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18 Quiet Dogs That Don’t Bark (Too Much)

Looking for a dog that keeps its bark on the down-low? Animal behaviorists say these quiet breeds could be a perfect match.

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To bark or not to bark?

So there is a caveat here. All dogs will bark from time to time, and even a breed known for being quieter may bark more than expected. "There is no guarantee that a certain breed will not have nuisance barking concerns," says dog behavior consultant Megan Stanley, CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA, owner of Dogma Training and Pet Services, Inc. "Barking is best prevented through positive training, adequate physical and mental exercise, and ensuring the dog's overall well-being." That said, the following quiet dog breeds tend to bark less than others.

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Quiet dog breed #1: Basenji

The basenji is known as the "barkless dog," probably due to the unusual shape of their larynx that may make it virtually impossible to bark. But they communicate in other ways—namely, by yodeling. "These sounds are affectionately referred to as the 'basenji yodel,'" says Stanley. Don't worry; they probably won't be yodeling non-stop from the heights of your sofa. But Stanley says this quiet dog breed is smart and energetic and will need positive training and adequate exercise to be a happy companion.

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Quiet dog breed #2: Great Dane

We're not gonna lie, this gentle giant is huge (males weigh up to 200 pounds), and when it does bark, it's loud and deep, but that doesn't happen very often. "They tend to have a calm nature, which means they don't bark often," says Stanley. "Great Danes are bred to be people-pleasers, so they are great family dogs that are easy to train." But even the most friendly quiet dog breeds get annoyed at these 14 things dogs secretly hate.

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Quiet dog breed #3: Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dogs are calm, good-natured, and strong. They're known for being among the dogs that don't bark and are very placid. However, they're always ready to play or go on a long walk with their owner. They love to please people.

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Quiet dog breed #4: Newfoundland

It's hard to fathom this large breed sitting on your lap, but Stanley says this quiet dog breed is known for its inclination to be a lapdog—that is, if there isn't a body of water nearby. They are top-notch swimmers and well suited in rescue efforts. Because of their quiet nature, they don't bark much, a welcome trait if you already have a house with noisy kids. "They tend to do well with children so have earned the name, 'nanny dog,'' says Stanley. Here are 18 more of the best dogs for families.

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Quiet dog breed #5: Scottish Deerhound

The Scottish Deerhound has similar ancestors to the Greyhound except the Deerhound is has a coat of coarse hair. Making the list of quiet dogs the Scottish Deerhound is also known for being gentle, dignified, and polite.

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Quiet dog breed #6: Bulldogs and French bulldogs

Here's a two for one for you—bulldogs and French bulldogs. Both of these quiet dog breeds are playful with a gentle disposition with irresistibly cute, wrinkly cheeks you could squeeze for days. While they can be higher in weight, they are among the small dogs that don't bark. "They are known to love their naps and time spent on the sofa, and they tend to be less of a barking breed, which adds to their appeal," says Stanley. Cue up Netflix, because you just found a binge-watching companion.

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Quiet dog breed #7: Shar Pei

This breed is known for its irresistible wrinkly faces, but they're also among the list of dogs that don't bark. They're very calm and collected around their family, but when they meet strangers they can be a little standoffish. It's important to socialize them when they're young.

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Quiet dog breed #8: Irish setter

There's no mistaking this breed for another when you see it. The elegant features of long feathery ears and withers and the shiny red coats are dead giveaways. "These are active and intelligent dogs who are known for being out-going and cheerful," says Stanley. "They require proper physical and mental exercise as they are an energetic and rambunctious breed." We know what you're thinking, but rambunctious doesn't mean prone to barking. As long they get enough exercise, nuisance barking is minimal. Be aware of these 13 potential explanations behind your dog's weird behavior.

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Quiet dog breed #9: Cavalier King Charles spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles spaniel is another one of the small dogs that don't bark. Their sweet faces, big brown eyes, and fluffy ears are hard to resist, which is good because the CKCS loves to be around people—a lot. It doesn't matter if you prefer afternoons on the sofa or outside on the trail; they want to be with you. But that can be a problem if they feel lonely. "They do love their people, which can cause separation concerns, which tends to be one of the few times barking is a concern with this adorable breed," says Stanley.

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