27 Foods You Should Never Buy Again

Cross these items off your grocery store list—whether they're rip-offs, fakes, drastically unhealthy, or just plain gross, here are the foods to keep out of your shopping cart.

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Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese

Parmigiano-Reggiano cheeseiStock/LOVE_LIFE
A few shavings of nice cheese on top of pasta or vegetables can take a simple dish from good to great—but you don't have to fork out $22 a pound for the famous stuff. Instead, look for varieties like Pecorino Romano and SarVecchio, which offer the same flavor at half the price.

Smoked and Cured Meats

Smoked and Cured MeatsiStock/Juanmonino
From fancy charcuterie to “dime a dog” night, pass on cured meats in any form—they’ve been linked to cancer, disease, high blood pressure, and migraines. Plus they’re packed with artery-clogging grease: regulations allow up to 50% (by weight) of fresh pork sausage to be fat.

“Blueberry” items

“Blueberry” itemsiStock/Stacey Newman
Ahh, blueberries...now in everything from your breakfast cereal to muffins, granola bars, and sauces—or are they? Turns out that most of the blueberry-flavored items on grocery store shelves don't feature a single actually berry, just artificial blueberry flavor. Buy your own berries and add them to plain cereal for a real health boost.

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Multi-grain bread

Multi-grain breadiStock/mkos83
This is junk food masquerading in a healthy disguise. Check the ingredient list to make sure whole wheat is the first, and main, ingredient—otherwise, you’re just getting a few grains mixed into regular white bread. Better yet, forgo the bread and enjoy straight-up barley, brown rice, quinoa, or steel-cut oats.

Reduced fat peanut butter

Reduced fat peanut butteriStock/joebelanger
When companies take out the fat, they have to add something back in to make the food taste delicious. In this case, it’s lots of extra sugar—and who wants that? Instead, spread regular peanut butter on your sandwich for more of the good fats and protein without fake sweetness.

Bottled tea

Bottled teaiStock/nitrub
Brew your iced tea at home and you'll save both big bucks and your waistline—bottled teas can have more grams of sugar than a soda or slice of pie.

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Tomato-based pasta sauces

Tomato-based pasta saucesiStock/tab1962
A jar of spaghetti sauce typically runs $2 to $6. The equivalent amount of canned tomatoes is often under $1. Our suggestion: Make your own sauces from canned crushed tomatoes or fresh tomatoes — particularly in the summer, when they are plentiful, tasty, and cheap. The easiest method is to put crushed tomatoes (canned or fresh) into a skillet, stir in some wine or wine vinegar, a little sugar, your favorite herbs, and whatever chopped vegetables you like in your sauce — peppers, onions, mushrooms, even carrots — and let simmer for an hour. Adjust the flavorings and serve. Even easier: Coat fresh tomatoes and the top of a cooking sheet with olive oil and roast the tomatoes for 20 to 30 minutes at 425˚F before making your stovetop sauce.


Large bottom-feeder fish such as tuna, shark, king mackerel, tilefish, and especially swordfish are high in mercury. Choose smaller fish, like flounder, catfish, sardines, and salmon instead.

Energy drinks

Energy drinksiStock/pinstock
Stick to a cup of coffee for your afternoon boost. Seemingly harmless caffeinated beverages are often sugar bombs—and the FDA has received numerous reports linking brands like 5 Hour Energy and Monster Energy to heart attacks, convulsion, and even death.

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Gluten-free baked goods

Gluten-free baked goods iStock/Eivaisla
If you aren't diagnosed with celiac disease or a gluten intolerance, keep in mind that gluten-free doesn't necessarily mean healthy—and gluten-free baked goods like bread, cookies, and crackers often are packed with more refined flours, artificial ingredients, and sugar than traditional baked goods. Plus, they can cost up to twice as much as you'd normally spend.

Flavored non-dairy milks

Flavored non-dairy milksiStock/jenifoto
Vanilla-eggnog-caramel soy milk doesn't win you any points in the health department—and it definitely won't help your grocery receipt bottom line. If you prefer non-dairy milks for personal dietary reasons, buy unsweetened versions. And if you're just trying to eat healthfully, skim milk should be just fine.

Foods made of WOOD

Foods made of WOODiStock/alexir
Take a look at the ingredient list for your high-fiber cereal or snack bar, and you'll probably see an ingredient called "cellulose." Turns out that cellulose is a code word for "wood pulp." Food manufacturers use it to extend their products and add fiber, so it looks like you’re getting more food. But really you’re just left with a mouthful of wood shavings.

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White rice

White riceiStock/Dimitrios Stefandis
Skip the refined grains and go for whole: a 17% higher risk of diabetes is associated with eating five or more servings of white rice per week, compared to eating white rice less than once a month.

'Gourmet' frozen vegetables

'Gourmet' frozen vegetablesiStock/bonchan
Sure, you can buy an 8-ounce packet of peas in an herbed butter sauce, but why do so when you can make your own? Just cook the peas, add a pat of butter and sprinkle on some herbs that you already have on hand. The same thing goes for carrots with dill sauce and other gourmet veggies.

Microwave sandwiches

Microwave sandwichesiStock/clubfoto
When you buy a pre-made sandwich, you're really just paying for its elaborate packaging — plus a whole lot of salt, fat, and unnecessary additives. For the average cost of one of these babies ($2.50 to $3.00 per sandwich), you could make a bigger, better, and more nutritious version yourself.

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Premium frozen fruit bars

Premium frozen fruit barsiStock/Barcin
At nearly $2 per bar, frozen 'all fruit' or 'fruit and juice' bars may not be rich in calories, but they are certainly rich in price. Make your own at home — and get the flavors you want. To make four pops, just throw 2 cups cut-up fruit, 1 tablespoon sugar, and 1 teaspoon lemon or lime juice into a blender. Cover and blend until smooth. You might wish to add 1 to 2 tablespoons of water so the final mix is a thick slush. Pour into 4-ounce pop molds or paper cups, insert sticks, and freeze until solid.

Boxed rice 'entree' or side-dish mixes

Boxed rice 'entree' or side-dish mixesiStock/JoeGough
These consist basically of rice, salt, and spices — yet they're priced way beyond the ingredients sold individually. Yes, there are a few flavorings included, but they're probably ones you have in your pantry already. Buy a bag of rice, measure out what you need, add your own herbs and other seasonings, and cook the rice according to package directions.

Energy or protein bars

Energy or protein barsiStock/Juanmonino
These calorie-laden bars are usually stacked at the checkout counter because they depend on impulse buyers who grab them, thinking they are more wholesome than a candy bar. Unfortunately, they can have very high fat and sugar contents and are often as caloric as a regular candy bar. They're also two to three times more expensive than a candy bar. If you need a boost, a vitamin-rich piece of fruit, a yogurt, or a small handful of nuts is more satiating and less expensive.

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Spice mixes

Spice mixesiStock/Joakim Leroy
Spice mixes like grill seasoning and rib rubs might seem like a good buy because they contain a lot of spices that you would have to buy individually. Check the label first: We predict the first ingredient you will see on the package is salt, followed by the vague 'herbs and spices.' Look in your own pantry, and you'll probably be surprised to discover just how many herbs you already have on hand, and you can improvise as much as you want.

Powdered iced tea mixes or prepared flavored iced tea

Powdered iced tea mixes or prepared flavored iced teaiStock/TheCrimsonMonkey
Powdered and gourmet iced teas are really a rip-off! It's much cheaper to make your own iced tea from actual (inexpensive) tea bags and keep a jug in the fridge. Plus, many mixes and preparations are loaded with high fructose corn syrup and other sugars, along with artificial flavors. To make 32 ounces of iced tea, it usually takes 8 bags of black tea or 10 bags of herbal, green, or white tea. If you like your tea sweet but want to keep calories down, skip the sugar and add fruit juice instead.

Bottled water

Bottled wateriStock/karandaev
Bottled water is a bad investment for so many reasons. It's expensive compared to what's coming out of the tap, its cost to the environment is high (it takes a lot of fossil fuel to produce and ship all those bottles), and it's not even better for your health than the stuff running down your drain. Even taking into account the cost of filters, water from home is still much cheaper than bottled water, which can run up to $1 to $3 a pop. If you have well water and it really does not taste good (even with help from a filter), or if you have a baby at home who is bottle-fed and needs to drink safe water, buy jugs of distilled or 'nursery' water at big discount stores. They usually cost between 79 cents and 99 cents for 1 gallon (as opposed to $1.50 for 8 ounces of 'designer' water). And you can reuse the jugs to store homemade iced tea, flavored waters, or, when their tops are cut off, all sorts of household odds and ends.

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Salad kits

Salad kitsiStock/Hyrma
Washed and bagged greens can be a time-saver, but they can cost three times as much as buying the same amount of a head of lettuce. Even more expensive are 'salad kits,' where you get some greens, a small bag of dressing, and a small bag of croutons. Skip these altogether. Make your own croutons by toasting cut-up stale bread you would otherwise toss, and try mixing your own salad dressing.

Individual servings of anything

Individual servings of anything iStock/aerostato
The recent trend to package small quantities into 100-calorie snack packs is a way for food-makers to get more money from unsuspecting consumers. The price 'per unit' cost of these items is significantly more than if you had just bought one big box of cheese crackers or bag of chips. This is exactly what you should do. Buy the big box and then parcel out single servings and store them in small, reusable storage bags.

Trail mix

Trail mixiStock/dlinca
We checked unit prices of those small bags of trail mix hanging in the candy aisle not that long ago and were shocked to find that they cost about $10 a pound! Make your own for much, much less with a 1-pound can of dry roasted peanuts, 1 cup of raisins, and a handful of almonds, dried fruit, and candy coated chocolate. The best part about making your own? You only include the things you like. Keep the mixture in a plastic or glass container with a tight lid for up to 3 weeks.

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'Snack' or 'lunch' packs

'Snack' or 'lunch' packsiStock/Juanmonino
These 'all-inclusive' food trays might seem reasonably priced (from $2.50 to $4.00), but you're actually paying for the highly designed label, wrapper, and specially molded tray. They only contain a few crackers and small pieces of cheese and lunchmeat. The actual edible ingredients are worth just pennies and are filled with salt.

Gourmet ice cream

Gourmet ice creamiStock/aydinynr
It's painful to watch someone actually pay $6 for a gallon of designer brand ice cream. Don't bother. There's usually at least one brand or other on sale, and you can easily dress up store brands with your own additives like chunky bits of chocolate or crushed cookie. If you do like the premium brands, wait for that 3-week sales cycle to kick in and stock up when your favorite flavor is discounted.

Pre-formed meat patties

Pre-formed meat pattiesiStock/Tarek El Sombati
Frozen burgers, beef or otherwise, are more expensive than buying the ground meat in bulk and making patties yourself. We timed it — it takes less than 10 seconds to form a flat circle and throw it on the grill. Also, there's some evidence that pre-formed meat patties might contain more e. coli than regular ground meat. In fact, most of the recent beef recalls have involved pre-made frozen beef patties.

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2,231 thoughts on “27 Foods You Should Never Buy Again

  1. bottom feeders? shark tuna mackerel Swordfish are on top of the food chain! Flounder is a bottom feeder.

  2. I find #1 wrong.
    Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and Romano are both expensive. My husband is Italian and we used to buy the Romano all the time but lately we have developed more of a taste for the Parmigiano-Reggiano. It’s only a 1.00 or so more and I think has a better taste.

  3. This jumped the shark on the first item. There is no substitute for parm reggiano. You don’t need it on all items but for things like pesto there is simply nothing close.

  4. Cellulose is found in all plants. The author would have failed out of biology writing that cellulose is a name for wood pulp!

  5. I like some of the tips in here, but “never” in the title exposes the authors as alarmists or nincompoops. None of these items will kill or hurt you if eaten once, or break the bank.

    1. Definitely NOT straight from the tap, that was the dumbest thing in this article, between the flouride and chlorine in tap water, not to mention a bunch of other toxic ingredients, you can’t afford not to have a filter. But bottled water being is plastic bottles full of BPH is the worst feature of them.

  6. Stupidest article I’ve read on food. I agree with Joe. It seems more like a agenda for this idiot author. Most of these foods aren’t even unhealthy.

  7. This article is a very miss leading. Read your food labels and make your own decision. it is titled “NEVER buy again”……….blueberries, bottled water, and protein bars. If these are the worst things you are buying then you are doing pretty good. How about fried potato chips or substitute butter. Whoever wrote this article is clearly not a registered dietitian. I give it 2 thumbs down.

  8. Good list! I second everything apart from parmesan. We cook a lot of Italian at home, and considering that pasta and homemade sauces cost peanuts, the meal still turns out dirt cheap – even though topped with high-quality parmesan. And it’s super healthy. You’ll never see us actually BUYING pasta sauces, that’s craziness and they taste utterly foul compared to the real stuff which takes minutes to make.

  9. I agree with all except chocolate milk which is highly regarded by healthcare and fitness experts.

  10. The fish mentioned as bottom feeders are not all bottom feeders. Catfish and flounder are bottom dwellers. The reasoning on which fish to buy is warped.

  11. What the author seems to be missing is that many of their suggestions for foods that cost more than they’re worth (and aren’t necessarily bad for you) exist because people are worn so thin with two or three jobs, they don’t have hours to prepare meals. They may have 1/2 an hour at most. Saving one or two “simple steps” and buying the herbed frozen veggies may make a world of difference to a family whose parents are burning the candle at both ends. I see not a little class priviledge here.

  12. $6 a gallon ice cream, was this written 15 years ago? You can’t even get the crap labeled as frozen dairy dessert for that

  13. lol, this is beyond dumb….
    “Large bottom-feeder fish such as tuna, shark, king mackerel, tilefish, and especially swordfish are high in mercury. Choose smaller fish, like flounder, catfish, sardines, and salmon instead.”
    This fish like a catfish is exactly a bottom feeder…Neither tuna, shark, mackerel, or swordfish are bottom-feeders. They aren’t bottom anything. They are they top of the food chain and nearly entirely predatory. Some of those won’t even eat dead fish that are floating – they’ll only catch and kill prey. They are full of mercury precisely because they aren’t bottom feeders. Their prey eat garbage that contains trace amounts of mercury. There is no bodily function to rid one’s self of this particular heavy metal. It slowly build s up and collects in the prey fish. The larger NON-BOTTOM-FEEDERs like tuna and shark or swordfish eat the fish that are already building up mercury and just end up with a compounded dosage. Nothing about this article is based in science or good information.

    Then moving to knock the idea of wood shavings ‘masked’ as fiber. What the hell do you think fiber is? It is non-digestible carbohydrate material. This is precisely what wood shavings are. I’m not saying the idea of eating wood shavings is ideal, but to say that it isn’t fiber or ‘safe’ is very food-babe-esque and just plain ignorant.

    Some, SOME, of the information in here is decent. The rest is kind of baseless garbage.

  14. Gee! I eat well! I do buy spaghetti sauce because I like it–the different companies and flavors. I do like white rice because I like it——whole grain and such doesn’t do it for me. Other than that, I don’t use any of the other things mentioned.

  15. How do you make a sandwich out of straight-up barley, brown rice, quinoa, or steel-cut oats? I like sandwiches.

  16. I agree with most except the ice cream. Most times the cheap ice cream is loaded with artificial junk whereas Breyers or Ben&Jerry’s contains all real ingredients.

    1. That, and they’re usually richer and denser, so you’re probably not eating as much in terms of volume. I find that 1/2 c. of Haagen-Dazs satisfies me just as much if not more than twice as much regular ice cream. Less expensive ice creams are generally pumped up with a lot of air as well, so it looks like you’re getting more than you really are.

  17. “If you aren’t diagnosed with celiac disease or a gluten intolerance, keep in mind that gluten-free doesn’t necessarily mean healthy—”

    Just ignore the growing number of people who have found that eliminating gluten in all it’s forms from their diet has resulted in better health and energy.

    Any kind of bread is best in moderation and for many of us, gluten free bread *is* a healthier choice despite not being diagnosed with celiac.

  18. Sorry, you lost me at Pecorino is the same as Parmigiano. Two totally different tastes that are both great.

  19. On what planet does Pecorino Romano taste anything like Parmigiano-Reggiano?

  20. DON’T DRINK DISTILLED WATER! It’s so dangerous to drink distilled water without mixing it with electrolytes first.

  21. Romano isn’t even CLOSE to the intensity of flavor of Parmigiano-Reggiano.

    And whether considered “gourmet”or not, the only ice cream fit to eat in terms of being completely free of additives is Häagen-Dazs.

  22. “artery clogging grease”=you have just lost any shred of credibility.

  23. Yes, you can make your own pasta sauce. But if youre home from work, and tired, there is a definite allure to opening a jar of sauce, tossing in some left over cooked chicken, and spooning it over pasta.

    1. That’s why I like making large batches and freezing it in meal-sized servings. If you use canned tomatoes, all the work involved is opening them, dumping them in a pot with a few other ingredients, and leaving them to simmer – a slow cooker can even eliminate the regular checking and stirring.

      That said, I completely understand why people use jarred sauce, because even the relatively “small” amounts of work to prep from scratch does add up.

  24. Tuna, most sharks, king mackerel, and swordfish are not bottom feeders. They aggregate mercury from being top predators. They are still unhealthy choices, though.

  25. I’m sorry but Pecorino does not taste anything like Reggiano. This person must not have tastebuds or a nose.

  26. Home made food items are several times more nutritious, safer and fresher than ready made ones bought from super market in very high costs. – A.R.Shams’s Reflection

  27. LOL! You say to never buy rice, and another page says to buy it.

  28. Processed and packed high priced foods have been found too much less nutritious than their original fresh ones.

  29. If you can’t tell the difference between Parmigiano and Pecorino Romano, you’re buying the wrong Parmigiano.

  30. “artery clogging grease” is just plain wrong. There is ZERO evidence that fat clogs arteries and causes heart disease. That’s right: zero. Please stop spreading this false “fact” so we can get over this idea.

  31. You should not reuse plastic water jugs for beverage storage as they tend to leech chemicals into the beverage.

  32. 100 Calorie snack packs are great if you eat enough of them. But the idea is to stay away from pigging out on the XXL size, so they are a good way to do that. Can’t believe you didn’t trash Diet Coke. But maybe you realize that nobody in the history of the world ever died from drinking Diet Coke.

  33. Sorry, but there are huge differences in taste between cheap ice cream and higher end brands. If you’re giving it to your kids, su re, it probably doesn’t matter. But as a once in a while treat the higher end brands are much better quality and taste.

  34. bottled water in my country is just not clean water and a bunch of chemicals

  35. Nobody will push into the gullet, the product they sell. The seller is interested in making money and not worried about the health of the consumer. The false claims and the way the seller project by advertizement is the one which preys on the consumer. Look at the advertizement to sell the detergents using the kids to play for their mamas who endorse getting dirtier is nothing till there is detergent to remove it of the ware. But about the innoscent kids follow the depiction on the small screen? So honest presentation of their products is the primary ethics of any person. In the world of getting rich all such things are kept aside. We can see the products from Bussiness institutions and advertisers how they capitalize simple minds.

  36. Romano tastes the same as Reggiano Parm? The author probably smokes two packs a day if they can’t tell the difference.

  37. Imported cheese tastes better, but if you don’t taste the difference yourself buy domestic

  38. We have to figure out what happened in Benghazi because 4 people died. We have to forget about the bombing of the Marine barracks in Lebanon, 9/11, and the phony Iraq war because W. Bush and Regan cut taxes. — Bin Laden killed 3000 Americans on 9/11 for nothing. W. Bush killed 4000 Americans in Iraq for nothing.

  39. $6 a gallon is a great price for ice cream! Put those RD proofreaders back to work… I’m sure that was meant to be $6 a quart (or pint for some brands). And for single people, spice mixes and salad kits are preferable to food going bad before it can be eaten. I usually get salad greens from the grocery store’s salad bar (around $1.50 for enough for 3 salads) and add my own egg, nuts, dressing (the weighty stuff) at home.

  40. Catfish and flounder are bottom feeders…tuna and swordfish are predator fish that feed in the open waters of the ocean. The diet of tuna and swordfish are what leads to their higher mercury content, but the type of food they consume listed in the article is entirely incorrect.

  41. Obviously, the author(s) of this never tried Ben & Jerry’s. Completely different from the cheap ice creams (including Edy’s, Hershey’s, Turkey Hill, Breyer’s, etc.). If you’re gonna say “Don’t eat the gourmet ice creams,” you should, at the very least, point out that they’re usually ~1,200 calories/pint.

  42. good points but so are wrong is less expensive to buy good Pasta sauce on sale then doing it your recommend way as I live in Tampa which cooking fight the AC become more expensive and frozen vegetables are often better deal also if on sale. and small bags of chips are much less expensive if you waste over half of a full bag

  43. Skim milk is NOT health food. First of all, the vitamins available in milk are fat-soluble. No fat in the milk, no absorption into your system. Total waste.

    Also, when you remove all the fat from milk, all that’s left is simple sugars. The last thing the standard American diet needs is more simple sugars.

    Lastly, “thickened” skim milks like Skim Plus are straight-up bad for you. They add powdered milk to thicken it, which has been oxidized during the processing. If cancer does not appeal to you, you probably should not consume oxidized foods.

    There is no reason to drink skim milk unless you really like the flavor, in which case, I pity your sad little palate.

    One more reason why you probably shouldn’t get your nutrition advice from Reader’s Digest.

  44. “Large bottom-feeder fish such as tuna, shark, king mackerel, tilefish, and especially swordfish are high in mercury”

    Tuna, Shark, King Mackerel, Swordfish – are not bottom feeders! Where do they get their information?! Carp, Catfish – they are bottom feeders.

    These fish are high in Mercury because they eat other fish, who themselves are high in Mercury. And since they are on the top end of the food chain, they accumulate allot of Mercury.

