From inspirational quotes to travel quotes to spark your wanderlust, we’ve got ’em all. Read through our favorite quotes that are sure to brighten your day and provide a pick-me-up for any occasion.

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    63 of the Most Beautiful Quotes About Nature

    These nature quotes will remind you that beauty, hope, and endless possibilities are all around us.

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    50 Funny Valentine’s Day Quotes That Will Make Your Sweetheart Giggle

    Get ready to belly laugh at funny Valentine's Day quotes that are rich in wit, sarcasm, and clever commentary about...

    40 Inspiring Presidential Quotes That Will Make You Proud to Be an American

    These iconic and motivational quotes from U.S. presidents will stand the test of time.

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    40 Beauty Quotes That Celebrate the Truly Beautiful

    If you need a reminder of how stunning you really are, these beauty quotes will do the trick.

    50 Powerful Martin Luther King, Jr., Quotes That Stand the Test of Time

    These timeless words will restore your faith in humanity on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and every day.

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    45 Warm and Cheerful Spring Quotes to Brighten Your Day

    Celebrate everyone's favorite season with these spring quotes that are sure to warm your heart after a long, cold winter.

    55 Beautiful Religious Christmas Quotes That Capture the Spirit of the Holiday

    O come, all ye faithful and read religious Christmas quotes that capture the true essence of the holiday.

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    70 Best Christmas Quotes That Capture the Warmth of the Holiday

    However you celebrate, let these Christmas quotes warm your heart and remind you of the true spirit of the season.

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    70 New Year Quotes That Will Inspire a Fresh Start to the Year

    Start 2022 off right with New Year quotes that will inspire hopes for the future and motivate you to reach...

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    55 Funny Christmas Quotes to Keep You Laughing Through the Holidays

    Looking for the perfect funny Christmas quotes to bring cheer to even the grumpiest Scrooge? These hilarious sayings will crack...

    45 Classic Christmas Movie Quotes from Your Favorite Holiday Films

    Sharing all the best Christmas movie quotes is the next best thing to actually watching the movies themselves.

    71 Best Instagram Captions for Couples That Perfectly Sum Up Your Love

    That moment he says you have a cute Instagram caption...

    84 Most Romantic Love Quotes to Share With Your Special Someone

    Need the perfect words for the perfect person? These love quotes can help if you're feeling a bit tongue-tied.

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    62 Best Thanksgiving Quotes to Express Thanks and Gratitude

    Share these uplifting and inspirational Thanksgiving quotes to perfectly sum up your feelings and sentiments.

    47 Funny Thanksgiving Quotes to Share Around the Table

    Embrace the humor of the holiday with funny Thanksgiving quotes your guests will gobble up.

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    55 Life-Changing Quotes You Won’t Forget

    Reading the right quote could change your life. Here are some life-changing quotes that you'll never forget.

    40 Funny New Year Quotes to Start the Year Off with a Laugh

    New Year's can be a stressful time of year for many, but that's nothing a little humor can't fix. These...

    35 Veterans Day Quotes That Honor Those Who Served

    Let us honor our veterans and give them the recognition they deserve with these Veterans Day quotes—not just on November...

    50 Loss Quotes That Heal the Heart and Lessen the Grief

    Dealing with loss and grief is difficult, but loss quotes can remind you that you're not alone, and offer some...

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    75 Courage Quotes That Will Inspire You to Face Your Fears

    Filled with passion and encouragement, these courage quotes will inspire you to be your best and rise to the occasion.

    50 Positive Affirmations That Will Bring You Joy and Success

    Repeat these mantras and positive affirmations and things will start looking up in no time.

    75 Truth Quotes That Will Set You Free

    The truth can sometimes be scary! But these truth quotes about its importance will make it easier to swallow.

    22 Inspiring John Lewis Quotes on Voting, Education, and Social Justice

    When it comes to fighting for human rights "good trouble" just may be the answer as these John Lewis quotes...

    100 of the Most Uplifting Quotes Ever

    When it feels like the world is against you, let these wise words lift your spirits and inspire you to...

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    35 Funny Friendship Quotes to Share with Your Friends

    What are friends for? Laughing at your jokes, of course. Get your pals giggling with these funny friendship quotes.

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    55 Paw-Some Dog Quotes to Celebrate Our Furry Friends

    There's a reason why dogs are man's best friend.

    80 Moving On Quotes That Will Help You Let Go

    Moving on is a part of life, but that doesn't mean it's easy. If you're moving on from a major...

    100 of the Best Quotes from Famous People

    Walk down Reader's Digest memory lane with these quotes from famous people throughout the decades.

    111 of the Most Powerful Quotes About Life

    These life quotes from the past 100 years continue to endure.

    100 Funniest Quotes from the Past 100 Years

    Your complete guide to funny quotes, clever jokes, and witty comebacks for every occasion.