We all know that money makes the world go ’round. But want to know the real secret to financial success? Understanding the ins and outs of saving and spending money in the first place! The more you know, the more it will grow.

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    20 Things to Buy Duty-Free at the Airport

    It's nearly impossible to board an international flight without passing by the duty-free shops at the airport. You can find some good deals if you know what to keep an eye out for.

    10 Times You Shouldn’t Use Your Credit Card for Payment

    Credit cards might be convenient and reliable, but here are some scenarios where swiping or entering your digits could be...

    Every Labor Day Sale You Don’t Want to Miss in 2021

    Get your wallet ready! We found dozens of Labor Day sales offering some of the steepest discounts of the entire...

    20 Best Labor Day Furniture Sales You Won’t Want to Miss

    Find everything you need to spruce up your living space at these Labor Day furniture sales.

    The Zappos VIP Sale Is Here for Back to Fall Shopping

    Zappos is serving major savings right now on all your favorite brands, from Madewell to Adidas. Just in time to...

    The Best Labor Day Mattress Sales of 2021

    These Labor Day mattress deals are the stuff that dreams are made of. Labor Day sales are the best time...

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    11 Facebook Marketplace Scams to Watch Out For

    Buyer beware: Lots of scammers set up shop on Facebook Marketplace. Here's how to avoid falling victim to one.

    37 Best Back-to-School Sales Happening Right Now

    Back-to-school sales are officially in full swing, and you're about to save big. Funnel your newfound cash into your kids’...

    What Those Symbols on the Dollar Bill Actually Mean

    You probably see the dollar bill every day, but have you ever thought about the symbols on the dollar bill...

    8 Things That Are Usually Cheaper Before Noon

    Being a morning person could help save you money. Here's what you'll get for less if you shop early.

    13 Things Rich People Tend to Buy Cheap

    The moral of the story: Know when to splurge and when to save. Here's a rundown of what the wealthy...

    19 Things You Should Be Buying Used Instead of New

    Pre-owned items can offer big savings and often are almost as good as brand new.

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    14 Things You Should Be Buying at Target

    Get the most bang for your buck with these food and home items.

    The Simple Trick to Pay Less for Your Airfare

    Traveling with a few friends or family members? Here's why airfare goes up the more tickets you buy—and how to...

    The 10 Best (and 10 Worst) States for Retirees

    What will your retirement look like? These are the top ten best and worst states for retirees to help you...

    60+ Clever Ways to Lower Your Household Bills and Save Money

    Water bills, energy bills, cell phone bills—oh, my! Here’s how to cut costs on every household bill to yield big...

    13 Things That Go on Super Sale in July

    Did you know July is one of the smartest times to shop for deals? Mattresses, furniture, and cleaning products all...

    The Best 4th of July Sales You Won’t Want to Miss

    These sales are so good, you'll be seeing stars (and stripes).

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    Last Chance: The Best Sales to Shop on Amazon Prime

    Time's almost up on these Amazon Prime Day deals—stock up on your favorite items now before this sale ends!

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    The Best Sales to Shop on Amazon Prime Today

    Get those wallets ready—Prime Day is here! Here are the best Prime Day deals to shop, from tech devices to...

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    Southwest Airlines Is Offering 50 Percent Off Fall Flights—Here’s How to Book

    Here's how to save cash when booking a fall flight with Southwest (for a limited time).

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    6 Common Venmo Scams to Watch Out For

    Venmo has made transferring cash more convenient than ever, but some scammers are using the app to steal your money.

    25 Supermarket Tricks You Probably Never Knew About

    Food experts, industry analysts, and store employees share their insider strategies on how to save money and stay healthy while...

    23 Ways You’re Wasting Money Without Knowing It

    Not paying attention to the fine print can cost you some serious cash. Here's how to save your money.

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    This Is the Grocery Store with the Best Reputation, According to a New Poll

    The customers were asked, so the customers answered!

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    This Is the Most Expensive Item on Amazon

    Pricey things come in small packages.

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    How Much Is the Princess Diana Beanie Baby Worth?

    Don't believe the rumors about these little bears being worth gobs and gobs of money.

    99 Memorial Day Sales You Need to Shop This Year

    Trust us: You can't afford to miss these warm-weather deals.

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    Tipping 101: How Much to Tip in Every Situation

    Finally, your "who, when, and how much" to tip questions, answered.

    Where to Sell Old Clothes to Get the Most for Your Money

    It's never been easier to make a profit on pre-loved goods. Here's how to turn your closet cast-offs into cash.