  45. I get the whole “bottled water bad wahhh” thing – but let’s not inflate the issue. A 24 bottle pack of spring water is $3.99 – less than 17 cents a bottle, far from $1-3 a bottle- and if you buy a gallon it’s even cheaper. After getting giardia from contaminated tap water (not something the average filter can protect from, OR that the chlorine that typically is used to treat tap water can kill) I am happy with my spring water, thanks. (Look giardia up. It’s HORRID.) Sure you can waste money on expensive Dasani by the single bottle or whatnot at the convenience store, but that’s convenience.

  46. Nursery water contains added fluoride. Babies shouldn’t be ingesting toxic fluoride!

  47. Wow, I stopped reading after Parmigiano-Reggiiano. Pecorino Romano isn’t even from the same animal! Have you even tasted Parmigiano-Reggiiano? Even when I was a poor grad student, a little Parmigiano-Reggiiano goes a very long way. This article is nonsense.

  48. Reggiano is a world of taste away from Pecorino Romano. Besides being made from raw cow’s milk and aged much longer under much more exacting standards, Pecorino (sheep milk) Romano is dryer, saltier and no where near as complex as Reggiano. A little bit goes a long way. Who NEEDS a pound of Reggiano anyway? Any reputable cheesemonger will be happy to carve what you need.

  49. go into the supermarket around 5-7 pm when everyone is shopping for dinner – take one look at them and their body and then take one look at whats inside their cart….try it and see the direct correlation to how they look and what they buy –

  50. Addiction to certain unhealthy foods..this is how companies catch you in the maddening cycle of ill health. Poisons in your food…sad..sad..why do you think over loads of sugar, high fructose syrup, color additives, sodium, etc. Junk food & processed foods are NOT real food!! Wake up folks..

  51. Every pop up ad is for one of the foods they say not to buy, for f@#ks sake

  52. What were the 27 foods? I wasn’t able to find the rest of the article.

  53. Good grief…
    WRT advice #8: swordfish, tuna, mackerel, salmon are NOT “bottomfeeders”. They are at the top of the food chain in the ocean. They eat other smaller fish. That is why their flesh tends to contain more mercury, and yes consumption should be limited.

    Sturgeon, flounder, catfish (what do you think those whiskers are for?), and halibut, among many others are bottomfeeders.

  54. Stop saying “fat clogs your arteries.” Your body is not the plumbing of your house.

  55. Wanted to read this but every single time I changed the par I got the stupid Capital One ad popping all over the place. Nice job RD!!!

  56. Oh, look, another list of ‘Things I Absolutely Have To Avoid’ to make my miserable, meaningless life a little better. Here’s my favorite ‘new thing’ to avoid…

  57. how did this go from talkng about food to obama and the democratic parties

  58. >>Swordfish
    bottom-feeder fish
    such as tuna, shark, king mackerel, tilefish, and >>especially swordfish are high in
    mercury. Choose smaller fish, like flounder, >>catfish, sardines, and salmon

    Since when is CATFISH not a bottom feeding fish??

  59. Wait, wait….we shouldn’t buy gormet frozen veggies because we can use our own herbs and spices, and not four panels later, we are told not to buy herbs and spices?? REALLY??? Who wrote this crap??

  60. For what it’s worth, I recently read an article in The Atlantic that discussed how many companies are now acquiring Sociological Marketers. It’s now a very popular college major. Yup, they’re getting much more scientific & sophisticated in their attempts to out-run your “learned” sales resistance.

  61. Never have I been so disappointed in Readers Digest. I guess now anyone with no knowledge at all can have articles published. Parmigiano-Reggiano is worth every penny and CAN NOT BE SUBSTITUTED WITH PECORINO. What’s next….don’t pay high prices for White wine when you can get vinegar for a dollar a bottle? This article is nothing but a mindless rant.

  62. The author is a discredited idiot!!! “Large
    bottom-feeder fish
    such as tuna, shark, king mackerel, tilefish, and especially swordfish are high in
    mercury”. None of these fish are “bottom feeders”!! All of these fish are “pelagic zone” fish and feed in the upper layers of the ocean, not off the bottom!! Yeah, the rest of the article is crap too.

  63. 1. The United States has the most stringent clean water regulations in the world. No other country’s tap water is as clean as ours.
    2. Over 70% of all bottled water is ordinary tap water. Fight your way past the barbed wire fences, guard dogs, and armies of lawyers armed with non-disclosure agreements; and all you’ll find is the commercial equivalent of a garden hose attached to a bottling machine.
    3. The FDA classifies bottled water as a “beverage” instead of as water. This means that it’s legal for bottled water to have more lead, more mercury, more e coli, and more of any other pollutant than what is allowed in ordinary tap water.

  64. So is anyone going to actually comment about the article? I had to keep reading on just because I was astounded at how ridiculous it was. Bottled Water…Really? I won’t sit here and rip them all apart but wow. And the pasta sauce I buy is good and its $1! And Many people eat rice 7 days a week multiple times a day and are thin, they don’t have weight problems. And this article just screams “don’t get this or that because it has sugar or costs a few dollars”…wow.

  65. These are great ideas — if your time is worth NOTHING to you. My time is worth more than that, so I won’t be acting on any of these ridiculous ideas.

  66. Just what are we supposed to eat? Someone has an issue with every food I have ever eaten.

  67. Late to the discussion but I just couldn’t pass it by. Being a food and after living in Italy for 8 years maybe I’m just a stickler for these things… but your information is flat wrong. Parmigiano-Reggiano and Pecorino are two completely… COMPLETELY separate entities! They’re not even made from the same animals milk!!!!!! A food blog that is even semi-serious should NEVER, EVER, pass off that the two cheese are remotely interchangeable because they just simply are not. It’s like comparing Cheddar and Stilton. Brie and Camembert. There’s a reason Parmigiano-Reggiano costs more. Made of cows milk, It’s aged for a VERY long time and is made in one place and is DOC.. Pecorino is made from sheep’s milk (Pecora) can be fresh or aged. It is made all over Italy, Sardenia, etc.. If you want to suggest to your subscribers a more budget conscious substitute for Parmigiano-Reggiano then go with Grana Padano.. Very similar but less complex in flavor. Many recipes are dependent on proper cheeses so it’s never wise to just go willy nilly on substituting cheeses that are nothing alike. Sorry to rant. :)

  68. Again, gourment ice cream is a product that you “pay for what you get”. Adding in chunks of brownie or a corn syrup based carmel sauce is not a direct substituation for a true premium gelato or ice cream. Most “sale” brands contain the bare minimum amount of milk fat to still be legally called “ice cream”, and use products like soy lechitan and an over churning process that entrains air into the ice cream to fill the container with less product at a similar volume. Thus if you melted your half gallon of bargain vanilla, you actually have maybe a 1/3 of a gallon of actual ice cream.
    Though the gourmet varieties are indeed far more costly, you actually get minimal additives and a mixture that is thickens with a cooked custard method to avoid dropping chemically derived emulifiers to prevent ice cyrstals from forming in the mix. It also lends to unique flavors and a more filling desert since it actually has cream as part of the base.
    This is horrible advice for a substitution.

  69. If you think Pecorino-Romano Cheese and Parmeasean Reggiano taste the same, or can be used similarly, you don’t have a pallete with credential enough to discuss such things. One is a sheeps milk cheese, one is from cow, they are aged different and slated differently, and provide IMO distincly different tastes.

  70. Also I buy bagged or boxed greens on clearance for under $1 for a bag that usually lasts me several days. As one person, I wouldn’t be able to use a whole head of lettuce before it goes bad, since once it’s cut it doesn’t last as long. I go for clearance “baby,” “spring,” or “field” greens, since they’re whole leaves instead of cut leaves and they last longer. And when I find salad kits for 25-50 cents, you bet I snatch them up. That’s an entire lunch dinner for me.

  71. “Actual (inexpensive) tea bags” are disgusting. Try whole-leaf loose tea instead, it’s MUCH better and many varieties can be re-brewed, which saves even more money. I add a splash of milk to some varieties, and nothing at all to others – never any sweeteners or sugar. If you need the convenience of a bag (which is really not convenient at all when you’re making large quantities) many places, like Adagio, sell their whole-leaf teas in bags, or you can buy empty tea bags to fill yourself.

  72. Parmigiano-Reggiano does not taste anything like pecorino romano, unless one doesn’t have taste buds. I like pecorino romano, but it’s a much simpler cheese. Not all Parmigiano-Reggiano is the same, either. A very close substitute to PR is Grana Padano as it’s made in the same fashion.

  73. “Large bottom-feeder fish such as tuna, shark, king mackerel, tilefish, and especially swordfish…”

    Not one of these are bottom feeders. They have high mercury content because they are towards the top of the food chain and have absorbed all the mercury from whatever they have eaten, ever. Because mercury never leaves your system.

  74. Cellulose is PLANT FIBER, its what makes up the sturdy structure in plants like celery and lettuce. It doesn’t mean specifically “wood pulp”

  75. Buy jugs of distilled water – this is dangerous BS. People SHOULD NOT drink distilled water. It washes out the necessary electrolytes from the body.

  76. I buy the Lunchables for my kid when they’re on sale, like for a buck a piece.

  77. I am deeply disappointed in the ignorance shown by your hype article 27 foods you should never buy. What are the credentials of this writer? Did they check the Parmesan Reggiano web site or visit the Emelia Romano region of Italy? To say Parmesan Reggiano, a cows milk cheese has the same flavor as Pecorino Romano, a sheeps milk cheese reveals this writers gross ignorance. There is a reason it is called “the King of Cheese”. It has been made in the same manner for over 900 years. It’s production is strictly controlled by the consorzio of Parmesan Reggiano and every wheel must pass inspection to receive the Parmesan Reggiano brand. It is one of natures most perfect foods being high in protein and fully digested within 45 minutes of eating. Marathon runners in Italy carry this for fuel verses our manufactured energy bars. I purchase tens of thousands of pounds of Reggiano per year for one of the nations best grocery store chains. Has this writer heard,of terrior? Meaning of the earth – the soil, climate, growing conditions of every region give the products of that region it’s own unique taste. Why do you think coffee from South American tastes difference than African coffee or wine from france tastes difference than wines of Napa or Italy. The even more shocking fact is that while some wine nuances may require classes in tasting, the difference between a sheeps milk cheese and a cows mild cheese is something a 4 year old could detect. Millions of people trust the Readers digest for accurate information.

  78. Wrong on Parmigiano Reggiano, RD. Pecorino Romano is a sheep cheese, Parmigiano Reggiano is a cow cheese. What you CAN do is buy cheeses just like PR that aren’t made in Parma, like Grana Padano from Padua.

  79. Romano has the same flavor as Reggiano??!! lost all crediblity on page 1

  80. Geez…you read this article and you think that Parm Reg is super-bad for you health! They talk about cost, but who cares? I buy mine at Byerly’s in MN and it’s the best I’ve had. It’s $24.99 a lb but goes on sale for way less…and it’s delicious. If you like something, love something, you will pay more. Life is short, why settle?

  81. Swordfish, nor any of the other listed fish in that entry, are not bottom feeders. They are long life predatory fish who potentially accumulate toxins over time from the contents of their prey.

    Flounder and catfish actually ARE bottom feeders, so if proximity to the bottom is the issue, should be avoided instead. That said, you only need to worry about bottom feeders in certain areas..


    I couldn’t go past that slide if that is the level of research being done…

  82. They lost me at number 8 because of there horrible research. Swordfish, along with other fish high in mercury like tuna, are not bottom feeders, they are deep ocean fish but not even close to the definition of a bottom feeder. A bottom feeder is a fish or crustacean that feeds mostly on waste ate the bottom of the ocean or in fresh water like a crab or catfish or carp. Swordfish and tuna are large deep ocean predatory fish that are high in mercury because they consume large quantities of other fish and absorb the mercury that is found in them AND ALL FISH due to the massive amounts of garbage and toxic waste that we dump in the ocean. In short don’t not eat swordfish because its high in mercury, because its okay in moderation. The real reason you should not eat swordfish, or most wild fish for that matter, is because its being over fished.

  83. Nope, I’m going to buy the $6 a gallon ice cream because I don’t want to eat all of the crap that’s added to the cheapo brands.

  84. tuna, swordfish, mackerel NOT bottom feeders, where catfish certainly ARE bottom feeders, don’t you people do any research???

  85. For the most part I agree with you, with 2 exceptions: Parmagiano-Reggiano cheese is worth it, but if you think you can substitute pecorino and don’t know the difference, it probably isn’t to you; a jar of good quality spaghetti sauce can be doctored and with 1/2 hour of cooking save the day (to start from scratch requires many hours)

  86. The writer of this article should be banned from the english language, and the owner of the website banned from publishing.

  87. well, a hamburger costs .99 cents, and a salad cost 4.99….ever wonder why the US is getting fatter?

  88. They are right about most of what they say but I take issue with Parmagiano-Reggiono. There is no replacement. It is the king of cheeses! If you pleases lol!

  89. pecorino it’ s very different than parmigiano!! pecorino is male with sheep milk, parmigiano with cow milk!!!!

    1. I totally agree, there is no replacement for the real thing. Plus, it lasts forever in the fridge. and the skins can be used to flavor soups and such.

  90. So, this article is about how being lazy and not making stuff yourself costs you alot. Sounds logical to me

  91. I’m sorry but Parmigiano-Reggiano is one of the worlds most amazing cheeses. “Other varieties” will pale in comparison. In my opinion, it could be the only cheese I ever buy again. ;) Thanks for the great list.

  92. Tuna, shark, king mackerel, tilefish, and swordfish are not bottom feeders, they are predators. The reason they’re higher in mercury is because they eat fish that have eaten fish that have eaten fish, etc. Each level of predator concentrates the heavy metals of the one before.

  93. Research is showing that grease is not artery clogging. Stop promoting this false connection.

  94. I thought this area was supposed to have comments about the article, “27 Foods You Should Never Buy Again,” and not about politics and everyone’s various viewpoints? Hmmm?

    Concerning the article, I want to call out the writer on a typo they made. In talking about ice cream the writer said, “It’s painful to watch someone actually pay $6 for a gallon of designer brand ice cream.”

    $6 for a gallon of ice cream is a FANTASTIC deal, especially if it is Ben & Jerry’s or Haagen-Dazs! If that was the case, I would run out and buy all the store had on hand! However, I believe the writer meant to say “$6 for a PINT of designer brand ice cream.” That seems more like it.

    Please correct the article to reflect this so as not to look so misinformed or ignorant concerning the cost of ice cream.

  95. Again many of these suggestions are to forgo convenience foods to make it yourself for less, but the purpose of things like salad kits is to make life easier for busy working people who find the convenience outweighs the increased cost. Hence sometimes getting something quick at 7-11 when you know it would cost less at the supermarket. Right???

  96. There are some good ideas in this story, although I don’t at all agree that Pecorino Romano tastes like Parmigiano-Reggiano. They’re entirely different cheeses. Both are very good, but you can’t just substitute pecorino for parmesan in any recipe and expect it to taste the same, since they do not.

  97. This article was excellent. I commend RD, which usually publishes main-stream info. Should be required reading for most of US. Thx

  98. No. 1, about the Parmigiano Reggiano — Only someone who has NEVER tasted real Parmigiano Reggiano and knows absolutely nothing about Italian food and/or Italian cheeses could state something as ridiculous as that Pecorino cheese has the same flavor as Parmigiano Reggiano. That is like saying that cheddar tastes just the same as Swiss cheee.

  99. Canned tomato products are BAD for you. Most of the “Not to eat lists” include canned tomato products because of the BPA. You shouldn’t tell readers to eat canned tomato products – jarred tomato products are much healthier.

  100. White rice – does this mean there is a high occurrence of diabetes in parts of South East Asia where white rice is the staple diet; people probably have around 20 servings or more a week?

  101. Sorry — won’t go past the first slide. The only way you are taking away my parmigiana is from my cold, dead hands. . .

  102. When it comes to peanut butter watch out for any products with ingredient lists that are not simply “peanuts” or “peanuts, salt”. Most national brands remove the natural peanut oil, sell it as a seperate product, and replace it with cheap, unhealthy substitutes such as “palm oil”. Only a handful of peanut butter brands do not do this such as Laura Scudder and Trader Joe’s. Even “natural” and “organic” peanut butters often have no peanut oil in them.

  103. I cant believe so many people overlooked the spelling error in the title of the article. Does rd have an editing department?

  104. I hate these kind of articles where you have to keep hitting next. What a waste of time. They just want you to see more advertisements. Avoid at all cost no matter what they are ‘listing’.

  105. I see Obama derangement syndrome is in full effect here. They are so deluded that he wants to destroy the country that they can’t read an article entitled “27 Foods You Should Never Buy Again” without immediately braying about how evil he is. Go hang out at Drudge with the other delusional tea baggers and let the rest of us discuss groceries.

    1. Your Drudge argument is LAME. This relentless attack towards Drudge from the left is “old News”. Drudge only provides links to stories and the rest is in your own foolish mind. Get over it Socialist bagger.

  106. Pecorino Romano is a sheep’s milk cheese and SarVecchio is aged, typically, 9-12 months. The kind of Parmigiano-Reggiano that’s imported to the USA is usually at least 15 months, sometimes as long as two years. It does not taste the same.

  107. After the first picture, I have no reason to go further. Reggianno Parmesan is the best and those other cheeses do NOT taste the same. Go to Costco and buy it there for half the price. As for the other 26 foods? Not interested in the rest of the article. You lost me at the cheese.

  108. Is there any reliable information in this article? “Large bottom-feeder fish such as tuna, shark, king mackerel,” None of these fish are bottom-feeders. They are all pelagic predators and at the top of the food chain and never feed off the bottom.

  109. The writer really needs to research cellulose more and perhaps a few other things. Horribly false info mixed with partially true. People do your own research and don’t rely on poorly written bits like this.

  110. What a crock!!!! Tuna and swordfish are NOT “bottom feeders”, while two of the offered alternatives (catfish and flounder) are. If they are this wrong on this item, how can we trust the rest of the article????

  111. On what planet does pecorino taste anything even remotely like parmigiano reggiano?! Fail.

  112. While some of the health tips and more economical purchase advice are good, the first suggestion, replacing Parmigiano-Reggiano with Pecorino Romano is just plain ignorant – both of the qualities of Parmigiano (a uniquely produced cow’s cheese) and Pecorino Romano (a great sheep’s milk cheese) and of the price – a real pecorino is not cheaper than Parmigiano. “Same flavor at half the price”? Only if you have no taste buds and buy cheap imitations. Really dumb.

  113. “Make your own croutons”? Seriously? The writer is in another world when it comes to money saving techniques. She mentions how much energy it takes to make bottled water, but doesn’t seem to realize how much time goes into making your own croutons when you want a salad. Yes, maybe in total you will save $10 over a year making a batch of your own croutons for two hours of your time, but is your time worth $5 an hour?

  114. This article is right on just about every single point, except one. Sorry, a $3 lb cheese does not taste the same as a $30 lb of cheese.

  115. “$1 to $3 a pop” for bottled water, or “$1.50 for 8 ounces.” Where do you buy your water? I get it for 25 cents per 17 oz. bottle, less when frequently on sale. Granted still more expensive than tap water, but it tastes much better and is convenient.

  116. the statement “Pecorino Romano and SarVecchio, … offer the same flavor at half the price.” is simply wrong. They are similar, but not the same. You can substitute one for the other in some instances (heck, Pecorino is better is certain recipes), but the real ‘trick’ is to get Reggiano on sale, which can be done for as little as 13, NOT 22. I buy it all the time at 15.

  117. I get it that eating wood shavings seems unappealing, but if there’s nutritional value to wood shavings, how is that any different than eating a salad?

  118. If you honestly think Pecorino Romano has “the same flavor” as Parmigiano-Reggiano you might want to try an imitation Velveeta made in China from counterfeit playdough. Oh, be sure to pair it with a wine to suit your taste …. perhaps a nice 100% post-consumer grape Kool-Aid.

  119. Parmigiano-Reggiano is one of the world’s best and most unique cheeses. The process by which it is made constitutes the price per pound. Do not think that any cheese in the world can replace the flavor of real parm. Don’t skimp on this ingredient.

  120. Also, wood pulp is made of cellulose, but cellulose is not all wood pulp. Even lettuce, pure from the farm has cellulose… as any grade school level education can tell you.

  121. “Bottom feeder fish” = flounder, catfish. Tuna and sharks etc are NOT bottom-feeders. RD really has gone downhill.

  122. This is supposed to be about comments regarding the food. The only thing I disagree with is the salads. I’m not a big salad eater and if I buy the stuff separately, it goes bad before I use it. The bags have smaller amounts and are cheaper than throwing away spoiled food.

  123. Pitiful article. Pecorino is a different taste all together than Parm, Starvechicco is more expensive that Parma Reg. Salmon is far more dangerous than Tuna or Sword. Big brand icecream or discount brands have triple the amount of air in them.

  124. The one about meat patties being more expensive than getting ground meat has been untrue for me, surprisingly. I can usually find the patties at a lower price per pound than the ground meat, at least for turkey burgers (which is what I eat).

  125. Pecorino Romano and SarVecchio have the same flavor as Parmigiano Reggiano? Sure, if you have 0 taste buds. At that point, even an old shoe would have the same flavor.

  126. I found this article pretty awful. Almost everything on it was “don’t buy the premade stuff, make it yourself to save money”, even though the subtitle doesn’t refer to it at all that way. Its not worth saving a few bucks here or there if I have to spend 10 minutes cooking it or making it, and while that kind of article might have its place talking about how to save a few bucks, the article is masquerading about talking about “Ripoffs, fakes, and drastically unhealthy”- not “priced for convenience”.

