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  1. haider
    May 21 - 2:47

    please inform can i use extra virgin olive oil directly or vergin oil

  2. stupidity alert
    Apr 23 - 12:14

    It works and can save your life. Don”t listen to all the know nothing fools on here who diss anything because it makes them feel smart (their just morons).

  3. Greek olive oil
    Mar 22 - 10:18

    olive oil is one of the best in all oils .Greeks consumes lots of olive & olive oil hence their skin looks fresh and shiny …and my question is ,is there any special idea of taking olive oil to precession from heart diseases, Thanks for your inspiring words.

  4. Maxwell C.
    Dec 25 - 4:35

    Olive oil’s smoke point is MUCH lower than that of Canola. One should NEVER use it for frying…use canola instead.

    • smartchic11943
      Dec 28 - 1:17

      Or peanut oil. Thanks!

      • weigher
        Mar 03 - 8:21

        I have used olive oil drinking it from the bottle with with tablespoons a day and I have lost 3 lbs so I am happy with it and it makes a great facial masks so many uses :) have a good one

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