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  1. Jane Cook
    May 15 - 4:38

    Mindfulness gives us the peace of mind to begin becoming aware, but……..there are still some blockages in the way for most people, I have discovered the next step to mindfulness to clear the way to a better more user (you) friendly existence, follow me and I will show you the way.

  2. Bob
    Feb 22 - 12:23

    She literally just repeats everything over and over. Use your own tips and present for each number so you aren’t rushing and not thinking of other tips. Maybe you don’t always need 10!

  3. Luciana Brito
    Sep 03 - 10:27

    LOVED IT! you must read… KEEP ON PRACTICING ;) *

  4. Frank Mancaruso
    Sep 02 - 5:59

    I believe that if people followed being more mindful, there would be less depression in the world. The greatest cause of the depression is when people live in the past and the future. When you have no control of a situation these thoughts play like a loop of tape in your head. Be in the present and be in control.

    • seeking moment
      May 05 - 10:15

      Very perfect observation. …feel like a glove to me..

  5. ramstien
    Mar 18 - 9:47

    galing naman…stop worrying youre future, live like there’s no  tommorow..hehehehe

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