  127. Three years later and some of the top comments are still awaiting moderation by Readers Digest. Wow…

  128. I agree with all of them but one, the first one. Not a big deal because it’s not a concern about health, but parmigiano reggiano tastes different from the others. It has its unique amazing taste. Yes it’s (too much) expensive because of the extremely high tax for importing it from Europe. All European cheeses has this very high tax in response to the fact that Europe does not allowed for the USA to export its red meats there. Why? Because USA meat is poison (antibiotics, hormones, …..) and you might want to consider in adding red meat to your list

  129. The bit about swordfish and other similar fish (Tuna, shark) is an exaggeration and fear inducing. I work as a fishmonger. A healthy adult can consume a swordfish/tuna/etc once or twice a week and be perfectly fine. The only people who should be truly concerned would be children and pregnant/ nursing women. It’s funny that people will now be scared of swordfish because of a bit of mercury but things like HFCS and God know’s that goes into a fast food hamburger don’t bug them one bit!

  130. Yup. It’s “painful” to watch someone buy decent ice cream instead of air-puffed crap.

    This is what happens when the editor says “Churn out a list of 27 things you shouldn’t buy by 9 am tomorrow”.

  131. What kills me: to most of the food listed, My first thought was, “Yeah, no sh&*.” The multigrain bread and gluten-free baked goods were surprising (to me). Then it got me thinking: most do not have a good foundational knowledge of nutrition, and, even if they do, it *is* more expensive to eat healthily. I didn’t until I shown an appropriate diet. I try to eat 40:30:30 (ratio of proteins:carbohydrates:fats). This has allowed me to reach my goal weight and maintain it. One thing I would potentially like to see amended is the listing of protein bars. While I agree the majority of the bars on the market fit the description given (extremely low protein – 2 to 4 grams – with high carb content), there are some very good protein bars that fit the 40:30:30 requirement and range between 170 to 220 calories (for me, perfect for a meal replacement on the go – I eat 5 to 6 meals a days, with a target of 1400 calories, choosing what I eat based on the ratio I mentioned).

    Chlorinated and flouridated water is a sensitive subject for me.

    In regards to bottled water. I’ve lived in California, Arizona, Nevada, Washington and each state treats the water so heavily with chlorine and/or flouride, that the strong smell is pervasive when I run the faucet or fill a glass with the tap water. It’s terrible. I’ve used pool chemical testers, and the level of chlorine at times is way over the acceptable limit! Very strong odor of chlorine at all times and since I also have asthma which reacts to noxious fumes, including perfumes and chemicals, the chlorine gas smell breathed in does cause me to have an asthma attack. The other day, I got a deep whiff of the chlorine in the water, and I felt like I had stuck my nose into the opening of a bottle of Chlorox and took a deep breath! My fan had gotten turned off. I keep a small desk fan to blow air across the sink away from me, which helps.

    Be logical, If you can smell the strong chlorine then it IS that strong, then It seems obvious to me that there is too much chlorine in the water! And ingesting that high a level of chlorine CANNOT be healthy! However, so many people who do drink tap water are unaware that the chlorine is known to kill bacteria in the water (making it safe to drink??) but it also commonly kills off the good bacteria in our intestines and colon, and chronic debilitating diarrhea is a common result. Dr. Oz recently made this statement as well. Many people who’ve the diagnosis of Irritable Bowel and suffering with chronic diarrhea, and who do drink tap water, the chlorine in the water could very well be the cause of their chronic diarrhea. It’s sad that so many people are affected in this way until they learn how drinking chlorine water is the cause of their ills. I too had the idea that it was cheaper to drink tap water, yet I suffered with daily chronic diarrhea and Irritable Bowel for 25 years and was just told I had IBS, until I learned the correlation between chlorinated tap water and IBS/diarrhea. I’m no fool now!

    Here’s an interesting experiment I did. I have two cats and one small dog. I’ve always given them distilled or bottled water since they were wee babies. About ten different times in the past 8 months, I placed tap water in their usual large water bowls. THEY REFUSE TO DRINK IT! Then, after 12 hours, I place a clean bowl of bottled water near the chlorinated tap water. They run for the bowl and drink a lot. Since I’ve done this experiment ten times already, they’ve become smart. They know that eventually they will get good water. SO MY POINT IS, it is instinctual for animals to refuse to drink bad water. They’re not stupid! Neither am I.

    Water delivery companies are responsible. They at least regularly recycle their plastic bottles to prevent “age leaching” of the bad stuff from plastic bottles that are used and reused too many times. AND they use the healthiest plastics known, and the cost is not much more than 5 gallons in the “not so good” plastic bottles at the “big box stores”, so telling me that the cost is so high for this bottled water, I’m sorry, a water company WILL charge way more if it did cost that much more to deliver the water to homes. Landfills are filled with designer bottles and so is our ocean garbage dump.

    I won’t even start the discussion on the bio-film inside the city water pipes! However, bio-film is a slime that builds up on the interior surface of the water pipes, and this slime also harbors and breeds bacteria and other toxins.
    And I’m not going to get on the subject of the poison known as flouride.

    I am responsible, I do not buy small bottles unless caught in a tight situation (rarely). I have used only bottled water, two 5 gallon jugs a month, for 10 years, and no more IBS problems. I also send the man twice a month to refill the 5 gallon jug at the reverse osmosis kiosk for 1.25. I had used a 10 gallon fully automatic water distiller for over 6 years prior upon recommendation from my MD who recommended I NOT drink TAP WATER! No more IBS! Then distiller quit working and I’ve since relied on water delivery, two 5 gallon jugs a month. I don’t buy the little bottles, but use an Eco bottle for on the go.


    Disclaimer, I am not a Conspiracy Theory believer, however, it is interesting to read sometimes, and some of it can make quite a bit of sense. So, as a side note, in Conspiracy Theory, city water pipes have had other pipes hooked up to the main line, and these other smaller pipes are electronically controlled to open and close when the switch is turned. No one knows why the water companies are installing these small pipes onto the main lines, but Conspiracy Theorists say that it is to reduce the population via water borne pathogens/poisons or to control them with drugs in a situation of Martial Law or ?? Google ‘city water pipes’

  133. Stop spreading the myth that there is wood shavings in food. Cellulose is plant fiber. There’s no mahogany, oak, or pine shavings in your food. There is nothing unhealthy about cellulose, it just sounds bad calling it wood. This started with a urban legend about mcdonalds shakes. Google it. Also, your homemade pasta sauce, which you claim is cheaper, is not once you add onion pepper and carrot, and cook it for an hour. And finally, I can’t let you tell me Parmigiano-Reggiano is the same as Romano; Any Italian would recognize this as blasphemy. Reggiano is firmer and nutty in flavor while Romano is creamier and has more of a milky flavor. Both are essential in any foodie’s kitchen. They melt differently and each has its uses. I found this article mostly a waste of time, just another empty click bait. Why am I wasting my time typing this? I don’t know. The additional comment will probably only encourage you to post more like it. Congrats, your bait worked!

  134. Bottled water on the bad list by libturds. Didn’t they say glass is bad, now replaced with something far worse plastic. Unhealthy for your body and bad for the environment. I remember when paper bags were bad. Now libturds want plastic bags and now bring your own so you can give yourself ecoli infection once the reusable bag bacteria gets on your food. I have an idea go to glass bottles and paper bags and BAN LIBTURDS since they are bad for our health.

  135. There’s absolutely no scientific correlation between so-called junk food and obesity; it all boils down to total calories taken in versus total calories burned — the source of those calories is irrelevant. The chief problem with obese people is their inability to metabolize fats due to the lack of exercise. Fat that is not consumed as a fuel will be stored. If one wishes to lose weight, they need to change their blood chemistry from being a fat-storage machine to a fat burning machine — it’s just that simple. DIETS DO NOT WORK IN THE LONG RUN!

    Another problem is the inordinate amount of our calories coming from sugars, alcohol and simple carbohydrates (like potatoes and rice). 99% of obese people can shed significant amounts of weight by observing these rules:

    1. SEE A DOCTOR! Get a full blood screening including a lipid panel. You may need some pharmaceuticals for blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride management. He / she may recommend a stress test & EKG. Low blood pressure and low cholesterol / triglyceride levels are essential to long-term health and survival.
    2. Smoke? For crying out loud, get a pair, man-up, and QUIT!
    3. Low sugar / zero sugar. Use reduced-sugar juices. Excess sugar levels screws with your liver and pancreas royally!
    4. No candy, no donuts, no sweet rolls, no cake or pie, no deserts period!
    5. Absolutely NO alcohol!
    6. No rice, no potatoes or pasta-based dishes.
    7. No fried foods.
    8. Avoid most breads, stick to course dark ryes. If you can roll a slice of bread into a ball of dough, then don’t eat it.
    9. Never drink anything containing high-fructose corn syrup.
    10. No bananas! They’re absolutely loaded with sugar.
    11. Avoid snacking; if you must snack, prepare something healthy & low calorie.

    For the love of God get off your butt and do some kind of daily exercise! Start by just walking up and down the driveway, then around the block, then go for a mile or two. You gotta do this EVERY DAY. Avoid jogging / running at first, give it a year. Throw in a few hills on your walk to get your heart rate up.

    After 6-12 months of walking / slow-jogging, commence a program of weight lifting to build muscle mass. Muscle tissue is high-maintenance and requires lots of energy — we want that energy to come from burning fat. Become a fat-burning machine. Don’t obsess over total weight, you’re concerned about the percentage of weight attributable to fat.

    Fat isn’t stored just in the hips and belly, it’s also stored in muscle tissue (marbling) and even in the blood itself. Fat molecules (called triglycerides) attach themselves to cholesterol molecules. One type of cholesterol (LDL Pattern B) is very tiny molecule that can become lodged in microscopic fissures of the arteriole walls and cause a condition called plaque build-up.

    This causes an immune system response (inflammation) and a kind of blister begins to form and cacification sets in . At some point this “blister” will rupture and cause a blood clot; should this occur in a small artery feeding a heart muscle, you’ll have a heart attack. All this could, and does, happen before someone reaches the age of 35.

  136. I have to say I love the salad kits. Yeah they are expensive, but they can save you a half hour of chopping lettuce and having to store and maintain a bunch of ingredients for ten different salad recipes. It’s easy to mix one up on your lunch hour when you don’t have a lot of time.

  137. More than half of these examples contain false information. Please, do not feed your babies distilled water. It is not for drinking.

  138. Strongly disagree about Parmigiano Reggiano. Pecorino Romano is not the same. At all!! Otherwise, it’s a list of things I would never buy.

    1. Not the same at all! It totally depends on what you put it on. Romano can easily overpower a subtle dish, but for meatballs, you need it.

  139. Distilled water tastes awful because all of the salts and minerals have been distilled out.

  140. Parmigiano-Reggiano tastes nothing like Pecorino Romano or SarVecchio. The author doesn’t know his cheeses.

  141. If you drink the water out of the tap in Nevada your liable to glow in the dark. We do what we have to do for our own reasons.

  142. America enjoys convenience I believe we are in the top 5 when it comes to obesity. I found becoming a vegetarian helped *ME* with convenience shopping. I have 25 years under my belt as a none meat eater/animal by products so I pretty much have my shopping list ready before walking into a grocery store (going in hungry and without a list is always bad).
    I don’t have kids however so I wouldn’t begin to know what a frazzled parent has to go through when shopping. I guess a lot of times it is just easier to grab ready made food for the kids after a long day since now days both parents normally work.

  143. This list is only marginally helpful and ignores some realities. First of all it seems more like a list for cheapskates than any conscious realist perspective on shopping or health.. Don’t buy individual servings? What? Don’t buy bottled water? No smoked meats? Get over yourself! So everyone needs to walk around with a family size bag of chips and a canteen? Convenience matters too, you know. Energy and protein bars have a legitimate place in workouts, golf bags (I walk, no cart) bike rides and weight training. I even sometimes go to McDonalds sometimes SO WHAT! I am not “lazy”, I exercise, am not fat, my blood pressure is just fine. I am 61 and probably healthier than most. Here’s my advice: Be responsible for yourself, moderation in all things and get off your butt and move. And have a energy and a nice bottle of water afterward.

  144. If you have any sophistication at all where food is concerned, Pecorino Romano and SarVecchio do NOT offer the same flavor and Parmesano Reggiano Neither does store brand ice cream over premium brands. Dressing it up with your own chocolate jimmies just adds more processed junk to an already subpar product.

  145. “It’s painful to watch someone actually pay $6 for a gallon of designer brand ice cream.”
    That would be a bargain, at least here in Southern California. It is usually 1.5 quarts for around $5-$7 and on sale for maybe $3-$4. That is an average of $8 a gallon and on sale for about $4-$5. This is not “designer” brand but Breyers or a store brand. I haven’t even seen half gallons in a very long time.

  146. If you think that Pecorino Romano and SarVecchio have the same flavor as parmigiano reggiano, you are in serious trouble.

  147. Canned Tomatoes

    Again, the issue experts raise with this isn’t the content but the container. University of Missouri-Columbia professor Dr. Frederick vom Saal told MSN that the cans themselves contain bisphenol-A, or BPA. BPA has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. ”You can get 50 micrograms of BPA per liter out of a tomato can,” Saal said, “and that’s a level that is going to impact people, particularly the young,”

  148. WRONG!!! This writer knows NOTHING about Italian cheeses! Parmigiano Reggiano and Pecorino Romano are COMPLETELY different! Parmigiano is a MILD, SMOOTH cheese, while Pecorino is SHARP and slightly salty.Pecorino is fine for tomato sauces, with or without meat, but for a dish like Risotto Milanese or any pasta with a creamy sauce you need Parmigiano – a sharp cheese would ruin it. Check your supermarket circulars for sales – we NEVER pay $22 a pound, because there are many stores in our area of Long Island where we can find it for much, much less – and it’s worth it. If you want to substitute a less expensive cheese for Parmigiano, use GRANA PADANO, it’s very similar and very good. Why don’t these so-called “experts” learn something before they write a stupid article like this and make fools of themselves?

  149. The author may have made a mistake re: her cheeses but to call her a retard….but i guess when you have a limited vocabulary and a small mind you are prone to cheesy statements!

  150. Any moron with a little

    knowledge of cheese would know that Parmigiano and Pecorino Romano are two totally different kinds of cheeses. The author is a retard. Had she said ‘substitute with Grana Padano’, maybe. For those that don’t know, Parmigiano is a hard cow’s milk cheese aged for years. It comes from the Parma region of Italy and its production is controlled. It is sharp yet subtle, milky with salty grainy spots. A similar cheese that is not from Parma, meaning not parma cows, not parma grass, not parma production, is called Grana Padano. Very similar to Parmigiano, except if has a ‘fresher’ taste, meaning it isn’t aged as long, and has a more ‘cow’ country taste and smell. Pecorino Romano is totally different. It is a sheep’s milk cheese, aged only 90 days. It is saltier, has a ‘sheepy’ sharper flavor, yet not the depth of Parmigiano. It’s more refined brand is Locatelli Romano. SarVecchio is just a brand. In sum, if we try to compare to wines, Parmigiano is an experience, like a super-tuscan wine. Grana Padano is like a very good cabernet. And Pecorino is like an Barbaresco. Good wine, but totally different. This author is brainless.

  151. An ad pops up on every click? I got through five. Twenty-seven? Screw you.

  152. Some of these are silly. Don’t buy spaghetti sauce, buy tomatoes, …., cook for an hour and les voila you saved a few bucks! I do sometimes cook a huge batch of spagnetti sauce and freeze servings but I still buy a good jar of sauce for a quick meal. As far as sweetened non-dairy “milk” goes. My favorite Blue Diamond Original is only 60 kcal/cup which is 1/3 less than even skim milk. It has more calcium and what little fat it has is the healthier sort. The original sweetened almond milk is just right on unsweetened cereal for my tastes and fewer calories than I would add if I sugared it with granulated sugar.

  153. Except Pecorino Romano and SarVecchio DON’T offer the same flavor. Although I suppose to Reader’s Digest, Kraft Cheeze Powder would do – I mean, it’s all the same thing, right?

  154. This is so unrealistic. Make your own tomato sauce? Make your own ice tea? I get great prices on both those items where I shop and you left out one huge thing on this list, convenience. 3.50 pre-made salad kits are great. I love those salads from costco. They are at least 2-3 meals for me, so why would I try to make that myself. The time involved, washing and drying the lettuce, all the extra yummy ingredients, make the salad dressing. What is my time worth?
    Also who decided to use blueberry items as one of the items, you should of said all fruit flavored items. This is a super lazy list to me.

  155. There are unsweetened bottled teas. For example, there are a few unsweetened choices of Honest Tea. Maybe a little pricey, but practical if you’re going on a long road trip or in a hurry.

  156. The article tells people not to buy peanut butter that contains sugar (which is good advice) but then provides several recipes containing sugar.

  157. Multigrain bread from a reputable manufacturer, such as Alvarado Street Bakery, does not contain white flour. This article is bashing several types of health foods without distinguishing among brands.

  158. This is an odd list. Don’t buy crap. And most processed food is crap. Okay. Why pick out “Blueberry Items”. We could just list… “Orange Items” and “Strawberry Items” etc. etc. Why Blueberry in particular? They are all misleading.

    Smoked and cured meats. Again, true of the highly commercial stuff, but otherwise… untrue. And “artery clogging grease?” That has been debunked for over a decade or two now.

    The rest is pretty much fluff as well. Sugar is in everything… so buy the better stuff and read the labels. Or… make your own. Why single out tomato sauce and not bread? ;) Folks are buying the spaghetti sauce because they don’t feel like making their own. You can buy healthy spaghetti sauce, but it will probably not be a name-brand.

    Anyway… it must be a slow Friday if I took time out to gripe about this article. ;) But sometimes these “advice” piece rub me the wrong way. Have a great weekend. Heh.

  159. cant agree with #13. People in asia almost always eat white rice every meal and they are fine.

  160. How is a person to read anything with ads popping up with every click.

  161. Tuna, shark, and king mackerel are NOT bottom feeders. They are top of the line predators that eat large quantities of baitfish that do contain mercury. The aforementioned fish do contain high levels of mercury but not because they are bottom feeders. Eating small amounts of the smaller of these species is not necessarily dangerous for adults, but care should be taken. By the way, catfish ARE bottom feeders.

    1. Thanks for stepping up, Jack. Tuna, swordfish, mackerel and some sharks are “pelagic” feeders (like terrestrial or avian apex predators),and not bottom feeders. It’s hard not to wonder about the credibility of the remainder content when very basic definitions like this are ignored.

  162. what a moron you are! May I venture to guess that you are liberal? You can’t blame any else for your choices in life? Do you really need some one like Putin or Obama or Clinton telling you what you can & can’t eat?

  163. Good ideas if you have the time. Skim milk is not a healthy alternative. You need at least 2% butterfat milk to utilize the Vitamin D in milk. It’s a fat soluble vitamin. No fat, no vitamin bioavailable.
    Eat organic and sugar free.

  164. no smoked or cured meats? YOU STAY AWAY FROM MY BACON!!!!
    And you can’t make a sandwich out of straight up oats and grains

  165. Parmesan Reggiano cheese? Really??? Great cheeses are not inexpensive. And that includes many of the other substitutes you mention (which are also good cheeses).

    Anything in this article of value could have been summed up as “Eat whole grains and don’t buy prepared foods”

  166. I did not know that “Reader’s Digest” was even published in this day and time. Given their history…… I don’t give too much credibility to what they print, especially not to the point I would allow them to dictate what I do….. or do not eat. .

  167. It isn’t only “gourmet” ice cream that one should avoid. A person does not need any of the “natural” products added to the basic ingredients to prolong shelf life. In its vanilla, Bryer’s uses only sugar, cream and genuine vanilla flavoring. No guar gum, xanthan gum, no mono- and diglycerides. Among the worst offenders are store-brand ice creams.

    In the long run it’s cheaper to buy an ice cream maker — they come in various price ranges and you don’t need an expensive one with lots of bells and whistles — and make your own. Yes, it’s more of a bother than open what used to be a half-gallon carton — it’s now one and a half-quarts (48 oz) — and dig in. But home-made is so much better.

  168. How do you write this article saying how not to eat swordfish and not know that none of the fish they reference are “bottom feeding”? These fish are high in mercury because they eat other fish that feed on the bottom and ingest mercury. They attain such high levels because the mercury is never expelled from their systems, so over time they ingest more and more mercury from the fish they eat, who are the bottom feeders. Oh, two of the most popular bottom feeding fish: Flounder and catfish.

  169. the post on twenty seven foods to never buy was rediculous. looks like a add for the corperations not the consumers. some people are lacto intolerant , glutin in toloerant. ect. foods not to buy are meat. milk, sugar, margerine, sucrose, shall i go on. give me a break.

  170. Use leftover bread to make salad croutons? What a weird and inconvenient suggestion. Maybe this article should add pork and say go out and hunt down a wild boar and preserve it in a giant freezer. That should end up saving some money!

  171. They’re not “bottom feeders”, they’re at or near the top of the food chain so they’ve lived the longest and eaten the most other fish (including bottom feeders) and therefore have more mercury.

  172. Crazy to compare Reggiano to Pecorino. Totally different. This writer is not very food savvy. The flavor is no where near the same. Maybe they should get someone with refined taste buds to do the tasting.

  173. You use the term “bottom feeders” (tile 8/28). I don’t think that means what you think it means. (tuna, shark, king mackerel, and swordfish are not. Tilefish, flounder, and catfish are).

  174. Bottled water is the only option for some of us who’d rather abstain from poisoning ourselves with Fluoride and do not have a well. I’ve managed to go for 28 years without having a sip of tap water. We use bottled water for all our drinking and cooking needs at home.

  175. “Plus they’re packed with artery-clogging grease: regulations allow up to 50% (by weight) of fresh pork sausage to be fat.” It’s been debunked a hundred times now that consuming fat, be it animal fat or oils, does not translate to fat in your body- or clog your arteries. Also white rice isn’t necessarily refined.

  176. Tomatoes are acidic and leech more heavy metals than non acidic foods when canned. Saying anyone should buy canned tomatoes is very poor advice.

