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  1. Normal Guy
    Apr 09 - 2:34

    Flossing while not at a sink is just gross. Your fingers get gunk on them and you can’t rinse your mouth either.

  2. emma lee
    Mar 26 - 9:42

    Im brushing my teeth,putting baking soda and peroxide,but still doesn’t work.I have still been going through this the past 2 years when I got this kind of yellowish but kind of white color on my teeth.i got surprised.I don’t smoke nor drink coffee.drug free,and i eat apples and oranges and carrots all day everyday.I drink water with some icy cubes,i don’t eat junk foods.Just healthy me for my teeth.Whats wrong with my teeth?Does it want to b white?Or does it just want to stay like that?Im only 13 and trying SOOOO SO SO SOOOO hard to get my teeth brighten up and whitening.Even my dad has brighter teeth than me and he smokes for sure all day in the night and also drinks coffee before he smokes.Just a girl trying to get her teeth white and bright just like other celeberties.*sigh*

  3. Plaza Dental
    Mar 11 - 5:08

    The tips are really helpful for the ones seeking to make a healthy & whiter teeth. I was looking for an info like this.

  4. InkThemes
    Nov 09 - 5:18

    Great post…….. Very useful.. :)

  5. Impeding Lies
    Sep 01 - 4:35

    Baking soda has never been tested for use as a tooth cleaner. The abrasives in toothpaste from the store at an approved grain. To be on the safe side you should just buy a toothpaste with baking soda formulated for use in the mouth.

    • william
      Sep 17 - 4:17

      The best teeth whitening product i have used is PREVDENT from the Netherlands

  6. White Teeth Tips
    Mar 03 - 8:27

    Changing your toothbrush every 2 to 3 months is one of the single most important things to consider when looking after your teeth. The amount of bacteria on a 5 month old toothbrush is close to the amount of bacteria on a toilet seat.

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