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From Princess Diana’s iconic short haircut to secrets hair stylists won’t tell you, we’re here to help you navigate hair trends and hair styles that frame your face and help you look your best.

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    10 Easy Ponytail Hairstyles for the Perfect Updo

    It's updo season! Level up your ponytail with these classic looks.

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    20 Hairstyle Mistakes That Age Your Face

    Aging can be a beautiful fact of life—but there's no need to rush it. Slow things down by choosing the...

    The Root of Society’s Obsession with Controlling Black Hair

    From the Tignon laws and Madame C.J. Walker to the CROWN Act of 2020, let's look back to build a...

    Why I Refuse to Straighten My Natural Black Hair

    I've never chemically straightened my hair. Here's why.

    7 Easy, Travel-Friendly Hairstyles You Can Create in Minutes

    Here are easy hairstyles—and step-by-step instructions—that are perfect for hot weather, travel, or even everyday. Whether you want braids, a...

    14 New Laws That Could Affect You in 2020

    From outlawing hairstyle discrimination to making a cyclist's life easier, these are the new laws across the land that could...

    13 Hairstyle Mistakes That Age You the Most

    From taking vitamins religiously to avoiding tans, you've done everything in your power to dodge the effects of aging. Why...

    Macaron Buns: The French Girl Hair Trend Everyone’s Talking About

    This low-key version of the space bun is the top-trending hairstyle in France and here's exactly how to get the...

    10 Surprising Reasons Why Your Hair Is So Greasy

    We talked to hairstylists to find out the unexpected causes of unusually high sebum production—here's everything you need to know...

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    A Step-By-Step Guide to Mastering the Waterfall Braid

    Dressed up or dressed down, this timeless hairstyle is a quick and easy go-to for any occasion, from beach days...

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    8 Things that Can Happen When You Cut Your Hair Short

    Even if you've cherished your long locks for years, one writer's life-changing pixie cut could inspire you to make a...

    8 Make-Your-Life-Easier Beauty Tools You Need to Own

    We're not saying these beauty tools will give you supermodel looks, but don't be surprised if you start snapping more...

    15 Hairstyle Terms to Know Before Your Next Salon Visit

    Even if you bring a photo of your dream 'do, knowing this hair lingo will help you score the exact...

    One Awful Hair Salon Experience Made This Man Embrace His Graying Hair

    Denial. Disguise. And then, finally, acceptance. Here's how a man learns to embrace his silver fox.

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    13 Things Your Hairstyle Could Reveal About Your Personality

    First impressions are important. Here are some clues your hairstyle could provide.

    VIDEO: Inexpensive Beauty Tricks Only Stylists Know

    Save a little money on your beauty regimen with these inexpensive secrets from the pros.

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    How to Keep Your Hairstyle Looking Fresh

    Prolong a Blow Dry Jim Clinton a “Today Show” stylist, who also works at the Vartali salon in New York