    Also it is bad advice to suggest skim milk is healthy; it’s milk with the healthy part removed. If you want really healthy milk, get raw organic grass fed whole milk.

  177. So, $2.50 – $3.00 for a sandwich, or having to buy a loaf of bread, the meat, the lettuce, any condiments (unless you already have it at home).

  178. And….what about all the incredibly high amounts of sodium in canned products?

  179. It is astounding to see the ignorance in this article, claiming that Pecorino Romano and SarVecchio taste like Parmigiano-Reggiano. Nothing could be further from the truth. Parmigiano-Reggiano has a distinctive flavor, texture and color. Most of the Parmesan cheese sold in supermarkets in the US is pure crap that is made here, and not true Parmigiano-Reggiano. It bears no resemblance to the real thing, and tastes more like salty plastic. As a person who travels to Italy at least once a year to the Reggio Emilio region where this cheese is from, it is disappointing and even unfair to see such a ridiculous statement being made in a widely read national publication like Reader’s Digest. But I guess that this stems from the fact that most Americans are not very discerning about what they grate on their pasta, and have no experience with eating any of these cheeses by themselves. Case in point, I once took home a piece of what they grate on dishes at The Olive Garden, only to find upon investigation that it was like a block of white plastic salt, nothing remotely resembling a good Italian cheese, even the less expensive Pecorino Romano.

  180. is this article messing with me? they call tuna and swordfish “bottom feeders” and then say we should eat flounder and catfish instead? …. how STUPID does it think i am?


  182. Pecorino is another delicious italian cheese, absolutely to be tried for sure. But is totally different taste from Parmigiano Reggiano, as it is more salty and has stronger flavour, consequently in Italy they are intended for different recipees. In the way it is formulated your advice does make no sense apart from misleading the not-italian readers in their culinary experience.

  183. To compare Reggiano-Parmiggiano to those other cheeses is an abomination! Maybe if you have dead taste buds they will taste the same. Otherwise, it’s total insanity!

  184. Well, I don’t buy any of those anyway. Otherwise, way too many floating ads on this site. Won’t be back.

  185. pecorino romano and parmigiano reggiano do not offer the same flavor. Dear Rachel, before you write such ‘culinary heresies’ please take a trip to Rome and taste the difference. pecorino romano is used for very specific dishes (like spaghetti cacio e pepe, or matriciana) for its tangy taste. Parmigiano is sweeter and used as a complement on most other more delicate dishes like penne al pomodoro, or ravioli (in moderation)…
    alas, how much misinformation is propagated in this country about Italian culture and cuisine…

  186. How can I even read the rest of your article when you write such nonsense as “artery-clogging grease”? You have no idea about how the human body works.

  187. Nooooooooooooooo! Pecorino and Parmigiano are NOT the same thing. Not even close. You have to f-ing kidding me. Only in America… some dishes call for Pecorino, and others for Parmigiano, but they most certainly cannot be substituted for one another, and they are complete different from one another. Ignorant people everywhere…

  188. This is a really crappy don’t eat selection… it’s all based around money… Very few actually tips that are helpful. Why don’t you put High Fructose Corn Syrup and Aspartame in this list too!???????????? <- that's me actually asking and wanting a response!

  189. clearly you are not a cheese connoisseur or caring chef- romano and the other cheeses you suggest do not taste like a true parmigiano-reggiano. you could substitute them but the results would be inferior.

  190. To say Parmigiano Reggiano has the same flavor as Pecorino Romano is not only ridiculous, but just plain untrue. One only has to try the two cheeses to know that this statement is pure garbage. They’re not even made from the milk of the same animal! If you don’t care to pay the price tag for Parm Reg then dont get it, but don’t say the two are interchangable, bc they’re absolutely not.
    EDIT: As I didnt get past the first “Tip” before I wrote this, I’d like to ask the author of this article, in what universe are sharks, swordfish and tuna bottom feeders? They’re apex predators, and hunt other fish (granted a cpl species of shark are bottom feeders, but none Im aware of that are commerically available as food). I hate being troll-y, but I’d bet even a cursory search on wikipedia could have saved this.

  191. Pecorino and parmigiano reggiano are two completely different cheeses. If you want a less expensive version of parmigiano reggiano try grana padano, the flavor is very similar and they are both made with cow milk, pecorino on the other hand is made with sheep milk which gives it a very different taste.

    1. I was going to write the same thing, but you’ve already said it, lol. I always have both parmigiano reggiano and pecorino romano in my fridge because the flavors are so different.

  192. Buying bottled water does not have to be expensive! Our tap water is really unhealthy. It is heavy with clorine and floride too. It leaves a very difficult residue on dishes that is almost impossible to remove and I should drink that????? We have reusable gallon jugs that we purchased at Walmart that are designed as water bottles. We purchas reverse osmosis filtered water by the gallon from Walmart at a cost of 35 cents a gallon. I also have a filter on my faucet, britta filter, so I use some of that water for coffee, etc. where the flavor is not such a problem. I probably should not do that because it still leaves a greasy yet hard white film on everything, though not as bad as unfiltered water.

    By the way, we had really great water till the oil companies started fracking… I suspect there are chemicals in the public water supply that are not being tested for by the water people. I live in Texas, close to Dallas and have lived in the same home for over 35 years…the water source has not changed but the water has!!!!

    1. Tap water = fluoride. That stuff is toxic and most people have NO IDEA!

    2. I’d suggest a Berkey filter, around $200 but removes a LOT more than brita filters can…nobody in my house will go back to tap water now, and half of them didn’t even mind the tap water, until they tasted how much cleaner the filtered water is.

  193. These are the worst suggestions I’ve seen about ‘what not to buy or eat.’ Seriously. Maybe the cured/smoked meats is a good suggestion, but jarred tomato-based sauces? Maybe I don’t have time after working all day to make sauce from scratch, and the addition of sugar to tomato sauce cuts the acidity so people such as my husband can actually eat the sauce without having indigestion. Make my own iced tea? Sure, after I work, come home and do the home chores, take care of my pets, work on my home-based secondary income, spend quality time with my family and friends THEN I can consider making my own iced tea, and sauce, etc. And this author obviously knows nothing of cheeses. Don’t mess with my cheese! I actually combine those cheeses for some recipes, but because I don’t use those cheeses every single day in my recipes I’m not sweating the price. I buy in bulk and save lots of $ by doing so. Bottled water – I both support and abhor bottled water. I use it every day because where I work this is no potable water. We have water clubs where you pay $5/month to use the water cooler. I bring my own bottled water because I get more than a month’s supply for $5. I don’t like having all that plastic, but the water from my tap is city water and recently they put in extra chlorine to fight some bacteria build-up. Plus, we got notice that all the salt and chemicals used to keep the roads ice-free this winter have leeched into the water supply. I do filter water at home for at-home use, but home filters (the Brita type) don’t filter out all that salt and deicing chemicals. But back to the article – it’s articles like this that prompted me to end my subscription to Reader’s Digest.

  194. Packaged shredded cheese has “cellulose” in it to keep the strands from sticking together. Now I shred my own when I can.

    Bottled water is a bad investment? Drink bottled water for a week and then drink a glass of tap water. You will spit it out. Not only can I taste the algae, but it’s poisoned with… fluoride, which we are brainwashed since we are kids that it’s good for us and which other countries have banned.

    Gourmet ice cream? This past Christmas I decided to make my Great Grandmother’s cookies – made with ice cream. Back in the day, all ice cream was made with the basic ingredients – sugar and cream. I bought a quart of Breyer’s vanilla ice cream, which used to use those ingredients. I made the cookies and they came out “gluey”. I couldn’t figure out why. I looked on the ice cream packaging ingredients – high fructose corn syrup and other things I couldn’t pronounce. I went back to the store to find REAL ice cream. There was only one brand. Hagen Daaz.

  195. Uh “tuna, shark, king mackerel, tilefish and swordfish” are not “bottom feeders.” Just saying.

  196. 75% of these suggestions suck and the tone of the author is douchey.

  197. Bollocks. Unless your body rejects certain foods due to allergies or medical condition none of these will really harm you when eaten in moderation.

    1. except mercury and other heavy metals, glyphosate, toxic food colorings and preservatives, the now famed yoga-mat chemicals in bread and countless other inedible substances now commonly found in American grocery stores

  198. I use 1 tea bag per quart, and it has the perfect flavor–any more than that, and it just tastes bitter. But I let mine steep for about 5 minutes, and squeeze out the bags.

  199. This idiotic story is still up?When this “author” compares Parmigiano Reggiano to freaking Pecorino Romano, two cheeses that are made from the milk of two completely different animals and don’t taste anything alike, she’s lost anything that resembles an informed opinion.

  200. i agree with most of these, but #1 is just wrong. yes there are cheaper cheeses, but that does not mean they taste the same. some of us can taste the difference. also premium ice cream is usually very different from the cheaper brands

  201. Screw these food (N)azi’s!) Who the hell is ANYONE that they can’t eat any of these foods! No one is holding a gun to their heads forcing them to eat these foods! In today’s world no one, & I mean No……ONE……..can claim ignorance about what foods are “good” & what foods are “bad”. It’s a person’s CHOICE what they eat, & NO…..ONE……has the “right” to tell us what or what not to eat! I’m going out to get a large McDonalds fries & a smoked polish sausage!

    1. My dad’s friend made the same announcement many times, now he’s 400lbs with leg sores that won’t heal…
      Take care of yourself. :P

  202. There is absolutely NO substitute for authentic Parmigiano Reggiano. Expensive, but well worth the price of admission.

  203. Parmigiano-Reggiano has nothing to do with Pecorino Romano or “SarVecchio”. Parm is cow’s milk, Pecorino Romano is sheep’s milk (in fact, pecorino MEANS sheep), and Sarvecchio is a brand name, not a type of cheese, of domestic parmesan made is Wisconsin. They do not taste remotely similar, they do not have remotely similar texture, they are very different in their levels of salt, and do not have remotely similar quality, except they can all be grated. You put a picture of one of the most precious and beautiful cheeses in the world up there and tell people it’s the number one thing not to by, and to rather by some cheap crap because it’s, well, cheap, and you try to tell people they are the same? I won’t be wasting my time with the rest of the article, and either should anyone else.

    And your article introduces the topic by saying that these things are either rip-offs, fakes, drastically unhealthy, or just plain gross. So which one is the “king of cheeses”? A “rip off”? You do realize, don’t you, that most high quality cheeses actually cost at least 25/lb, and even expensive Whole Foods sells Parm for 19.99, not 22. You are just factually inept.

    No one who has the good taste to actually use Parm, fortunately, will be fooled into thinking those other cheeses are similar, because they’ve already tried them, and know the truth. Why are you spreading lies?

    1. I can find Reggiano for maybe $12/lb.

      Actually – one I went with an Italian college based in Italy to a cheese shop. I bought some deluxe Parmigiano-Reggiano for $20 a lb. He had a taste along with me and said it was quite good. However, as we left, he described the price I paid as “offensive”. He can do the math in his head, and he stated it would be about half the price for equivalent quality back in Italy.

  204. I’m on board with everything but the bottled water. My tap water tastes absolutely awful, and UD has issued MANY warning over the years not to drink it. Bottled water ends up costing me 16.7 cents ($4 a case, 24 bottles), for the convenience and the taste, can’t beat it.

    1. Depends on the tap water. I used to live in a city that got its water mostly from city wells. It left a crust on everything and had a faint yellowish color. We always dried off a car quickly after washing a car. The water quality report said it was safe to drink, but it was absolutely unpalatable.

      And the neighboring cities have water that comes from mostly Sierra snowmelt. Some of the highest quality municipal tap water in the world. I think my old city did it because it was easier than trying to secure a higher quality water supply.

  205. Cellulose is not a “code word for wood pulp.” Cellulose is naturally present in all plants and, as far as polysaccharides go, wood pulp has more lignin in it than cellulose anyway. Way to skew facts to fill out an article when you don’t have any better ideas. Some of us are educated, you know. Sheesh.

  206. Who is the food critic at RD that put parmigiano reggiano and pecorino Romano next to each other and said they taste the same? Romano is great in place of reggiano if you do not want to spend the money, but every cheese monger will challenge you when you say that they are the same tasting cheese. That is a huge insult to both cheeses, and people’s pallets.

    1. Palate. Now I suppose a few wheels of the stuff could be placed on pallets.

  207. As far as bottled water goes, the only real safe option is the large BPA free refillable jugs you can get at places like Whole Foods or your local health food store. The water must be R/O Water or reverse osmosis. This is the only true way to get all the nasty stuff out like Flouride etc. Unless you are lucky enough to have an R/O system in your home, things like Brita and Pur just don’t cut it. If you need a bottle of water when you are out on the road try Penta. They are the only bottled water that is BPA free and truly pure.

  208. Awful article. Whoever wrote this clearly hasn’t tasted the foods on the list. Romano cheese as a replacement for Parmigiano cheese? You have to be kidding, they taste nothing alike.

  209. Impossible , Italian people know how the good price is shopping around and always buy Parmigiano regiano

  210. Well, reading this was 4 minutes of wasted time I’ll never get back.

  211. Pecorino Romano does NOT have “the same flavor” as Parmigianno-Reggiano! If you think it does, then I feel sorry for your taste buds. Don’t want to shell out the bucks for it? That’s fine. But, there’s nothing that tastes quite like it.

    And you just made me not bother clicking to Tip #2……

  212. Actually cellulose isn’t a “code word”, it’s the common tern for the basic structural material of ALL plants. It could come from any plant, but often cotton and wood. Eating “wood” actually isn’t that uncommon anyway (gum and palm for example). Cellulosic fiber is the basis of many diet fads as your body can’t digest it, but it still makes you feel full – so no calories.

  213. as a cheese seller for the last 11 years whoever wrote this is a complete idiot. Reggiano and Pecorino romano are completely different and sarvecchio is a pale imitation. Get your facts straight, just because something is cheaper does not make it better

  214. Pecorino sheeps milk cheese and has a much saltier bite to it. Parm is cows milk more of a nutty taste. &sarvecchio isn’t a cheese type it refers to how long an Italian cheese has need aged. Go for an aged private or asiago those are types if cheese.

  215. Also, avoid taking advice from an “impartial” source which bombards you with advertisements.

  216. since when is tuna a bottom feeder or swordfish for that matter?…both are apex predators who feed in the top part of ocean….

  217. Romano is not a substitute for real imported aged Parmigiano. Nothing is. I remember as a kid going with my father to this small provisions store and having the man cut a wedge for us from a big wheel with a long wire. Then he would cut a thin slice for me. Still makes my mouth water.

  218. Substitute for aged Parmigiano-Reggiano? I will agree that there are many really tasty, less expensive alternatives for hard cheese out there, but P-R is a gift from the gods, and as such, worth every penny.

  219. At the grocery store a while back, I overheard a young couple looking at some Stovetop Stuffing (not sure if it was regular or microwave variety). Him: My mom used to make this. Her: I don’t want it; you have to cook it.

  220. I am amazed. This is one of the worst written and poorly researched articles I have read in a long time. Telling people not to buy Parmigiano? Because it is expensive? Why, yes it is. What is your point? Instead buy an American knock off of the real thing. Calling Swordfish a “bottom feeder” like Tuna, Shark, and King Mackerel, is completely incorrect. None of them are bottom feeders. That is not where the mercury comes from! It bio-accumulates by being a top of the food chain predator and eating lots of little fish! Writing off eating this kind of fish in a montage type article like this is absurd.
    The best/worst is the cured meats. Really? Get rid of all cured meats? Why? 2000 years worth of culinary tradition is being discounted by a someone who can’t even research the USDA regs. Sausages can be up to 30% Fat by weight, not 50%. Still sounds like a lot, but I notice Brie isn’t on your list. And what is wrong with Fat? This isn’t 1995, most of us have moved on from the belief that Fat is the bogeyman.

    Before you publish something, try a peer review. Fact check. Concept check.

  221. in picture(item) 8/28 it suggests that bottom feeders are high in mercury and then includes catfish in the safe category. Catfish are the most bottom feeding-est bottom-feeder there is second only to carp.

  222. who the hell eats rice five times a week? that’s crazy and of course would spike diabetes

    1. Actually we eat it with almost every meal.. BUT…we eat 1/2 a cup and that’s it. My husband is a type 1 diabetic and weirdly enough it’s one of the few things that doesn’t drive his blood sugar up sky high. He is able to metabolize it much better than a potato or pasta which he just can’t eat at all.

  223. Most of these are decent suggestions. However, I object to the first one. Parmigiano Reggiano and pecorino romano would only taste the same to a person with no sense of taste or smell. Totally different flavor and fragrance.

  224. Pecorino Romano (salty/strong) tastes NOTHING like Parmigiano-Reggiano (mild/nutty) cheese. If you want a less expensive alternative that tastes more similar, go for Grana Padano. Note however, that a little goes a long way with great tasting, high quality ingredients like real Parmigiano-Reggiano.

  225. This writer lost me when I read the first slide — sorry, but Pecorino Romano and Sar Vecchio DO NOT TASTE THE SAME as Parmigiano Reggiano, they are used on different foods because they are different, just like you would use white wine when cooking chicken or red wine when cooking beef. Would you use cheddar interchangeably with blue cheese?

  226. Pecorino and Sarvecchio same flavor as Parmigiano Reggiano????This is blasphemous. It’s like saying that a Fiat drives the same as a Ferrari .
    The journalist of this article should be FIRED.

  227. Cant believe anyone buys that stuff in a jar, tastes horrible ! Buy some ground peeled tomatoes ( I prefer Pastene) sautee garlic, onion, add tomatoes then add your sausages, meatballs, whatever you like, let simmer. You do not need to shake in any more herbs the flavor comes from the sausages (I buy sweet & hot) and whatever you make your meatballs with…..No horrible preservative taste as there is in those jars !!! just delicious

  228. When this add talk too mucho long it means it is just a fraud. It is what happen here. There are two reasons why the food commercial talk too long…to fool with your mind or to infect some virus. to your pc. There are too many food adds saying their is the best. Often the food comercials adds have the only purpose to mess with your mind. In this case, the add is too long “talking bullshit” about what everybody know. The only thing you need to do is to eat less fat foods and calories, less food of everthing….drink plenty of water and continue eating less food of everthing. If you like ice cream, try it a small icre cream…if do you like pizza, try a slice….if you like to eat fries potatoes, try a few of it. Drink plenty of water and it is all. Look at me. I am thin and I eat a little of everthing. If you become sick like flu, it is good thing because it will make you lose a few pounds. Sometimes something naturally happen that make you lose weight….sickness, plenty of sex, drinking water,tourism and walking long, sun exposing, sweating, sand and beach, going to jail for a short time…

  229. Parmigiano-Reggiano is NOT Pecorino Romano! Nor does it taste the same. Don’t diss a product merely because of its price. This is a glorious food that you should in fact buy if you like the flavor of true parmesan. And if you love Pecorino, but that too because it is delicious in it’s own right. What moron wrote article?

  230. I wish people would stop promoting quinoa without educating people about the political/economic situation of the indigenous people who farm it. And I was a little confused with fish slide – The fish listed as high in mercury are apex predators, while the fish listed as healthy are the actual bottom feeders (which are lower in mercury).

  231. Pecorino and Parmigiano are different cheeses. Why not say, “You don’t have to pay for filet Mignon, flank steak is much cheaper.” Uninformed writer.

    1. How about uninformed poster? At least ten people said the same thing right before you did. Why should anyone read what you have to say if you don’t read what anyone else has to say?

  232. Discus has gone full blown panty waist with removal of the down button.

  233. And who the hell puts carrots in their spaghetti sauce? And Italian-Americans get mad at me for adding celery!

  234. Open a restaurant, or better yet, get acquainted with a restaurant owner, and ask him if you can buy parmesan cheese through him. Sysco, a restaurant food supply company, sells huge 25 pound wheels of super-fine, aged parm for, wait for it… about $15 bucks!

    Supermarkets pay about the same, then cut the wheel up into little quarter pound wedges and sell it for $7 to $9 bucks or so. Jeez, talk about mark-up!

  235. I have to agree with the one about sausage. I avoid pork sausage, as well as bacon, like the plague.

    An entertaining anecdote though, about all the healthy food and exercise preaching we’ve been hearing for the last 25 years:

    In a 1966 episode of the original Star Trek, I think the episode was, “The Deadly Years”, but I may be mistaken, Dr. Mckoy has Capt’n Kirk in sickbay. They’re talking about Kirk’s physical condition, and McKoy says, ” I can do more for yah if yah just eat right and exacize regulahly.” :)

    That was almost 50 years ago. Granted, we didn’t know then as much as we know now about what ‘eating right’ really means, but still…

  236. What ‘tard wrote this? I loved the “It’s painful to watch someone actually pay $6 for a gallon of designer brand ice cream.”

    I’d LOVE to pay $6 a GALLON for premium ice cream.

    1. It’s great in moderation. But really, $6 for a gallon of premium? More like $6 for pint. Man, have you ever read the cholesterol and saturated fat levels on ice cream? It’s atrocious.

  237. this is all part of Michelle Obama act of telling us what we can and cant eat. She can piss up a rope

    1. Bet you a million dollars that Michelle doesn’t substitute romano for parmagiano.

  238. You don’t have to pay $22/pound for parmagiano-reggiano if you do a little shopping. And, surprise, it’s not the same flavor as pecorino romano, because it;s not the same cheese.

  239. I purchase individual serving size chips from Sam’s and Costco. In my opinion they are more cost effective as there is no waste of a stale bag, no waste of sandwich bags, and we eat less because of the portion control.

  240. Those fish aren’t “bottom feeders.” They eat smaller fish containing mercury, and so they accumulate mercury through the food chain, not by feeding on the bottom

  241. “avoid large bottom feeding fish” except tuna and swordfish aren’t bottom feeders and they suggest you eat flounder and catfish which are bottom feeders.

