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  1. PurpleKissCo
    Oct 03 - 8:39

    Hahaha, at home remedies with things you won’t find at home. What a joke of a list. Anything to make money on advertising.

    • Tab Brown
      Dec 04 - 6:12

      I have these things handy at home. Anyone that cooks should have most of the ingredients. Shoot I don’t cook a lot and I have them!

  2. Arla
    Sep 11 - 8:57

    5 Fresh Oregano Leaves to be heated a bit and extract it then squeezed with 1 Calamansi then take it 3x/day until phlegm loosens has been very effective to my kids and even to any member of our family. This is well-known here in the Philippines.

  3. lesterschrine
    Apr 07 - 10:43

    It would be lovely to use this slide show without having an ad pop up on the screen after every picture.

    • Joe
      Dec 01 - 3:27

      Use the adblock extension.

    Mar 13 - 3:04

    I do not see any next button

    • me
      Dec 22 - 2:37

      the arrows, genius

  5. lumian
    Dec 04 - 9:37

    I AM not able to see any description nor remadies

    • Bren
      Jan 04 - 10:20

      Me either.

      • tanya
        Feb 21 - 9:56

        you have to press next

    • haha
      Mar 23 - 7:21


  6. bepositive_25
    Sep 29 - 7:30

    How long does this mixture stay active?? Or do I have to use it the same day?

    • bob
      Dec 13 - 11:08

      If you like fresh take immediately or else wait and watch until house flies are invited by its aroma…

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