. By supplying a nutrient bundle in every bite, eating beef is a great way to make the most of your calories. A 3 oz. serving of lean beef contributes less than 10% of the calories in a 2,000-calorie diet. At the same time, it supplies more than 10% of the Daily Value for these nutrients.
    And you have less likelihood to get DANGEROUS poisons from improperly processed and mishandled poultry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Meat also leads the spread of diseases in the food supply chain, causing the destruction to ecosystems with its water requirements because of the locations large/ megafarms are located, usually in arid areas where resources are scarce. How much do you crap after eating a 3 oz steak, most of the nutrients are lost through animal production. I’m an environmental vegetarian and I can do anything you can do better. My bloodwork is phenomenal and when you don’t eat sustainable meat you expose yourself to antibiotics and horomones, which have been proven to increase weight gain. Grass fed pasture raised beef, wild pig and eggs from my free range chickens would be acceptable if I could afford it, until then. DONT SUPPORT THE CATTLE INDUSTRY UNTIL SUSTAINABILITY IS Achieved, because antibiotics, horomones, importation of water, exportation of water hungry crops all lead to negative environmental effects.

      1. I agree that conventional farming is messed up. I think anyone would. However, there is nothing wrong with eating properly raised meat. Eating freshly caught wild game meat would be ideal. Personally, I’ve tried being vegetarian and have had terrible GI problems from most of the foods that vegetarians subsist on. I have a gluten allergy, a dairy allergy, a lot of grain of any sort give me problems and makes my skin break out, and so do a lot of legumes and nuts/seeds. Honestly, I am healthiest eating free-range meat and a lot of vegetables. Different things work for different people. I’m not going to make myself feel physically awful just to be a vegetarian.

    2. Shh. Let the silly masses be afraid of beef, it means lower prices for the rest of us who do more reading about nutrition than newspaper articles.

  33. Not only does beef taste great, it is one of the best ways to fuel your body. Beef is a major contributor of  protein, zinc and vitamin B12, vitamin B6, iron and niacin. By supplying a nutrient bundle in every bite, eating beef is a great way to make the most of your calories. A 3 oz. serving of lean beef contributes less than 10% of the calories in a 2,000-calorie diet. At the same time, it supplies more than 10% of the Daily Value for these nutrients.
    And you have less likelihood to get DANGEROUS poisons from improperly processed and mishandled poultry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. There’s a lot of information out there and sometimes it can be hard to tell fact from fiction when it comes to beef’s nutritional value. We’re setting the record straight on beef’s nutritional value and now you can learn the facts with our video series, Meat The Experts.
    Fact: Beef is an excellent source of protein, which helps support a healthy metabolism, and is a natural source of nine more essential nutrients including zinc, iron and B vitamins.Fact: Eating lean beef daily as part of a heart-healthy diet can help lower cholesterol. Check out the Beef in an Optimal Lean Diet (BOLD) study to learn more.Fact: There are more than 29 cuts of beef that meet government guidelines for lean and have a total fat content that falls between a skinless chicken breast and a skinless chicken thigh, when comparing cooked 3-oz. servings.

    1. Yes! Beef is great. And you’ll be enjoying a 13% higher chance of cancer!

      1. Soy also increases your risk of cancer. It’s so bad that doctors tell cancer patients to never ever eat soy again. Explain how that is a good compromise..

        1. Why should I? Did you know most soy that is grown is grown as a commodity crop, to be processed into fuel, fiber, and other products? And what do they do with those monocrops? Yup, they spray ’em with tons of pesticides. Thats why I don’t eat soy, EVER. As to alternatives to meat, if you’re interested, heres my PRE-scription- I follow it myself- I eat only humane, earth-friendly, local as hell, native wild meat about ONCE A MONTH, and let me tell you, its a special event!!!! The rest of the time I get by with DELICIOUS ORGANIC VEGGIES AND BEANS- YUP! I FART A LOT- TONS ACTUALLY> but I love this planet, and I’m at a healthy BMI, all stats are good & green. I don’t feel deprived AT ALL. Hope that answers all your questions! If you want my BMI, resting HR, BP, max bench press or 5k times JUST ASK.

          1. Ok Grandpa, time to take your meds again. Back to the mental hospital you go.

          2. I’ve tried eating a lot beans and I always feel terrible and have GI problems as a result. That may work for some people but I’ve tried it enough to stay away.

      2. Actually, that’s been debunked. I hope you realize that plants are multi cellular organisms that reproduce sexually and can even exchange nutrients within their communities as well as the fact that if you eat a fruit, you are eating a plant’s ovaries and if you eat a seed, you are eating a fetus, so yeah being a vegetarian or vegan is still inhumane. Its just now, you are killing something that is incapable of defending itself let alone cry in agony. Its alive.

        As an omnivore -in being a human, that’s completely natural-, I eat meat and vegetables. Instead of relying on someone else to do the dirty work, I hunt with a Compound Bow and gut my own kill. I grow my own food too.

        Humans are not herbivores. We just aren’t. As a species we are omnivores. We even eat other predators. This is why we have eyes in the front, side by side, instead of eyes on the side, we are predators.

        The problem in this day and age is how livestock is handled and produced. Of course its going to cause problems and I won’t be shocked if vegetables have an abundance of issues along with eating them as well. The way industrial farm workers treat the livestock is appalling. They feed many livestock left over bits from those gutted and killed, and are even mutated such as those chickens that were genetically altered so that they are born with feathers, feet, and beaks.

        Anyways, people are entitled to what they eat. Some of us didn’t have to alter our diets that drastically to maintain a healthy BMI or build strong bulky muscles. I’ve tried being a vegetarian and I lived with vegetarian at the time, I became quite pale and lethargic. I had to go back to eating red meat. It just doesn’t work for everyone.

        1. Thats preposterous. Plants have evolved for the specific purpose of their fruit being eaten and their flowers being pollinated so that they can spread their seeds more diversely. They also have no consciousness, no nervous system and don’t feel pain. How someone can rationalize that killing plants and animals is the same is beyond me.

          1. Then why can you eat certain mushrooms and die? Plants have more toxins, to prevent themselves from being eaten, than animals do. Animals have other forms of defense. Also, in terms of fruit, there are a lot of poisonous berries in the wild. Good luck eating those.

      3. A 13% higher risk of cancer is essentially nothing. You don’t understand how the numbers work.

        If people have a 1 in 1,000,000 chance of getting a type of cancer, and consumption of beef raises that risk by 13%, they now have a 1.13 in 1,000,000 chance of getting that cancer. Basically no meaningful change in risk at all.

        Genetics and luck are BY FAR the biggest factors in cancer development.

  35. Thank you for all your very helpful articles and advice. I try to read most of them. God bless.
    Emma A. Neill

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