  242. No you must get the real parma reggio, it’s the best cheese in the world, well worth the money. LOOK FOR THE STAMP PARMIGIANO REGGIANO: parmigiano reggiano for life

  243. always check the ingredients though, u dont want chemicals in your food.

  244. isnt wood lignin-ishy tree stalk, and cellulose is the protein that makes cell walls in plants. either way, we still cant digest it, BUT thats what fiber is. if u want pure fiber, eat cardboard, i doubt it will help u poop though.

  245. Romano a substitute for Parmigiana Reggiano??? Thanks for posting that one first so I didn’t waste time on the rest. That kind of ignorance borders on idiotic.

  246. Tuna? Bottom feeder? Who the hell is writing this, a 3rd grader?

  247. Tomato based pasta sauces need to be removed from this list. There’s nothing wrong with it and not all of us have an hour to boil our own pasta sauce!

  248. Daniel 12:1 “At that time Michael, the archangel who stands guard over your nation, will arise. Then there will be a time of anguish greater than any since nations first came into existence. But at that time every one of your people whose name is written in the book will be rescued.

  249. The author mentions the health dangers cured meats are linked to, yet recommends making your own sauce from canned tomatoes? That’s a terrible piece of advice considering chemicals from the aluminum can seeps into the tomatoes.

  250. I would like to say something about the cellulose thing. Just because it says cellulose doesn’t mean its wood pulp. I mean of course there is cellulose in wood but its also in every other plant because it is what makes up the cell walls of all plants.

  251. What absolute twaddle. Parmigiano Reggiano? The reason it is “famous stuff” is because it is a name protected, regulated product made from quality cow milk, aged in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. It does not, in fact, taste anything like Pecorino Romano, which is a much younger sheep’s milk, or Sarvecchio, which is a cheap, astringent, bill-paying knock off. You are perpetuating the garbage eating carelessness of this country.

  252. What an irritating article. The only thing I’m going to promise myself to never do again is click on a headline that says whatever “things to never do again.”

  253. I would have to trust my water supply before I stop drinking spring water. Unfortunately I don’t. I pay $3.99 for a 24 pack of 16oz bottles

  254. Crushing some Oreos on top of some cheap ice cream does not a Ben and Jerry’s make. Nice try though. I don’t do it often, but I’m keeping my gourmet ice cream thank you very much.

  255. Wow, so much ignorance on this board. Pecorino romano is NOT a “cheap substitute” for parmiggano; the two are completely different cheeses and both are excellent, with totally unique flavours. Pecorino is made from ewes’ (sheeps’) milk; parmiggiano is from cows’ milk. Grana padano is inferior to BOTH — in Italy it is considered a second-rate cheese, with a far less complex flavour. So those of you saying grana is “better” than pecorino have no clue what you’re talking about. Beate voi che non capite un cazzo!

  256. Pecorino Romano does NOT have the same flavor as parmesan! Whoever wrote that is an absolute ignoramus and knows nothing about food.

  257. That white rice post is the most ludicrous thing i’ve ever read. First of all, the argument is “If you eat 20 servings of rice per month, you have a 17% increase in risk of diabetes than if you eat less than 1 serving per month.” This logic could be used for pretty much any food on earth. Also, did you know that your risk of heart attack is increased exponentially if you drink 30 red bulls per day as opposed to drinking less than 1?…

    1. Of course whole grains are better, but white rice is not killing people or causing mass amounts of diabetes. People who are developing diabetes from eating 5 or more servings of white rice per week are likely eating most of those 5 servings in a single sitting, and it’s their diet on the whole causing diabetes. They’re probably also obese. I’d like to know how many people have developed diabetes from eating one serving of white rice for 5 different meals per week. And don’t get me started on the “look for breads with whole wheat as their first ingredient.” Sprouted multi-grains are so much better for you than most of the whole wheat on the market.

      1. It’s the glycemic index of white rice. Google Harvard and glycemic index. The higher the glycemic index, the more the food raises your blood sugar. Rice has a glycemic index of 89 and glycemic index per serving of 44. That’s higher than Vanilla cake made from packet mix with vanilla frosting (Betty Crocker) which has a glycemic index of 44 and a glycemic index per serving of 24.

  258. How do you make a list of Irish cooking and not include Shepard’s pie? I’ve travelled in Ireland and we love to try new recipes. About our third day there I told my wife that we would NOT be buying an Irish cook book! On our last day there we were eager to eat at Burger King! The food was not good tasting – very bland. I can’t wait to go to Poland some day! I’ll definitely buy a Polish cook book. Ireland is beautiful – Truly the Emerald Isle. But don’t go there to eat. But do go to the Jameson distillery and sample a Murphy’s stout. (maybe that’s why their food is bland)

  259. Why are they showing a lovely fresh sliced turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomatoes as a “microwave sandwich?” Would someone really put that in a microwave? Not I. Anyway, $2.50-$3.00 per sandwich? Sign me up! I haven’t seen a sandwich for less than twice that in ten years!

  260. Did like to see the part about the gluten food fad. Unless you have celiac disease (Wheat allergy) you need the gluten.
    All grains contain some form of gluten. Myself I have to avoid corn. Very common. So I am used to looking at labels.
    But most of this article was just common sense.
    Learn to cook.
    Shop for fresh ingredients.
    And you eat better for less money.

  261. I have found that it is actually easier, cheap, and just as fast to make ,most foods from scratch, of course you need know how to cook. A lost art for so many people.

  262. It’s not expensie if you consider that: There is 1100 L (291 US gallons or 250 imperial gallons) of milk per vat, to produce a form of Parmigiano Reggiano of weigh around 45 kg (100 lb). Pecorino has not the same flavor of Parmigiano and it needs less milk. In fact Pecorino (that means “little sheep” is made with milk of sheep. Instead of parmigiano is made with milk of cow. The flavors are totally different!

  263. Swordfish are not bottom feeding fish. Neither are tuna, sharks, or king mackerel. I suspect this whole article needs fact-checking. Maybe post it on the Fox News website instead.

  264. Do NOT drink distilled or RO water as your primary water source. Both of these prcesses remove up to 98% of everything, INCLUDING essential minerals. Water, by it’s nature, WANTS minerals in it, so when you drink pure H2O, it actually leeches minerals out of your body.

  265. Are you kidding? Pecorino Romano to replace Parmigiano Reggiano? Not a chance, Grana Padano or Pecorino Toscano would at least be cost saving alternatives, but the salty and bile like flavor of Pecorino Romano for me is inedible.

  266. #21 and #23 appear to contradict. Is this one person writing or a bunch of monkeys at keyboards?

  267. Are you guys kiddin???? you are suggesting people to buy lower quality products instead of Parmigiano? And the taste of these cheap alternatives is far behind being the same, Parmigiano Reggiano has years of tradition and history and is extremely valuable, that’s why it costs more. You get what you pay for. The only alternative is Grana Padano, so that you know.

  268. Good suggestions! And I don’t usually agree with these sorts of articles, but this one is very good.

  269. No downside v-a-v synbeaf, 3-D spray-layered molecule by molecule w/o the killer apps of conventional protein [no waste, no pollu, scalable to feed billions]

  270. PLEASE! This isn’t the 70’s anymore. Science simply does not support such fat-phobic rhetoric.

  271. Tuna, most sharks, king mackerel, and Swordfish are pelagic fish, specifically NOT bottom feeders. Don’t believe everything you read! They are generally overfished, and relatively high in Mercury.

  272. If you can’t tell the difference in flavor between true Parmesan cheese from Parma, Italy, and cheap pecorino romano, then you have no business writing any article about food. Parmesan is not just for sprinkling on pasta. It’s one of the finest cheeses on the planet, and it’s horribly abused by people who think of it as nothing but a salty grated cheese topping for spaghetti.

    As for the pasta sauce… you seem to be under the crazy impression that it’s easy to make good pasta sauce, or that the fresh and canned tomatoes are free or something. I DO make top-notch pasta sauce from fresh tomatoes and herbs in the summer, when my garden is full of overloaded with tomato vines and I have more basil than I can possibly use. However, purchased tomatoes are expensive (unless you get the leftover scraps at a farmer’s market)… and making pasta sauce from crushed canned tomatoes doesn’t cost a lot less than getting jarred sauce.

  273. I agree with most, except:
    – tuna. I love tuna as sashimi or cooked medium-rare. I just don’t eat it too often. Perhaps once a week.
    – bottled water. I can taste the differences between various types of bottled water and I rotate between the ones I like most.

  274. While I would strongly agree with most of these “27 Foods You Should Never Buy again ( at super markets ) I would strongly DISAGREE with no. 1! There is not, in my opinion, any good substitute for Parmigiano Reggiano….it is called the “King of
    Cheeses” for a very good reason….it tastes great and is vitally important to many top Italian recipes and as a topping for many pasta dishes. The substitutions suggested are poor in comparison. Pecorino Romano is too salty and can have a rather unpleasant taste, and I’ve never heard of the other one. I don’t pay $22/lb
    for my Reggiano…perhaps $5/lb less which, admittedly, is still expensive, but not prohibitively so. A little goes a long way and this cheese is worth it to me as one of life’s great culinary pleasures. Shame on Rachel Hofstetter and “Dollar Savvy” for even suggesting such a thing!

  275. Swordfish, Sharks, Mackerel, and Tuna are NOT bottom feeding fish. They are Pelagic open water free swimming fish, the Tilefish is the ONLY bottom feeder and contains the highest mercury content of the above listed fish. Sorry but being a marine biologist that works hands on with these fish knows a little more then a journalist.

    1. Just said the same thing but I don’t think it went through. But yeah I’m not sure why they think ‘bottom feeder’ and ‘apex predator’ are the same thing. sigh…

  276. It’s funny that a McDonald’s ad pops up after slide 7. Way to get placement.

  277. Number 22 — more e. coli in preformed patties is true. During his research for Fast Food Nation, investigative journalist Eric Schlosser was fact-checking a stat in his rough draft with the USDA that said there’s flesh from 100 cows in every fast-food burger. “That can’t be right,” he said to himself. So he asked the regulators who confirmed that the stat wasn’t right — it was more like 1,000 cows in every burger! All that flesh from so many cows being mixed together mean it’s easy for just one sick cow or bacteria-laden carcass to contaminate a lot of food.

    If you purchase the pre-made patties, tubes of ground beef, or vacuum-packed containers of ground beef, from places like Wa l-M art, you’re likely getting the 1,000-cow-burger variety.

    Luckily, most grocery stories, even chains such as Sa fe way still have a meat department that actually grinds beef in-house, which means flesh from fewer cows in every burger and less of a chance of e. coli contamination.

    However, because of price pressure from companies like Wa l-M art, the grocery chains are being pressured to change to a warehouse model.

    Ask your store if they grind in-house if you’re worried.

  278. What a ridiculous article! So we should *never* buy anything blueberry again because some companies put fake stuff in their products? Never buy parmigiano-reggiano because it’s expensive? Never buy multi-grain bread because some brands aren’t whole-grain? What about those that are?

    If you want to deal in the same kind of hyperbole, then reading this article causes me to conclude that I should never read any Reader’s Digest article again!

  279. Pecorino is an alternative for Parmigiano only to those that have never tasted tasted Parmigiano: they are 2 completely different kind of cheeses (the first is made from sheep’s milk, the latter from cow’s) in texture, flavor, salinity and hardness.
    And all of this just for the price?

  280. Do go for jarred tomatoes over canned, the acid in the tomatoes leeched the BPA right out of the can. NEVER buy canned tomatoes.

  281. Oh this is really terrible click-bait. Thank goodness for adblock! Eat it! And some multi-grain bread!

  282. Holy crap this was like reading advice for morons who already agree with the advice and want reassurance.

  283. This fish one is flat out incorrect. Both Flounder and Catfish are bottom feeders and high in mercury, Tuna and Swordfish are not bottom feeders, they are deep ocean fish and when they end up with high levels of mercury it is because they are at the top of the food chain and eat things that themselves already have mercury in their tissues. These articles are unbelievably misleading, wildly speculative, alarmist, and usually very inaccurate. Who lets this get published?

  284. The writer doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Parmigiano Reggiano or Gran Padano are superior tasting cheeses. Pecorino Romano is a totally inadequate and very different tasting substitute.

  285. Parmiggiano reggiano is better than the generic cheeses u named, it’s a brand. You know nothing about cheese, parmesan cheese, and life in general.

  286. No bottled water, because of “environmental concerns?” What a load of bulls**t. Come taste the water coming out of the tap in the 100 year old house I have – after new pipes and a filter, it still SUCKS.

    $1.00 to $3.00 per bottle? Where? in Manhattan? I’ll NEVER give up my cheap, good tasting Costco bottled H20. Never.

  287. I’m sorry, but you cannot get the same flavor of Parmigiano-Reggiano with any other substitute. If you want that special flavor this cheese offers, you need to get this cheese, none other will do.

  288. Parmigiano Reggiano is expensive, but clearly the writer has never eaten it if she claims that it tastes the same as Pecorino Romano or even imitation parmesan cheese. Unbelievable!

  289. Pecorino isn’t even made with cow’s milk, it’s made with sheep’s milk. How can you say that it’s the same as Parma cheese? It’s delicious, but I wouldn’t call it “the same flavor.”

  290. Hey Adam right out of faux news
    It is a fact the rich are the welfare leeches then they take the welfare
    And hire lobbyists to get more welfare. Billions God forbid some welfare mom gets a can of tuna with food stamps but the rich must get their tax breaks ie welfare
    On yachts private jets
    Go sell that tired right wing propaganda to some tea party idiot

  291. Yes they are forced to buy that crap good food or organic food is out of reach of most people especially the poor they are forced to eat this poison
    Creating more sick people and making taxpayers support them

  292. Stopped reading at number 3 where blueberry flavored items don’t feature an “Actually” blueberry, did this article feature an “Actually” editor? Sometimes I wonder…

  293. I couldn’t get past slide 8 without commenting (I NEVER comment). I would be wary about trusting anything this writer is trying to warn about. They rightly mention that swordfish are high in mercury but are implying that smaller bottom-feeding fish are less likely to have mercury because of their size. I disagree because of simple chemistry and biology. Mercury is a large atom and easily gets ‘stuck’ in the cells of smaller fish because they have less potential to move these atoms from their system. From every report I have read about mercury in fish, they have warned to stay away from ALL bottom feeders because of the amount of contact and ingestion the fish have with mercury. Believe me, I wish I didn’t need to abstain from flounder starting 15 years ago. It’s the best tasting, most lazily and easy fish to catch.

  294. Um…. so cellulose isn’t wood pulp. Its the basis of woody plants. Not necessarily wood…. just woody plants. Its chemical formula is C5H10O5, meaning its CHO ratio is 1:2:1, making it a sugar molecule…. so yup…

  295. People shouldn’t eat pork either. Just look it up and see all the reasons not to eat pork.

  296. Tuna, Mackerel and Swordfish are not bottom feeders. Sharks can be but normally are not, either. The point is that they are at the top of the food chain and they absorb the mercury of the fish they ate, which absorbed the mercury of the fish that they ate and so on. So while eating ‘smaller’ fish is a guide, it is not a great one as it is not always the size of the fish that indicate its place in the chain.

  297. Ridiculous. The only way to get the flavor or parmesan reggiano is to use parmesan reggiano. Peccorino romano is great, but very different. And I’m sorry but sarvecchio is a really bad substitute.

  298. Items on this list are just dumb. Romano is not a substitute for Parmesan. That’s like sustituting american for cheddar

  299. Anyone who thinks that there is a true replacement for Parmigiano-Reggiano is mistaken. This is one of the best cheeses in the world. Yes, it is expensive, but so packed with flavor and nutrients that one only needs a little bit to have the experience.

    Many people get sticker stock when they see the price tag, but people rarely know what a pound of cheese looks like. A pound of

    Parmigiano-Reggiano is about the size of a softball. Are you really going to eat that much cheese in a week? Any good cheese shop will cut you a smaller piece for $4-5.

  300. Lots of these were just stupid. Learn how to cook. Really, it is not hard. Buy the freshest ingredients you can. Stay away from the most highly processed foods. And indulge in your guilty pleasures in moderation. That is all.

  301. And I’ve read repeatedly that canned tomato-anything is not good due to a reaction of aluminum cans with acidic tomatoes.

  302. Ice cream: So how much is that “crushed cookie” or “chunky bits of chocolate” going to cost you? You can’t add it for free, you know. Add in the effort of the crushing and chunking. How do you add stuff to hard ice cream, anyhow? Then ask yourself – are you as happy with the end result, after all that effort and expense and hassle, as you would have been with the original product? Your time and energy have value, too, and you need to take into consideration whether your satisfaction or lack thereof is worth it in the end for the sake of saving a few pennies.

    So many of these “helpful hints” are anything but. You’ll jump through all sorts of hoops to save a few pennies and in the end, you’ll go back to the original because THAT’s what you like, and all that trying to make it on your own didn’t work out. I remember my mom’s attempts to make Orange Julius – never worked. It never tasted right, no matter what recipe she tried. Sometimes, you just have to go for the original, or you’ll end up in a “penny wise, pound foolish” scenario.

  303. “Make your own salad dressing.” Like it’s that easy. I don’t know about you, but I’ve tasted other people’s homemade salad dressing and wanted to puke. And tasted it for some 12 hours afterward – who thought garlic could be demon possessed?? No, if you find a flavor that is perfect for you, save yourself the time and hassle and just *BUY* it. Otherwise, in your attempt to save $1 or less, you’ll spend hours and hours and waste $$$ in ingredients trying to duplicate it, never getting it right. And you’ll just end up just buying it in the end anyhow, so why not cut to the chase??

  304. What they don’t seem to realize with the boxed mixes and the herbs ‘n’ spices is that we want *THAT* taste. I *want* the pouch “Herb and Butter” flavored rice. I don’t want to have to go through 18 batches of yech before I can figure out what combination of herbs and spices to use (and that’s IF I can figure it out). When I want Montreal Steak seasoning, I want Montreal Steak seasoning! Not some mishmash of random herbs *n* spices! And when I want spaghetti sauce, I want it to taste *exactly* like Ragu Traditional, so why not save myself hours and a big fat pain in the rear and just buy it for a coupla bucks??? Realistic, people. Realistic.

  305. No. You don’t make tomato sauce like that. When have you ever seen tomato seeds in spaghetti sauce? Yeah. How do you suppose they escape? You have to 1) peel the tomatoes (not too hard – boil for a few minutes and the skin peels right off, but still), 2) seed the tomatoes (no shortcuts), and then 3) run it all through a ricer or food processor once they’re cooked to smooth everything out. I’m sticking with Ragu Traditional. Bite me.

  306. Dear Reader’s Digest, it is obvious that whomever wrote the article does not know what taste is. Parmigiano Reggiano or Grana Padano are indeed fantastic types of cheese simply impossible to imitate.

  307. I usually get gourmet ice cream because I’m allergic to a lot of real fruit, and I know they don’t have it, and making my own coffee ice cream is a bit silly. And I’m super not with ya on tea. It may be bad for me, but chilled bag tea does not taste anywhere near as good as powder. Not even Lipton, which has both. I’ve tried it.

  308. Yes, sad as it might be… I have at least considered leaving that oh so wondrous group PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Archaea) and forming up a new group such as PETMM (People for Ethical Treatment of Microbial Mergers) so that I could go back to having some decent farm style meat based food and quit eating the bacteria that most insane bagan PETA combination types are now.

    So, yes, save a bacteria and quit wasting your money on anti-microbial soaps until you know for sure what has been growing on your hands before scrubbing, and taking a chance of creating bacteria that might even become more resistant to simply using TP when you wipe. :(

  309. If you put sugar in your sauce Tony Soprano will come for you in your sleep! Don;t put sugar in your sauce.

  310. The pakaging on bread can deceive those who don’t check the ingredient label into believing the are buying bread made with whole grain wheat flour. For many the convenience is worth something.. That’s why I but bottle tea at the grocery store to take home to put in the lunch box.

  311. My time is worth more that a few dollars, or cents in some cases here, an hour.

  312. The bit about frozen meat and e coli is just dumb. 1) Always cook your store bought ground beef, frozen or fresh to well done. This will kill the e coli. 2) the process of freezing beef bring it below 0 degrees Fahrenheit, and it is kept around 6 degrees F in most peoples freezers so e coli populations should be dead by the time they reach your dinner plate in most cases but the most sever.

  313. Anyone else having trouble viewing this? Under Chrome, FireFox, and IE 11 I every time I go to the next item I have to to click next then button then hit back button on my mouse to get the ‘next’ item on the list. Some don’t even work with that trick (‘slide’ 16). What a sort of web developers is RD hiring, noobs? Bunch of noobs. At least with flash things worked. Even browsers that have near perfect ACID tests fail to render this bloody list of ‘slides’

    1. I with ya, brotha-man. I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in the last few years where sites only allow you to view a list as a “slideshow” – I don’t mind that as an option – but give me the choice to see the entire list at once – at my discretion. The reason, of course, is they want maximum opportunity to refresh ad content and keep eyeballs on the site the maximum amount of time. The amount of uncompressed, unoptimized graphics / javascript and various other near-virus-like pings against our systems make advancing through the list a painful experience in many cases.

  314. To those not suffering from celiac disease or who don’t have allergies and who are up in arms over the take on gluten free:

    A study was completed some time back that showed people who were fed non-gluten free foods but told they were gluten-free said they felt sluggish after consuming the gluten-free bread ‘disguised’ as ‘normal’ bread. Those fed the gluten-free foods and told they were not gluten-free reacted in kind. In a nutshell it’s in your head. It was a triple blind study to boot with multiple control groups. Science, gotta love it.

    Gluten free is the foodie buzz word du jour, and unlike the “Greek”/”Med” diet fad which is in fact quite healthy due to the fact that it doesn’t emphasis meat and sugar, there is no real benefit to gluten free if you’re not medically required to avoid gluten. If anything you’re missing essential enzymes and proteins. Just choose your source of gluten carefully (i.e. a hearty bread over a Subway/McDonalds/cheap pre-sliced/ et al bread).

