We can’t live without it, but we think food should be a source of joy in your life, too! From favorite recipes to shopping tips, you’ll get your fill of food advice here.

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    This Is What the Numbers on a Toaster Really Mean

    Using the number dial on your toaster should be simple, but this kitchen appliance isn't as easy as 1-2-3.

    8 Best Cold Brew Coffee Makers for a Perfect Cup of Joe

    Whoever said money can't buy happiness has never enjoyed an icy cup of coffee on a hot summer day. Make...

    Your Favorite Candy Based on Your Zodiac Sign

    Your choice of candy isn’t just about personal preference—it’s influenced by the stars!

    What Does Kit Kat Stand For?

    This candy bar has been popular since 1935, and today, it's a top-tier Halloween treat. But what does Kit Kat...

    Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Use Aluminum Foil for Leftovers

    Turns out, aluminum foil is not ideal for storing leftovers. Here's why, and what you should be using instead.

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    13 Polite Habits That Fast-Food Employees Secretly Dislike

    Making a fast-food faux pas is no fun! Here's a look at the most common friendly mistakes—and what to do...

    If You See Red Stuff on Your Lettuce, This Is What It Is

    Have you discovered red stuff on your lettuce? Here's what it is and why it's there in the first place.

    If Your Chocolate Looks “Dusty,” This Is What It Is

    Turns out, there's a scientific reason why chocolate can look dusty. Here's what it is, and why you shouldn't be...

    If You See a Blue Twist Tie on Your Bread Bag, This Is What It Means

    That twist tie on your bread bag can tell you a lot about your loaf.

    If You See an Indent at the Bottom of a Wine Bottle, This Is What It Means

    Have you noticed wine bottles come with an indent at the bottom? Sip back and relax as we uncover fact...

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    What Hotel Buffets Look Like Now, Post-Pandemic

    Plated meals, an increased reliance on waitstaff, and higher costs may become the new normal for this popular hotel staple.

    Why Can’t You Find Grape Ice Cream?

    Ever wonder why you can find grape ice pops, but not grape ice cream?

    This Video Shows You How to Dice Onions Without a Knife—But Does It Really Work?

    This hack promises the best way to dice an onion. But is it too good to be true?

    Here’s What Those Colored Circles on Food Packages Actually Mean

    Wondering what those colored circles on food packages really mean? The answer is more technical than you might think.

    Here’s Why There Are 10 Hot Dogs in a Pack, but Only 8 Buns

    I'll never understand why this wasn't fixed a long time ago!

    The Hidden Detail on the Baskin Robbins Logo You Never Noticed Before

    Can you spot the Baskin Robbins logo's clever "secret"?

    The Best Dessert in Every State

    Apple pie belongs to all 
of us, but every region has its signature treat. With help from our friends at...

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    Here’s the Secret That Makes KFC’s Fried Chicken So Crispy

    Not all fried chicken is created equal. Below, KFC's secret recipe for drumstick perfection is revealed.

    If You See White Stuff on Your Baby Carrots, This Is What It Is

    Notice something white on your carrots? Here's what it is, and why you really shouldn't be worried about it.

    This Viral Hack Shows You How to Keep Food Cold Outside

    All you need is a container, water, and a freezer!

    What Is That Stringy White Stuff in Eggs? Here’s Your Answer

    What is the white stuff in eggs? It looks unnatural, but it's a completely normal part of the egg.

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    This Genius Hack Will Change the Way You Butter Movie Theater Popcorn

    This viral TikTok hack shows how to evenly distribute the butter in a bucket of movie theater popcorn. You'll need...

    Is Tomato a Fruit or a Vegetable?

    Are tomatoes a fruit? Or a vegetable? Either way, they're delicious.

    What Food Product Came Out the Year You Were Born?

    From Cheerios to Sour Patch Kids, we're sharing decades of food innovation!

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    14 Ridiculous Reasons People Sued Fast-Food Chains

    Too much ice! Not enough chicken! These customers had all sorts of complaints, and they wanted the offending notable fast-food...

    Here’s Why Mexican Coke Tastes Better Than American Coke

    Soda fans swear that Mexican Coke tastes better, and is even bubblier than American Coke. Turns out, there's some evidence...

    If You See a Bag of White Skittles, This Is What It Means

    Skittles is giving up its rainbow for a good cause.