    Most people have no idea what Gluten-free means anyway. Case in point, marketing companies will slap it on anything; chicken stock, meat, cooking oil, juice drinks, frozen veggies, cheese (i.e. all things that would be gluten free to start with). It’s like cholesterol free lentils, a sort of oxymoron if you understand biology..

  315. Swordfish… Tuna… Shark… BOTTOMFEEDER??? No that’s not what you call a bottom feeder. I think the word you’re looking for is “Top of the food chain”. A catfish is a bottom-feeder. How sad, but also so indicative of modern American journalism.

  316. If you think Pecorino or Romano taste exactly the same as Reggiano then you’re either an idiot or have no working taste buds!

  317. Saying you should never buy gluten-free baked goods again unless you have celiac or gluten allergies—that’s just wrong. I live by a wonderful gluten-free bakery that has very healthy food at competitive prices, and in fact, even if you don’t have an allergy to wheat, we still have way too much of it in Western culture. It still makes you feel tired and sluggish, and can cause inflammation and low level allergic reactions when you eat too much of it with just about anybody. Gluten-free just makes me feel better most of the time, depending on what it is. Spelt bread is great, garbanzo flour is easy to digest… we really don’t need so much wheat.

    1. A study was completed some time back that showed people who were fed non-gluten free foods but told they were gluten-free had similar observations to yours. Those fed the gluten-free foods and told they were not gluten-free reacted in kind. In a nutshell it’s in your head. It was a triple blind study to boot with multiple control groups. Science, gotta love it.

      Gluten free is the foodie buzz word du jour, and unlike the “Greek”/”Med” diet fad which is in fact quite healthy due to the fact that it doesn’t emphasis meat and sugar, there is no real benefit to gluten free if you’re not medically required to avoid gluten. If anything you’re missing essential enzymes and proteins. Just choose your source of gluten carefully (i.e. a hearty bread over a Subway/McDonalds/cheap pre-sliced/ et al bread).

      Most people have no idea what Gluten-free means anyway. Case in point, marketing companies will slap it on anything; chicken stock, meat, cooking oil, juice drinks, frozen veggies, cheese (i.e. all things that would be gluten free to start with). It’s like cholesterol free lentils, a sort of oxymoron if you understand biology..

  318. I’m around teens a lot. They are addicted to these “chip” types of snacks. Read the label on this stuff sometime. There is no food in the bag.

  319. Have you lost your mind? There is no replacement for Parmigiano-Reggiano!! Even when I was a starving student, I would still buy it because a little can go a long way. The only thing that is ever used to replace it is Grana Padano which is known as the “poor brother” to Parmigiano-Reggiano. Pecorino Romano is nowhere near a substitute. It is way saltier.
    You obviously, either don’t cook at all, or don’t have any sort of refined palate.
    Good thing you didn’t post this in Italy.

    1. I was just about to say the same thing but you said it for me. Thank you:) There is no replacement for this classic.

  320. Wow, there’s some useful information here, but the half-truths and absolute falsehoods really drown out what little here is useful. I’d expect better from Reader’s Digest. Cellulose won’t kill anyone–it’s fiber, for cryin’ out loud. And why “never” buy a prepared meal? Sure, the ingredients cost a bit more, but people buy these for the convenience–their time has value too. And of course a lot of blueberry flavored foods doesn’t have blueberries in them.

  321. I disagree with you on the, Parmigiano-Reggiano, the Gourmet ice-cream, and the cured meats.
    Do not mistake luxury items for items that are a trick or a trap.
    Each one of these things is wonderful and amazing in small amounts.

    What not to waste your money on is cheap imitations of these. Don’t waste you cash on “”Parmesian” Cheese” or “Cheese Food Product”, skip grocery store shrink wrapped bacon or sausages, and forget about beautifully packaged high priced ice cream products filled with agar agar and guar gum.

    All three of the real things can be found, however, at your nearest small Italian Grocery Store.


    1. Gourmet ice cream has more butter fat. THAT’s why it tastes better.

  322. oh yes, spending 1 hour cooking tomato sauce makes more sense then open up a jar and put it on simmer for 10 to 15 minutes…sure it does. dopes.

    1. It’s your health. Just be aware you’re consuming many many more hundreds of milligrams of salt per serving. If you get canned Marzano’s their salt content is roughly 20mg per coup (30-50 times less than most store bought sauces). As an Greek/Italian – American I’ve never cared for store made sauces and an hour is pushing it. You can make a very light sauce in under 20 minutes.

  323. Nuts, I love grilled swordfish.

    Know how you grill a swordfish?

    Ask him a lot of tough questions!


    1. That’s funny!
      I know you like nuts – remember last night?

  324. Umm tuna are not bottom feeders, while flounder and catfish are.

    1. Exactly, I said the same thing. Journalism has gone to the morons in this country. RD is not half of what it was 30 years ago.

  325. Well, I am taking back my Kelloggs Special K Crisp and NutriGrain bars…full of wood pulp. These are the things politicians help push thru for their friends in the food industry and call it names like ‘Cellulose’ and get it into our food while keeping unemployment benefits from being extended for people who’ve had their jobs outsourced. Wth do we need to eat wood pulp for?

  326. I stopped reading after the first one, simply because it’s inaccurate. First, the suggestion that a Pecorino (which is made from sheep’s milk, not cow) tastes like Parmigiano_ Reggiano is simply false. Can it be substituted ? In a lot of cases, yes, but it certainly will have a different flavor profile. A better suggestion was that of SarVecchio – which is similar to Parmigiano but made in Wisconsin, not Italy. Just like wines are reflective of the region in which it is made, cheeses from different regions- (even different farms in the same state here in the USA) will vary, even using the same recipe & methods. Comparing an Italian cheese to one made on an entirely different continent has it’s considerations. Parmigiano-Reggiano has been perfected over hundreds of years, and it’s protected as a distinct regional product. There is nothing else quite like it in the world. As for the price tag? We need to reconsider our need to purchase “cheap” food – when most often it means a lessor quality and often less money going to the producer. $22 a pound for a high quality cheese is actually quite reasonable. I am a huge advocate for American artisanal cheese, and as such, I commend the recommendation of SarVecchio. However, it’s not much less expensive than it’s Italian counterpart. Quality, true artisanal cheeses cost more, but are of a substantial quality, and as such, less of it is needed in most recipes. This translates to more bang for your buck, and more calorie-conscious as well. The cost is reflective of the craft, care, and handling of the cheese. Simply, wouldn’t it make sense to spend more per pound, if you have to use less of it? Wouldn’t you rather eat 2 oz of a full flavored, sustainably produced cheese, than consume 4oz of a less flavorful, mass-produced product? I suggest visiting the American Cheese Society webpage for more suggestions on how to support our local cheesemakers. Each purchase of American made artisan/farmstead helps grow this budding industry and contributes to strengthening our food systems.

    1. Exactly. You’re lucky you didn’t get to the bit about Tuna, Swordfish, and sharks being bottom feeders. -_-

      BTW that wheel of Parmigiano looks good. :)

    1. Because they don’t eat refined white rice we have ‘perfected’ (from a ‘manufacturing’ standpoint in the US). They eat basmati, brown, and black rice.

  327. So a can of tomatos is $1, and a pre-prepared sauce can is $2. To make tomato Sauce, you have to buy other things like olive oil, garlic, basil, etc etc.. plus your need to actually make it, clean up afterwards, etc.. How much is my time worth? I think its worth a dollar to not have to do any of that when I am trying to get things done on a busy weekday evening.

  328. Gourmet waters (Dasani, et al)–read the ingredients on the label. SUGAR. Yet the claim is that there are zero calories in the bottled drink. There are zero calories in tap water. Adding sugar adds calories–no matter how small the amount of sugar in the beverage.

  329. That’s misleading. It’s NOT the same flavor. Romano is much sharper — not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it’s not the same and it depends on the dish.
    I also never pay $22 a lb for it. Around $16 at Fairway. Who writes this stuff?

  330. Parmesan cheese is so much better than the imitations, it is 100% worth the extra $ because it lasts a long time! And Kraft and other companies produce cheaper parmesan.

  331. Tomato-based pasta sauces stay in for me. So it only costs $1 to buy the tomatos vs $3 for te sauce.. The sauce is MADE ALREADY, tastes better than anything I could ever cobble together after yrs of experimentation, and the makers have to make this thing called a PROFIT to stay in business. Plus, I hate anything other than tomato-based sauces on pasta, so not dropping it from the lineup. Seriously, who writes this drek?

  332. “Buy the big box and then parcel out single servings and store them in small, reusable storage bags.”
    I’ve heard of reusable storage containers but bags?

  333. OMIGOD! The amount of work that this article says you need to go through to make the equivalent of a $1.50/ jar bottle of spaghetti sauce is… unbelievable. The writer has no idea about how people treasure their time. It’s worth a lot more than $1.50 jar of sauce that she says you can make for… say $0.75.

  334. Ummm. Rachel, hate to be the one to point this out to you, since your job is to point facts out to us, but most of the fish you listed as posing a mercury hazard are definitely not “bottom feeders.” Especially not tuna. Look up the word ‘pelagic’ or else go back to college.

    1. Oh, John… Was such a snide closing comment really necessary?

      1. I grow weary of people with little environmental knowledge writing authoritatively. Probably ‘college’ would not have helped that much unless marine ecology were on the curriculum – so not the best response I agree.

        Would have been more useful to ask the writer if she had any idea where the mercury at such high levels originates from? Said another way, have these economically important marine species (which are about to disappear from markets due to overfishing) always been mercury tainted or is this a relatively new phenomena?

        Hint: one US political party gets more electoral campaign support from the highest mercury emitting industry than the other party does.

        1. Approximately 60% of the mercury in marine life originates from natural sources, and bio magnification causes it to concentrate at the top of the food chain.

          The other 40% comes from chlorine production and coal burning. China builds a new coal fired power plant every few weeks.

          But please, continue with your thinly veiled partisan nonsense and return to kneeling at your Obama shrine.

          Oh, and you speak like an arrogant pr1ck, by the way.

          1. These percentages you cite are from what source? By the way, depends a great deal what the Hg content of the coal being burned at the time is. Avg not the same in China as US at any point in time. Hg mostly ends up on the land and then carried by erosion/overland flow into coastal areas, where commonly harvested small to medium sized fish breed and reside.

            I see you begged off the question of whether tuna historically had high Hg levels. Hint: museum specimens.

            It is fact that the fossil fuel industry here donates far more to candidates of a certain party. Nothing veiled about fact is there? Me thinks thou protests (projects) too much.

  335. Why are the pop-up and side ads on this page the equivalent of the foods featured here? ripoffs…

  336. My comment is on the bottled water , I don’t care how much it cost , city water stinks from all the crap they put into it , city water is not healthy for you .. I will keep drinking my bottled water thank you !

  337. There is only one parmigiano cheese and after reading the first choice I say the writer of this article knows nothing!

  338. OK, #26 is just dumb. If you can get a GALLON of ice cream for $6, do so, unless it’s the cheapest crap on the market.

    Ice cream used to be sold in half gallons; a few years ago, they dropped to something like 1.5 quarts, and you usually can find it on sale for about $3.00 – $3.50. So if you find a GALLON (4 quarts) of ice cream for $6.00, that’s a serious bargain.

  339. Buy enough (expensive) fresh tomatoes to labor over a sauce for hours or buy a jar? Decisions, decisions…

  340. Sorry, but Parmigiano-Reggiano is not interchangeable with Pecorino. Have you ever tasted them? If you had, you wouldn’t be writing such silliness.

  341. “Large bottom-feeder fish such as tuna, shark, king mackerel, tilefish…”????? Have you ever actually SEEN any of those fishes? You should not eat them for sustainability reasons first and foremost, and it’s correct that they contain high levels of mercury, but they’re the exact opposite of “bottom-feeder fish.” They’re high up in the foodweb, which is precisely WHY they contain mercury (which comes from coal burning, by the way, and enters the oceans with rain and runoff).

  342. “And if you’re just trying to eat healthfully, skim milk should be just fine.”

    Ummm. Skim milk is by far the most unhealthy milk there is. Whole milk, if you must drink milk, is the only rational way to go for health purposes.

    And gluten-free breads (though I’m not a fan) do not just contain other ‘refined flours’, especially in the context that many people will understand. That’s the whole point of them being gluten-free. They don’t contain refined wheat flours.

    This is a really poorly written “article”. Stick to the tips on saving money rather than health and nutrition.

    1. They contain refined flours made from other grains. Read Wheat Belly to learn the dirty secret of store-bought gluten-free.

  343. And “gourmet ice cream” is a crappy value at $6/gallon? Newsflash to grandma writing the article: ice cream don’t cost a penny at the corner shop no more. Sale prices for a gallon of pretty mediocre-quality ice cream (e.g., Breyers) run $5 at the grocery store. And that is the sale price.

    If you can find me a store that has gourmet ice cream for $6, I’ll buy 4 of them and pay you a nickle for your troubles (because if you think gourmet ice cream is expensive at $6, you probably also think a nickle is good money, maybe enough to see a new cinescope talkie!). Besides, ice cream is one of those goods where you often really do get what you pay for. Making good ice cream is hard, especially when you want to stabilize it for mass-production. Unless you want half of your ice cream to be made of Xantham gum, you might want to pay the extra buck or two.

    1. But you can just buy the store brand for $3 and then use chocolate chips ($2.50) and Oreos ($3) to add some zing! See how much cheaper that is?


      1. And how much more boring. I’ve never tasted a store-brand vanilla ice cream that tasted half as good as Ben & Jerry’s.

  344. Problem: “spaghetti sauce typically runs $2 to $6”
    Solution: “chopped vegetables … and let simmer for an hour”

    That’s one heck of a solution. So I’ll spend an extra hour or more making dinner to save $2? Glad to know my time is apparently completely worthless. Even if you make minimum wage, if it takes you 15 minutes, there’s your $2. Pennywise and pound-foolish.

  345. Swordfish (#8) and the rest are not bottom feeders. The are top of the pyramid predators. Each time a fish eats a smaller fish in succession the more harmful metals and pesticides are concentrated. So the apex predators are the most dangerous. The bottom feeding thing is an old wives tale.

  346. I love Pecorino Romano, and I love Parmiggiano Reggiano. The idea that they have “the same flavor” is….. words fail me. I don’t want to be rude, but the flavors are WILDLY different. If you can’t tell, then by all means just for the green can from Kraft!

  347. Um, Parmigiano Reggiano is not the same thing as pecorino romano or “sarvecchio.” And cured/smoked meats are clearly not everyday food but that doesn’t make them a ripoff or “disgusting.” Please do some research into the qualities of these cheeses before making ridiculous claims that high quality product is a “waste.”

  348. Some of these ideas are good, but not all. For example… packaged salad greens allow a person to have a variety of greens instead of what the article referred to as “a head of lettuce”. That head of lettuce is usually just pale green iceberg lettuce which has zero flavor and zero nutrients. That bag of gourmet lettuces is usually a tasty blend of darker leafed greens full of flavor and nutrients… and a bargain for a single person or couple who would have to pay somewhere like $9 for three separate lettuces to make a mixed green salad. All those greens would go bad before being consumed, so where is the bargain there?

    1. Yep, I live alone and if I bought a head of lettuce, a head of cabbage, etc to make my own salad, most of it would wilt before I could eat it.

  349. Don’t forget BPA free bottles!
    I use (100%) fruit juice to make frozen bars … It was hard to get the right consistency,but I found it!
    Kashi makes a GREAT rice pilaf!
    Trader Joe’s has a (plain) peanut butter – just peanuts!! I use the no salt one – there’s basically no difference in taste from their salted one. I don’t mind keep’g it in the fridge after stir’g in up initially.

  350. “bottom-feeder fish”? has little to do with bottom feeding, its a factor 10 concentration gradient of fat soluble toxins every step up a food chain you go…phytoplankton:1, zooplankton:10, Small fish/animals:100, etc…tuna, sharks, and swordfish are not and never have been bottom-feeders….its because they are high on the foodchain that they contain such a high concentration….btw, catfish and flounder are bottom feeders…

  351. Well, I made it to item number one. If you think anything is really a substitute for real Parmagiano Reggiano, except for some high end Grana Padano varieties, your taste buds are dead. Why don’t you just stick to the grated stuff in the little green can, and leave the good stuff for people who care what they eat?

    1. Right on GreenEagle. They can say what they want about the other stuff, but shouldn’t make sacrilegious “substitutions” for Reggiano. Only a chef-boy -ardee eater would make such a suggestion. As for tomato sauce, I say, let the tomatoes do the talking with some help from the ingredients I mention below–None of which include sugar, vinegar or wine. Also, you can sort these comments by “Newest” to keep the current stuff near the top. My respect to you.

      1. No sugar?? Anything that you put tomatoes or tomato paste in needs some sugar to cut the acid, unless you are talking about crazy awesome heirlooms. Most people will agree that tomato sauce needs tomatoes, paste, onions, green peppers, garlic, salt, sugar and pepper, and then you can argue about basil, with a slight possibility of a dash of oregano.

  352. I’m simply amazed that the information imparted in this article could be termed “informative.” 99% of the information is basic logic. Then too quite a bit is downright false or misleading. For instance: where can one purchase a “gallon” of gourmet ice cream for $6.00? The answer to this one is simple: Nowere! A pint, maybe.
    The only ones who would buy the referenced “junk” foods are those who do not know how to cook or have money to burn or are just plain stupid and/or lazy. I do not “do” processed foods. If I can’t make it from scratch, I won’t eat it……period.
    Now, as far as “going out” to eat, if I detect processed food from a mrestaurant, I don’t eat it and never return to that establishment again.

  353. These seem pretty reasonable however, I have to weigh in on two which are completely off base and with which any Italian will take serious issue. Pecorino Romano or any of the other cheeses you mention as replacements for Parmiggiano Reggiano CANNOT be substituted, regardless of “healthiness” or price. Parmiggiano is very different from all these others and is a delicacy. The only thing that comes close in a pinch is Grana Padano. If you’re talking about mass produced, grated cheese, then I get it…it’s all soap shavings anyway so what does it matter? But if you’re talking about the real thing, then just stick to advice on granola bars and water because your ignorance is showing. As for making your own tomato sauce…vinegar, wine, sugar? are you for real? Stick with olive oil, garlic basil and a little salt and stop showing your ignorance.

    1. Tomato sauce needs sugar, and that’s all wine is. I don’t like wine because it is acidic, and you don’t need to add any more acid to tomatoes. Shall we argue about whether using a food mill is mandatory?

  354. to clarify….. some of the advice as to pre packaged food and mixes is valid and not being screwed at the market is also sound advice

  355. nursery water ? these often contain fluoride which is a nervous system depressant
    first used by germany in ww2 and stalin to control mood in prisoners…most countries dont use this as it is immoral to drug citizens thru the water supply …..this list isnt just worthless , its dangerous to your baby

  356. Large bottom-feeder fish such as tuna, shark, king mackerel, tilefish, and especially swordfish are high in mercury.

    …Problem is, the only one of those that are bottom feeders are SOME species of shark. And then you say to buy flounder and catfish instead which ARE bottom feeders. Fact check your articles once in awhile, I’m an electrical engineer and even I know this for gods sake.

  357. You try tap water in NJ and see if you too won’t be buying bottled water.

  358. Skim cows milk still has pus, antibiotics, ecoli, salmonella, etc. in it along with the IGF-1 growth factor that is responsible for breast, endometrial and prostate cancers and diabetes.

    1. Just shows that Reader’s Digest is lacking serious journalistic integrity by writing untruths.

  359. C’mon swordfish, many sharks, and mackeral are not bottom feeders. They are large pelagic predators that don’t feed on the bottom. They do bioaccumulate cations like mercury however.

    Also, I periodically buy parmesan reggiano because it is simply superior to other parmesan.

  360. You can’t replace parmagiano, made from raw cows milk with pecorino-romano made from sheeps milk. Not the same flavors at all. This information is totally incorrect.

  361. Just thinking That would be 2centsfor the cracker 6 for the cheese 6 cents for ham.That would be 14 cents.At a low price of 2 dollars a pack For a grand total of 186 cents for the CEO.Times Ten Million.No wonder they make so money.HaHa.

  362. I read several medical sites (not just WebMD, but hospital and university medical center), and they disagree with many of these slides. I’ve always regarded Readers’ Digest as the authority on bear attack stories, or condensed fiction, but NOT medical advise.

  363. $6 for a gallon of gourmet ice cream would be an AMAZING deal. You’d be foolish to pass that up. But the only ice cream that comes in that kind of size is the giant bucket of cheap stuff. I think it’s about 5 quarts for probably about $6.

  364. Tuna and Swordfish are not bottom feeders. Flounder is the ultimate “bottom feeder”.

  365. Who the hell puts sugar in their tomato sauce?

    Better way to do it:
    2 cans crushed tomatoes
    1 can chopped tomatoes
    1 small can paste
    1-5 cloves chopped garlic (to taste)
    1 onion chopped
    mushroom slices (optional)
    a splash of red wine
    Olive Oil
    Italian Sausage (optional), crumbled or sliced. Crumbled imparts a little better flavor IMHO

    Saute the onions & garlic (And mushrooms if you have them in there) on medium until the onions are clear. Add in the herbs and cook for another few minutes. Add to the tomato sauce you’ve combined. Add browned sausage if you use it as well. Cook on medium for an hour or so, stirring occasionally. (Cover the pot) In the last 15 minutes, add a splash of vino (That’s wine) and stir it in (Don’t add too much… you might need something to drink later)

    You can garnish with parmesan (See the part about the cheese… they’re right about that) and/or parsley flakes if you want.

    Takes about 30 minutes to prepare and 1 hour to cook, and will be so far superior to that crap in a jar that they shouldn’t even be called the same thing.

    Note: Some people prefer to leave out the paste. That’s cool too. Sauce is a personal thing.

  366. You idiots! Swordfish and Tuna are not “bottom feeders”. The hunt in open water, generally near the surface. Who writes this stuff????

  367. Today’s version of cooking a meal often includes opening packages of partially or completely prepared foods. The end result could be so much better if we learned basic cooking skills. Food used to be advertised as to what was in it; now it brags about what’s NOT in it. I find it bizarre that big corporations take perfectly good food, destroy it (pulverize, mechanically separate, boil, steam, chemically treat, dehydrate, degrade nutrients and fiber) then add weird stuff to put it back together again and call it food. It’s completely unnecessary, yet it ‘s accepted as the norm. I am not a food nazi; just a person attempting to hunt and gather recognizable, unaltered items to serve for dinner. And yes, McDonalds is the devil.

  368. All this talk about avoiding gross ingredients, then you tell us to eat cheap ice cream? Häagen Dazs is a special treat for us; it tastes delicious because of the ingredients. Sure, you get more product if you buy that cheap garbage, but the goal isn’t to eat more, just eat better quality. But hey, if you’re going to write about food, you should know that locust bean gum, guar gum, and cellulose gel are often found in that crappy ice cream you just recommended. Sheeesh!

  369. “Large bottom-feeder fish such as tuna, shark, king mackerel, tilefish, and especially swordfish are high in mercury. ”

    those fish are high in mercury, but I don’t think the author knows what a bottom feeder is. These are both apex predators (and with the exception of the tile fish) found in the top layers of the water. Not bottom feeders.

  370. Who wrote this? Whoever it was royally screwed up the fish entry. Tuna, shark, mackerel and swordfish are NOT bottom-feeders. And catfish and flounder – on their “good” list – ARE.

  371. If you cannot tell the difference between Parmigiano and Pecorino or Romano then you should buy the cheaper cheese. To me the difference is huge as it is to anyone who loves Parmesan.

  372. Tuna, shark, mackerel, and swordfish are NOT bottom feeders, they are predators at the top of their food chains that is why they can have high accumulations of mercury, it accumulates from consumption of smaller fish and organisms.

  373. This article about bottled water is ridiculous. We are on a well with good water but bad tasting. We pay $3.95 for a case of 35 bottles w/16.9 ounces in each NOT $1 to $3 a bottle w/ 8 ounces each, and it tastes great. This article is very, very misleading.

    1. NOT ridiculous. Get a Brita – or other good brand – water filter, fill & keep in fridge. Or fill your water bottles with the filtered water – you probably have plenty on hand – and you won’t be contributing to a landfill overflow problem buying all those plastic bottles over and over and over…… I’m on a well, too, but with yummy water. ‘Tis SO easy to fill your own.

  374. Grana Pedano parmesan cheese tastes better than Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, and it’s a lot cheaper.

  375. What nitwit wrote the #8 calling swordfish tuna and Mackerel “bottom feeding fish” then recommends FLounder and catfish, which ARE bottom feeding fish? Sword and tuna are open water pelagic fish. Do not write about things about which you know little to nothing.

  376. Just curios which conquest group plaid to put all of these mythical ideas onto social media….
    “don’t eat white rice” is the dumbest thing I’ve sessions have been eating it for thousands of years and they seen to be fine….this list is a joke

    1. Brown rice is better for you by far. My Asian Doctor gave me hell over the white stuff, so I guess not all Asians have been eating it…

  377. “Forgo the bread and go for a straight up bowl of wheat or rice or quinoa…” Is this for real?

    “Duh, forget the hamburger. Go for this bowl of lentils, instead!”

    There is a really good reason why McDonald’s is a well-known brand and House of Lentils is not. Jesus Christ…

    1. Modern wheat is a killer, yo. And really? You’re mentioning McDonalds? Let’s stick to food, please.

  378. No Parmagiano/Reggiano cheese? Ridiculous. The other varieties they mention don’t even come close.

  379. “No bread for me. I’ll have a bowl of barley, thanks!”

    Said no one, ever.

    1. Yeah, I’ll have a turkey on steel cut oats. Ha ha. AND I am not giving up my Blue Bell ice cream. I don’t have it often. When I do, I don’t want the cheap stuff. It tastes cheap.

  380. Better read the label first. Most of the peanut butters I’ve seen had hydrogenated oils. Get natural peanut butter. The only ingredient should be peanuts.

  381. This is plain wrong about tuna, king mackerel etc., being bottom feeding fish for they sure are the opposite. The reason stated is excess mercury which is in fact more likely in large predatory fish like tuna, king mackerel than smaller fish.

  382. Riddled with inaccuracies.

    Swordfish and Tuna are not “bottom-feeders”. They are predators. High in mercury, perhaps, but still…

  383. Since when are Tuna, Swordfish, King Mackerel and the rest….bottom feeders. Some shark species are, but most are not. Mercury content is based upon their life span, and diets…IE, big fishes eat little fishes.

  384. an addendum to the ice cream one: check the weight before you buy anything. a lot of the “gourmet” brands, like ben & jerry’s or haagen dazs, are denser ice creams, whereas a lot of the cheaper and store-brand items contain more fluff and air. if you like your ice creams light and fluffy, then yeah, go for the store brand, but if you want to get your money’s worth, then waiting until there’s a sale on the better brands is always the best way to go.

  385. NEVER add sugar to tomato sauce. What is that, anyway? It’s not Italian, that’s for sure – and it’s not healthy.

    1. I would not add sugar to tomato sauce, but many cookbooks, including good Italian ones, do. The point is to cut the acidity of the tomatoes

    2. You only add enough sugar to make the sauce less acidic. You should not taste the sugar! If done right, it is DELICIOUS.

    3. My husband cannot have sugar so I don’t add it. No difference that I can tell. When I use a pre-made sauce, I use Classico Tomato Basil. No sugar and delish.

  386. Swordfish, tuna, and mackerel are not bottom feeders… they are open ocean fish, AKA the complete opposite of bottom feeders. Next time you are trying to save, skip the Reader’s Digest… this author is a dolt.

  387. Pecorino romano……..the same taste as reggiano PARM???? You’ve GOT to be kidding.

  388. Makerel, Tuna and Sharks aren’t bottom feeding fish. You cant dress up cheap ice cream an dmake it as good as Haagen Daas. This writer is probably 25 and is definitely clueless.

  389. Mcdonalds doesn’t make us fat. Us eating fast food too often does that. Don’t buy parmigiano reggiano ? Stupid. Some dishes only work with the subtler flavor of that particular cheese. Yes it’s pricey but you use it to enhance flavor so it goes a long way. Some neat tips on this list but as usual it is mostly useless and a bit of a time waister. More interesting to read the comments…

  390. You have to be kidding me. Pecorino Romano is made from sheeps’ milk. Parmesan is made from cows’ milk. They don’t taste at all alike. If you want to save money here, buy Grana Padano instead. It’s almost identical to Reggiano, just not made within the Parma designation. Who writes this crap?

  391. The fish she mentions as “bottom-feeders” are not bottom feeders.

  392. As a diabetic, I prefer buying snacks in single serve containers, despite the cost, as a method of portion control. Admittedly it is a bit wasteful, but it does help in letting me enjoy the occasional ‘naughty’ snack without overdoing it.

  393. I’m surprised they didn’t mention things like getting fresh-made peanut butter for a healthier alternative. I know at least a couple of the local stores have the machiens, or there are the natural style peanut butter options – you just have to stir some, takes little/no time.

  394. No one is forcing no one to eat AKA Pig out on foods other then there own
    habits of eating, I’m 50 years old and SOON-TO-TO-BE-DIVORCED I Have 2 baby
    girls ages 9 and 11 year old, I get them the first weekend of every month and
    when my kids are here we eat 3 meals a day (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)…And a
    snack or two and then the rest of the month I eat one meal a day witch is in the
    late afternoon (Around 4 to 6 PM) A lot of people I know (Including the SOON 2
    be X wife) They are big (FAT) People and are so used to stuffing themselves with
    food though out the day…..And don’t drink beer because beer is also very
    Fattening as it is.

  395. These items mix the unhealthy with those that are overpriced – I’m all for cutting out sugar, fat, salt, and preservatives, but sometimes you are willing to pay for convenience. Also, there are cured meats without the nitrites and nitrates…..but of course, they cost more!

  396. I understand that saving money is important but I also noticed Readers Digest condemn a few items for health reasons as well.
    Well considering that a large portion of Nutritionists and other Medical Professionals state that “Canned Tomatoes” are one of the foods that should never cross our lips I wouldn’t recommend making Sunday Gravy / Marinara out of them. As it cooks down it will only concentrate the BPA even more which is why most Med. Pros. suggest buying in old fashioned glass containers or buy the plainest Marinara available and use that in place of canned tomato anything.

  397. I highly doubt you will be able to “dress up” any cheap fluffed up “ice milk” as a substitute for plain hagen-daz chocolate ice cream without raising a ruckus.

  398. Life was meant to enjoy.If I work hard and choose to buy gourmet ice cream or salads already prepared as opposed to making it myself that’s my perogative especially if I indulge from an informed place.. I refuse to spend this life pinching pennies although it is good info to have if I need to conserve.thank you.

  399. I was disappointed in finding that the article mostly promoted saving money not eating healthy.

  400. $6 a gallon for gourmet ice cream????!!! I want to know where you’re shopping. More like $6 a pint

  401. There is cellulose in high fiber cereal because cellulose is fiber, it specifically a type of insoluble fiber.

  402. sharks and swordfish are not bottom feeders. lol. agreed you shouldnt eat them because of accumulated toxins and not least, their role in the ecosystem as apex predators…. but they are not bottom feeders lol

  403. So what exactly is wrong with eating cellulose? I mean, if it’s indigestible it gives you bulk without calories – why is that bad?

  404. from slide 26 “Gourmet ice cream –
    It’s painful to watch someone actually pay $6 for a gallon of designer brand ice cream” – I can’t even remember the last time I saw ice cream in a gallon size, and $6 for an entire gallon would actually be a pretty good deal, considering my local grocery stores charge $4 to $5 for the standard 1.5 quart size (not even a 1/2-gallon!). I always ALWAYS buy ice cream on sale – if I can’t find what I want, I just wait.

  405. Wow whoever wrote this article apparently doesn’t much of a discerning palate.

  406. $6 a gallon for designer ice cream? Who wrote this swill? That would be incredibly cheap, if true. The traditional container of ice cream is a HALF gallon, and they aren’t even that these days. Now they’re mostly 1.5 – 1.75 quarts.

    1. whoops, sorry Mark C, I didn’t sort the comments before posting similar sentiments.

  407. McDonalds…fighting childhood obesity one Chicken McNugget at a time!

  408. If you’re going to try to talk about the chemical make-up of food, how about doing your homework instead of making things up? Cellulose is not code for wood pulp. It’s actually a polysaccharide (a large macromolecule) made of many little glucose (sugar molecule) units. Because of its chemical structure we’re unable to digest it. Yes, it’s a component of wood walls, because it is a component of ALL plant walls.

  409. Parmigiano Reggiano is *well worth* the price. The care that goes into the creation of the cheese, plus the flavor that cannot be replicated (close is not bullseye) makes it a treat well worth the price.

  410. Changing the subject for a minute..Several years ago I entered one of Readers Digests contest & won a beautiful watch which was 2nd place..I have never to this day used the watch..In fact it is still in the original box with instructions & all…If someone from Readers Digest or a collector is reading this. I am curious as to the value. I believe it is close to 50 yrs old..Thanks everyone, Nylaine Belcher, Layton, Utah

  411. for Water tht is really good and made SAFE try BERKEY filter. Find online. Initial outlay is about $250 for basic size. Then use it and you will save a whole lot of $$ and have great, safe, great tasting water at a fraction of the cost.

  412. I stopped reading after the idiotic suggestion to substitute Pecorino Romano for Parmesan. Forget about price, the two cheeses taste nothing alike.

  413. Swordfish. tuna, shark, and mackerel are not bottom feeders, they are top predators. Yes they are high in mercury, but they are not bottom feeders. Flounder and catfish are in fact bottom feeders.

    Your tap water is carbonated? My bottled water is.

  414. Parmigiano-Reggiano is the real deal, do not be fooled by the imitators. This made me want to stop reading at #1.

  415. I agree with nearly every one of these. Even the ones that aren’t healthy are ripoffs instead. Bottled water is one I do disagree with but you have to be sensible and avoid the overpriced stuff. I buy water in packs of 35 1/2 liter bottles for $3.50, purified by reverse osmosis. My city tap water has a foul taste and is loaded with harmful chemicals like fluoride. Yes, it would be slightly cheaper to buy gallon jugs but 1/2 liter bottles are very convenient, great for on the go or not having to use a glass from the cupboard for every drink.

    1. I refill water bottles with my filtered water, freeze it. It keeps everything cold and you have ice water for hours!

  416. It only take 1 bag of lipton to make 30+ ounces of ice tea. Skip sugar and it is great herbal drink.

  417. This list is a joke, every item they list has a valid reason to purchase it for someone. Take “Single serving size of anything,” they show chips as an example. Well for me I only purchase the single serving size of chips because I know my habits. 7/8oz or 3lbs of chips, once opened will be consumed. So if I want chips I pop up to the store at the end of my block and pick up a .35c bag of the things. True the price per product is outrageous, but I find it useful. Then things like sausages and cured meat, yea they suck health wise but having a dog with some of the nastiest sauerkraut you can find, is occasionally, and in moderation, worth the risk. On to prepackaged stuff, it’s convenience and when I am on the road it has a use. A $2 pack with crap on a cracker beats running into Mc’Dees and spending $5-7 on a 1.5 to 2K calorie meal. To sum it up this whole article is a waste of digital space and seriously poor journalism.

  418. Health care. Sin tax soda and junk food.

    New taxes on high-cost health insurance plans, medical devices,
    tanning salons, and capital gains and dividends were levied in order to support
    subsidies for ACA insurance. The 64$ per person charge for those getting
    employer provided insurance is also a factor. We have payroll taxes for
    Medicare and Medicaid is funded by federal taxes on all income.

    Taxing medical devices, the $64 per person insurance charge and
    high cost plan taxes are like a dog chasing its tail. We are trying to make
    medical care and insurance cheaper. Taxing it does not accomplish that goal.

    Capital gains, dividend taxes and payroll taxes are just ways to squeeze the 53% to pay for the 47%

    The main driver of increasing medical costs is obesity. Obesity
    results from consuming more calories than you are burning. It doesn’t matter
    your level of wealth, age, race or parental status

    Instead of looking for a way to fund medical care by the above
    methods, we need a cause and effect, solution that rewards personal

    Sin tax soda and all processed food with excessive calories and
    fat content per serving. This is a tax
    that EVERYONE will pay if they consume junk food. Don’t want to be taxed? Don’t
    buy it. Soda and junk food are not needed by anyone. It originally was a treat,
    not part of a balanced meal.

    Coke and Pepsi et al make money by making people fat and at high
    risk of needing medical care. This is not a nanny state proposal or intended as
    a deterrent. This is cause and effect. If you consume crap to excess and get
    sick, why should responsible people have their income taxed to pay for others’
    poor decision making and eating habits? Pay as you go via sin taxes

    It is BS that healthy food is more expensive. I can prove it in
    any grocery store. Fruit and vegetables in season, bananas, rice, beans, eggs
    are cheap.You just have to shop smart. As to the so called “food deserts”,
    don’t those have to be resolved anyway and how many of them exist, not because
    only crap food can be shipped into the area but because only crap is bought in
    the area? I believe many of those areas would have access to healthy food if
    the people would buy it. The store owner stocks what sells. Those people just
    don’t buy canned and frozen fruits and vegetables. They would rather eat a bag
    of chips and cookies.

    This country needs laws that treat everyone fairly, not create
    divisiveness. Sin taxes on junk food will affect everyone the same way and have
    cause and effect. The taxes would be used to fund Medicaid, Medicare and ACA

  419. JESUS, has the world gone crazy? The food police put out this junk science as if its fact.. next week it will be “Don’t ever eat anything but dirt and twigs”
    These people are nuts, and we need to confront them every time.

  420. Since when did the very fast swimming Swordfish become a “bottom feeder” or for that matter tuna also?

  421. Ummmm, yummy, wood shavings. Seriously, corporate America, why don’t you just shoot us instead? Quicker, cheaper, and no indigestion.

  422. You missed the boat on sausage. Too bad you are caught up into the fat = bad hate thing. So not true.

  423. At one time (long ago) RD was a decent publication filled with good stories and articles. Not its just garbage.

  424. Where does this person shop, $6 for a gallon of designer brand ice cream would be a bargain. I think he, or she, means $6 for a pint, or perhaps a quart. Also when is the last time someone saw a gallon size container of ice cream. Even the traditional half gallon container has been downsized to a quart and a half, and you’d be lucky to find that in most stores on sale at $2.50, which would be around $6 bucks for the regular ice cream for about a gallon’s worth.

  425. Most of the stuff is just more convenient than making the equivalent at home. Clearly people are going to continue to buy some of these things no matter the price different because it takes less time to prepare. Not a very helpful article.

  426. Yes, and swiss cheese smells like dog shxt and the latter is essentially free if you wonder public parks and sidewalks. Hey, why didn’t I think of this ‘most ridiculous’ article’s point-of-view earlier?

  427. I saw an 800 pound young man on the Internet. I wonder why his family did not get involved when he weighed…maybe 300 pounds. No excuse for any human to be so large.

  428. Also on the list… don’t buy gold because it’s “expensive.” Uhhh, derp?

  429. I disagree about the jarred spaghetti sauce. I tried to make my own for years and never got it to taste as good as the sauce in the jars. If it tastes better when someone else makes it, why should I make it myself?

  430. White rice is usually very low in glutens (that most people are alergic to – to one degree or other) and rice is perfectly good unrefined carbohydrate calories – MUCH better than more refined grains like flours and pastas. Rice also tastes delicious and can be added as a small side dish to many healthy meals. The only thing close to it as a “healthy carb side dish” is boiled potatoes. Of course carbs themselves are to be kept to a minimum in any healthy diet.

    1. White rice is gluten free. All rice is gluten free. Gluten is a protein found in wheat. Most people are not allergic to that. Humans have been eating it for thousands of years, we effectively selected out those genes long ago.

  431. “Plus they’re packed with artery-clogging grease” – fats are not as unhealthy as is always reported. What IS VERY unhealthy is carbohydrates and especially processed carbs. Two thirds of your bodies cholesterol is not brought in to the body but produced BY THE BODY itself. This terrible cholesterol for instance is what is in your skin to keep it healthy and is the thing that sunshine converts to vitamin D when sunshine hits the skin which is infused with the bodies own naturally occurring cholesterol oil.

  432. i dis agree on the bottled water i just found out i have lived in the city so long that country water gives us kidney stones my mom and brother both have had them if i hadnt been drinking bottled water i would of had kidney stones

    1. true but if you need plastic bottles to carry your home made reverse osmosis water on the go then bottled water costs about the same as buying empty bottles. So if you need bottles – the case of bottled water is OK to start with even if you dump it on the plants and refill them with the good homegrown stuff.

  433. But is cellulose fiber or not? So it’s from wood…so what…does that make it unhealthy if it provides fiber?

    1. cellulose is indeed fiber (fiber and roughage are anything which cannot be digested so by this definition rocks are fiber too). Cellulose (tough vegetable matter) is the primary material that worms eat to create soil out of composted vegetable matter. It is not an ideal food additive for humans who are unable to digest it and fiber is best off as oat grain husks and other less “woody” indigestible fibers.

      1. Uh, cellulose is a molecule, dimwit. Specifically a polysaccharide. It is not “woody.”

  434. Thanks to all that advertising from the makers of tomato sauces (you know who they are!), folks seem to have the idea that making spaghetti sauce from scratch takes hours standing in front of a hot stove. The ads say that or show it, and people buy into the ridiculous idea. The stove does the work, folks! You can stand there and stir the sauce like a fool for 2 hours, or you can set it on low heat and give it a stir now and then when you walk by and get a great sauce that has no preservatives, additives, too much salt or sugar, that tastes wonderful and is so much better for you. I’ve been cooking from scratch for 4 decades, and as far as “not having time,” I also held down jobs, raised two kids (the last one as a single mom), owned my own business, went back to school and earned two degrees, and took care of multiple cats and dogs for years. It’s easy, cheap, and more nutritious with less chance of e.coli and other fun contaminants! But I guess we’ve become sheep and believe that the big food companies really have our best interest at heart!

  435. I appreciate all of the information about the different foods, fortunately God gave me common sense and a lot of the information I am already using.

  436. Large bottom feeder fish are NOT Tuna, Swordfish, or Kings for that matter. That statement is WRONG. They have higher levels of mercury because they are apex predators and eat other fish who have eaten other fish that built up the mercury in their systems. Research stuff before you write it.

  437. I noticed no words regarding GMO’s and other atrocities such as fluoride… Until you take a more comprehensive view of health and science… a pox on you, RD.

  438. i love swordfish and will NOT stop eating it. i only get it once or twice a year but i won’t stop eating it as it is so tasty!

  439. Humans are unable to digest cellulose because we lack the appropriate enzymes to break it down. While cellulose is not digestible, it is the fiber that aids in the smooth working of the intestinal tract. Eating cellulose foods helps aid healthy digestion and bowel movements. In addition, all foods with cellulose also contain other valuable minerals, proteins and vitamins

  440. Great to hear that Kingfish are bottom feeders. And sharks, too! Guess those surfers were bitten by starfish!

  441. This reads like a health nazi wrote it. Total BS, and the eco freaks even got their hit in with the “Dont buy water bottles” BS

    Sorry, I shop how I want, social engineering wont change that but nice try.

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  443. Um – these aren’t bad, I guess, but they have a split-personality problem, They should have been listed under two separate groups: those that are actually unhealthy, and those that are just overpriced for what you get. For the second group, many of today’s over-stressed, always-rushed people are happy to pay a bit more for time-saving convenience.

    Now, how to slow our lives down, that’s another matter….

  444. Parmesan and Romano are two different cheeses made from different animals and are NOT interchangeable

  445. Agree that bottled water is a fad – – but nowhere near the cost stated.
    We get a case of 40- 20oz bottles of water from Sams Club for 3.98 so it is 10 cents a bottle. not “1-3 dollars a pop”

    Also when we were in Alaska – the preformed burgers were 3.99/pound. (you got 12 patties 1/4 pound each) for 11.99
    While fresh burger – even 80% lead was nearly 5 bucks a pound in the plastic sausage casing.

    Here in Kansas the patties vs fresh is within about 10 cents a pound – so evaluate your time vs convenience of just grabing a dozen patties and going to the lake to bar-b-que
    So do the comparison yourself… because there is regional variation on fresh meat pricing.

  446. I agree with 26 out of 27 of these comments, but not the very first one. The alternate cheeses you mentioned are good and have their uses but they are NOT the real parmesan reggiano and neither is the stuff in the green can. You can often find the real thing on sale for less than $22 (ie Trader Joe’s) but even at $22 the real thing is worth it and so good you can use 1/2 as much. Grate fresh and bring to room temperature. Look for sales and wrap your treasures in waxed paper then aluminum foil, they will keep in the refrigerator a long time.

  447. Some of the suggestions in this article are reasonable, some have tunnel vision. For example, I buy packaged mixed salad because buying ALL the ingredients would have me eating a lot of salad, many days in a row, to keep from throwing it out before it turns brown. That is not saving money. As far as marketing influences, I agree there are many sheep out there. I may buy something that looks good. If it doesn’t taste good, I won’t buy it again. If it’s too expensive, I won’t buy it at all. I make my decisions – ads do not make them for me. If you are weak-kneed, I can understand marketing having a big influence in your life. But the problem doesn’t lie in the marketing, it lies in your OWN failings. Grow some and fix that. Fast food restaurants do not “make” you lazy. YOU decide to be lazy, and if you “can’t resist”, that’s YOUR problem to overcome. It’s ridiculous and self-shaming to blame others for your own inability to say “no”.

  448. shark, tuna, mackerel and swordfish are NOT bottom feeding fish!!! They are very active predators. Get your facts straight.! These fish have higher mercury content because they are at the TOP of food chain. Therefore, there is more mercury in their meat because they are the beneficiaries of all those critters that were eaten before they finally consumed the total cumulative food chain.

  449. Correction: Sword fish, sharks, and the other fish that were described as bottom feeders are not. It is their positions at or near the top of the food chain, and their longevity that results in higher levels of mercury. They eat a lot of fish that contain a little mercury, over an extended period of time.

  450. I have to beg to differ on their opinion that tap water is better to drink for you. It is not….most of it contains pharmaceuticals that people flush down the drain and traces of bacteria which wont kill you but for those of us who want fresh pure water. I would suggest a great filter and/or bottled water just research the brands to decide which brand is ethical.

  451. Making coffee from tap water can result in dioxin toxicity because of the chlorine interacting with coffee and heat.

    Chlorine evaporates more quickly than water. Let the tap water stand in an open container (gallon jug) for 24 hours before using.

    My Japanese stepfather tipped me off to this. I do this for any water we’re going to use for drinking, cooking, watering plants or giving to the dog.

  452. Maybe we all ought to just go and graze on the front lawn.Damn corpsists.

  453. #26 – Low cost ice cream is usually whipped up with more air than the higher priced brands. The industry is allowed to add up to 50% volume in air to their ice cream.

  454. I’d agree with most of this list but to say you can get the same flavor from another cheese that you get from real parmesan is simply wrong. There are plenty of good cheeses but they are not the same. Sometime you really do get what you pay for.

  455. Buy what you want. Its your money. You earned it…unless you are on welfare.

  456. A little bit of common sense shopping would seem to fit right in. ANd, always read the labels. Don and I CAN! :-))

  457. “Large
    bottom-feeder fish
    such as tuna, shark, king mackerel, tilefish, and especially swordfish are high in

    Or not. Per Consumer Reports:

    “Every sample contained measurable levels of mercury, ranging
    from 0.018 to 0.774 parts per million. The Food and Drug Administration
    can take legal action to pull products

    containing 1 ppm or more from the market. (It never has, according to an
    FDA spokesman.)”

    So – with no fish being recalled, ‘where’s the beef’ so to speak.
    There are guidelines for pregnant women and so on.

  458. Those are not bottom feeding fish. The reason they have high mercury isa process called bioaccumulation. They eat a bunch of stuff that already has a little tiny bit of mercury. The little tiny bits add up to a fair bit of mercury that is stored in the animal’s fat. Shame on you reader’s digest. Fact check. Some bottom feeding fish are cleaner than pelagics like Tuna and Swordfish.

  459. The other problem with these packaged goods is they all are surrounded by plastic. which does not biodegrade but ends up in the oceans and landfills. Try to buy lettuce by the head in a rubber band not in a plastic dome.

  460. Some of these make sense to me, but the idea about giving babies distilled water might actually be dangerous if it’s done routinely. Water’s natural state is to have minerals in it. If you distill it, leaving all the minerals behind, it will leach minerals out of the person who drinks it, and will leave the body in it’s natural state, which means with minerals. Minerals are essential for health.

  461. Credibility disappears quickly here, and by the time the author implies that bread is bad for you and calls tuna and swordfish “bottom feeders”, it’s gone.

  462. Cellulose = wood shavings, sounds legit. Someone really earned that C minus in high school biology

  463. Readers Digest is the original Food Nazi. they went after cranberry sause about 50 years ago and pretty much invented the Killer! Food! culture. The Food Cartels have now prompted legislation making it almost as illegal to disrespect food as it is to criticise President You-Know-Who. They may even have the FDA on their side and, like all government agencies, they have their own police force and SWAT team now.

  464. Some of these are gaalringly obvious, others I vehemently disagree with.

  465. Throw the word “lazy” around like we are all guilty of it for not going out of our way to do these things. Ever heard of the idea of being productive at something and taking the time to perform these other operations takes away from your productive time? Hence lazy could be viewed as taking the time, energy, and materials involved to deal with these things and not going to work.

  466. I love the advice “Look in your own pantry”. Who do you think is stocking my pantry, Pantry Elves? I know exactly what I have on hand, which is why I buy foods that have spices and other ingredients I don’t buy. Must be nice for you to have all the ingredients you need to make your own sauces, herb mixes, and other foods that can compare with what’s easily available in stores, but some of us aren’t professional chefs with pantries stocked with every item necessary.

  467. Tuna, shark, mackerel ans swordfish are not bottom feeders. They are predators. I don’t know about tilefish.

  468. Ummm, for #8, catfish IS a bottom feeder. And it can be a pretty big fish too. If you don’t want to poison yourself, there are few worse choices than catfish.

  469. #12 seems factually inaccurate … there’s more cellulose in cotton (90%) than wood (40-50%) so you might as well say, “foods made of cotton.” BUT, even so, cellulose refers to the primary cell wall of green plants – not “wood pulp.”

  470. This writer can’t tell the difference in grades of cheese or ice cream. Most of the rest of us can, and guess what, you get what you pay for.

  471. “Steel-cut oats”. Nice. Way to take a good idea and make it ridiculous. OATS of ANY type are much better than potato chips, so just say oats….

  472. I’ve heard skim milk is actually a lot less healthy than we’re led to believe. You might want to research that and fix your article accordingly before suggesting it’s a healthier choice.

  473. HOW stupid is this writer?Large
    bottom-feeder fish
    such as tuna, shark, king mackerel, tilefish, and especially swordfish are high in
    mercury. Choose smaller fish, like flounder, catfish, sardines, and salmon

    Me thinks VERY!

  474. I have to buy bottled water. Not by choice, I must say. My husband has leukemia and the chemotherapy medicines change the taste of tap water. I don’t like it. I know all those plastic bottles are terrible for the environment. What do I do?

  475. One more problem with frozen burgers, and any frozen meat in fact like chicken breasts, is that they contain up to 20% water in the form of “ice glaze”. There is no reason for this “ice glaze” except to reduce the cost of the ingredients and fool the buyer into thinking they’re getting more meat than they really are. If the package says 5 lbs. of meat, it’s really 4 lbs. of meat and 1 lb. of water.

  476. Why don´t you give alternatives, instead of saying what people shouldn´t eat?

  477. This list speaks to what we are really purchasing when we go for many of these items: TIME. People don’t have it, so they cut corners nutritionally, and pay the price in more ways than one.

  478. Yeah, right. So I’ll save $3 by spending an hour making my own pasta sauce. That makes sense (not!).

  479. “Large bottom-feeder fish such as tuna, shark, king mackerel, tilefish, and especially swordfish are high in mercury.”
    NONE of these fish listed are bottom feeders. Catfish (listed as a “smaller” more healthy fish) however is a bottom feeder. It’s this type of ignorant misinformation that allows sites like this to convince people to do stupid things like not eat things that are actually okay, for no good reason.

  480. “Don’t buy hot dogs! They cause cancer!”
    Shut up. No, seriously. Just shut up.

  481. $1 worth of canned tomatoes is cheaper than sauce, but once you add wine or wine vinegar, herbs, and vegetables, and leave the stove on for an hour (not to mention lose an hour of your time on pasta night, which is supposed to be lazy), what are you actually saving?

  482. Canned tomatoes, due to their acidity, have something like 50x the level of BPA compared to ordinary canned items. Never buy tomatoes in cans!

  483. Why does this article advise people to avoid cellulose? The link seems to say that it’s actually relatively healthy, as long as you can get past the yuck factor of knowing that it comes from pulped wood.

    A lot of the other stuff listed here are time-savers. Well, gee, sure, I’d love to make my own pasta sauce — if I had the free time to do it. Making things out of fresh ingredients is great, but not everyone has the free time to regularly visit the supermarket and keep fresh (spoilable) ingredients in stock.

  484. Sorry, but the advice about Parmigiano is wrong in my opinion. Pecorino and Reggiano do not taste the same. Also, it’s not necessary to pay $22/lb. Try Trader Joe’s or Costco. Much cheaper and you don’t have to buy a substitute. Reggiano simply has no equal. If you really want to be cheap buy Kraft (which is a poor imitation of Parmiagano) in the nice green can. If all you want to do is save money. If that’s all you’re looking for maybe you wouldn’t know the difference anyway. Bon Appetite.

  485. bottled water is an essential in a place called Yuma Arizona drink the water and by noon nausea sets in. slimy water. everyone buys their water here.however from the machine or delivered or from the store, so bottled water is an essential in a lot of places

  486. The section on energy drinks is nothing short of fear mongering. If you bother to click the link you will find out the number of energy drink related deaths is around 5 per year in the United States. Over the same 4 year period they cited there were 117 deaths caused by lightning strike. In addition the fatalities are mostly due to preexisting heart conditions or massive overuse of the product well beyond it’s intended consumption.

  487. I do agree with much of this, however. The bottled water thing doesn’t really fly with me. I can get a 36 pack of 16.9 ounce bottles of spring water at a grocery store for around $3.50. A 36 pack equals out to 4.75 gallons of water. rounding up to the nearest cent that’s $0.74, or 74 cents per gallon, about 10 cents a bottle! I’m uncomfortable with tap water for many reasons, too many to state here.

    This is not more expensive than faucet filtration and basic math proves the point. If you go with bottled water only idiots buy it 1 bottle at a time. Buy a flat of water and save money!

  488. It’s my silverware that’s making me fat. I’m going to start using my fingers.

  489. It is $11.99 a Costco you moron. Even Wholefoods is $18.99. Real world please. And this cheese is made with the highest quality skim milk making it low in fat and a great source of protein. Never eat………..

  490. This is a horrible article -full of opinions and not science-based.. Writer included many incorrect “facts”. Used to like Reader’s Digest; this article brings it down multiple notches.

  491. Pecorino Romano is sheep’s milk cheese. Parmesan Reggiano is made from cow’s milk. They don’t taste the same at all. If you want to save some coin, try Grana Padana. It is almost identical to Reggiano, only not produced within the regional borders imposed by the Italian cheese police. Plus, Reggiano doesn’t cost $22/lb unless you’re shopping at a ripoff store. Costco sells 3-year old for under $12/lb.

  492. And how would someone use “straight-up barley, brown rice, quinoa, or steel-cut oats” to make sandwiches or toast?

  493. People buy jarred tomato sauces over canned tomatoes because they have a crazy amount of BPA in them. I would gladly pay $1 more for jarred than canned!

  494. Idiot. $6 per gallon would be very, very cheap ice cream. You are surely “thinking” of a half gallon, and that’s still not an outrageous price for good ice cream.

  495. Rather inconsistent, this list! Item #13 is lambasting white rice, but then further down on the list, you recommend cooking rice (#17). So which is it? Rice or no rice?

    Perhaps a better recommendation would have been to cook any of a variety of whole grain rice instead of white rice, which has the majority of good nutrients stripped away! Brown, red or black rice tastes better anyway!

  496. What’s lost in each comment I read is the fact that the food served in FF joints is chock full of GMO’s, pesticides, hormones, and anything else the chemical/biotech companies can add to help grow the food cheaper and more quickly. We all know FF is not healthy but if the public was aware of how many chemicals and other harmful practices were used in the production of these cheap foods, I bet there would be a bigger backlash. I honestly believe GMO’s and pesticides lead to the increased rate of autism, ADHD, obesity and other behavioral disorders and without public knowledge of the long term effects, the purveyors of such trash food continually add to the decline of public health. Consumers should always be given the choice and freedom to eat what they want but they should also be provided information and facts as well as some protection to know what is in their food.

  497. You should never drink distilled water. The author has not properly researched what she has written and this could cause serious illness or even death.

  498. I get so frustrated with articles like this where the author has no idea what they’re talking about. King Mackerel (Kingfish), Tuna, Swordfish, and many species of shark are open water species, not bottom feeders. If they are high in mercury, and that’s a big “if”, they didn’t get it from bottom feeding because that’s not how they eat. The true bottom feeders in this article are some of the ones she listed as being healthy: catfish and flounder.

  499. Lots of nonsense and poorly researched recommendations, some of it outright wrong. I hate these lazy reporting slide shows trying to pretend to be important or accurate when they are filled with fluff and so poorly researched.

    Take the Ice Cream slide for one example. Most fancy Ic Cream can be found in less than 1/2 gallon containers, no one sells gallon designer or gourmet ice cream. Most of the really fancy ones come in quart and pint containers, again none in gallons.

    Recommending you buy the cheap one and then buying more candy, fruit nuts etc. ends up costing you more and often does not blend as well or equal the quality of ingredients. Further, most grocery store brand ice creams don’t even have milk in them and are flavored with chemicals. BTW Walmart often has 1/3 gallon containers of brand name ice cream for $2.99, thats larger than the less than half gallon most stores sell.

  500. i agree with most of the foods listed except one. sorry, give me parmesiano Reggiano or locatelli anytime. and yes, I CAN taste the difference. I am italian and have been eating this stuff since birth. It is worth the extra money. the problem is that most people drown their food in cheese. it is meant to be used in small amounts to add a tiny bit of flavor.

  501. I need to disagree with the advice to buy one large bag of chips (or whatever) and then parcel it into individual units. My nutritionist has pointed out that “large bags” in the house are too often the stuff of food binges for those of us in the process of changing our relationship with food. Learning how to eat differently, and healthier, sometimes includes spending a little more money for smaller and fewer temptations.

  502. No wonder Readers Digest is circling the drain. What an idiotic article.

  503. Stop blaming McDonalds! Most kids don’t live close enough to a McDonalds to walk there.. Their parents take them there, or stop there for their kids’ “dinner” on their way home from work because they (the parents) are too lazy to fix healthy dinners for their children.

    McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell etc. are selling food people want. They don’t have armed guards forcing people to come in and buy their food. If a Big Mac and fries are your kids’ “dinner” more than once a week, you are a lazy parent and should be ashamed of yourself. Get rid of your frying pan and serve more fruits and vegetables (excluding slimy okra). Tastes are acquired, not genetically programmed into kids.
    Look for a parent with young kids at the supermarket. Their baskets are full of ground beef, hot dogs and rolls. They also have ice cream and cookies. That’s what the fast food chains sell (minus, in most cases, the cookies).
    If your kids are too fat for their ages, it’s YOUR fault, not theirs. You are LAZY.

  504. Following this list will save you a lot of money, enough for a car payment. What a waste of tea bags. I use one for every 8 ounces, not one for 4oz.

    McDonald’s and other fast food chains do not make people lazy. They already are, or they’re busy. Therefore they eat a lot of fast food. I eat fast food once in a while because I love it. However, it’s not healthy and it’s expensive; so I don’t do it often.

    Eating healthy is not expensive if you budget, plan, hit the sales, and eat lots of beans, rice, and mixed veggies; and drink a lot of (non-bottled) water. Filters are cheaper than buying bottled water.

  505. Artery-clogging grease? Valid studies have shown that saturated fats are not unhealthy? It’s unfortunate that you choose to propagate inaccurate information.

  506. What planet is this person from?

    Swordfish and tuna (pelagic predators) are bottom feeders while flounder is not?

    White rice causes diabetes? Nonsense. Given that China isn’t awash in insulin, I just have to wonder if the author has even bothered to Google the particulars of this bunch of tripe.

  507. You do NOT want to drink distilled water! It will suck the nutrients right out of your baby’s and your body!

  508. My wife and I have not bought one of these items in the past 40 years.

  509. Pasta sauce – you’re forgetting the garlic. Warm olive oil in pan, throw in fresh chopped garlic, some chopped onions, saute gently, then throw in tomatoes and herbs. A splash wine. Fingers to mouth smack!

  510. I can’t begin to say how idiotic this article is. Another stupid Readers Digest article, written for stupid Readers Digest readers, by out of touch, stupid Readers Digest writers. The name of the game is moderation eat a hotdog once in a while, buy less sweetened tea drinks, if you are in a hurry then make a prepared rice meal, just don’t make these your staples.

    Please Readers Digest, publish some article with depth, instead of the crap you normally publish.

  511. “Regular Peanut Butter”?!?!?!?! If by that you mean ‘Jif’ and all those which have partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, you are not someone who should be offering healthy foods advice!

  512. Great Story. But bad generalizations. I was overlooking that until reading the Energy Bar comments. Most mass market bars may be as they describe, but there are also many brands of bars that are truly nutritious and in balance with sugars, fats, calories, protein, carbs, etc. Read the labels, (learn what to look for), and you can find great bars, although likely you’ll need to go to places like Whole Foods or your local health food store. While i’m here, I also take issue with the multi-grain bread. My comments are the same – Find the Real stuff, the better specialty bread that has actual good whole grains. Of course, then you might as well go all the way and get loaves like Ezekiel Bread, again, from WholeFood and heath food stores.

  513. I read on the Mayo Clinic health website a while ago that: if you are not gluten-intolerant, going to a gluten-free diet can make you gluten-intolerant.

  514. The idea that Percorino and Parma-Reggiano taste the same shows that the person who wrote this ‘article’ doesn’t know much about food. FIrst of all Pecorino is sheep’s milk cheese and Parmesan is cow’s milk. Pecorino is saltier and doesn’t have that wonderful texture that Parmesan has.

    Many multi-grain breads are garbage but not all.

    This article would get a D- in my class. Full of errors of fact and judgment.

  515. make your own pasta sauce from CANNED tomatoes?! Canned tomatoes are very high in BPA”S. paracticaly poision. think again.

  516. just be smart about what you eat. use good judgment, read labels. or just put down the fork and get the cupcake out of your mouth.

  517. Stopped reading this BS as soon as I got to the parroted lies about meat causing cancer,

    1. It’s not meat, but processed meat with salts and preservatives that causes cancer.

  518. Cellulose is not a code word for “wood pulp.” (It might, however, be a code word for “dietary fiber.”) All plants contain celllulose. Microcrystalline cellulose is sometimes used as an anti-caking agent (e.g., in shredded cheese).

    And, Pecorino Romano does NOT taste the same as Parmigiano Reggiano. Try eating small chunks of each and you’ll see what I mean. If you use “the real stuff” sparingly, as you should anyway, an $8 piece can last a long time.

    Also, your instructions for making tomato-based sauces are kind of in the wrong order. (Saute an onion in olive oil until soft, THEN add the red wine, cook until the liquid is almost all gone, THEN add the tomatoes. Fire-roasted crushed tomatoes are great for a nice, dark red color. Simmer for awhile and then serve. Regular diced tomatoes make the sauce too orange. You can add herbs — fennel seeds work, or “Italian seasoning.”)

    With this many problems noted after just a quick glance, I really can’t trust the rest of what this article says, either.

    1. When the idiot called a sword fish a ‘bottom feeder’ I lost all interest in the rest of it.

  519. Cellulose makes up the cell wall of green plants… including broccoli, celery, etc.

  520. I agree with most of it but I will NOT give up my parmasan Reggiano cheese. No way. There is NO substitute. The rest of the list is just common sense. Homemade is better than processed, fresh better than frozen. Duh

  521. Swordfish, tuna and sharks are Bottom feeders? I think not. Someone didnt take Marine Bio 101. These fish are high in mercury and can give you ciguatera (in the case of reef fish) because theyre TOP PREDATORS. Mercury and poisons from dinflagellates are present in tiny quantities in animals lower down the food chain, including flounders and catfish, which ARE bottom feeders. As you go up the food chain the mercury levels increase due to bioaccumulation. Another reason why eating fish that are smaller and lower down the food chain is good is that sharks, swordfish and tuna are going extinct, because they take a long time to mature and have very few offspring, like humans, or whales, or pandas or tigers, or any of the other animals most people want to save and would never consider eating