For better or for worse, technology is the new frontier. When it comes to navigating the web, avoiding hackers, and enjoying our devices—Reader’s Digest is here to lead the way and help you get the most out of our interconnected world.

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    6 Common Venmo Scams to Watch Out For

    Venmo has made transferring cash more convenient than ever, but some scammers are using the app to steal your money.

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    How to Spot Apple ID Phishing Scams

    Once you know what to look for, you won't take the bait of a fake Apple email.

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    18 of the Most Useful Alexa Accessories

    Your favorite virtual assistant can now do everything from adjusting your thermostat to changing the channel on your TV. Find...

    What Is Amazon’s Alexa and What Can It Do?

    What can Alexa do? A better question might be: What can't Alexa do?!

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    These Are the Passwords That Hackers Will Guess First

    Avoid these common, easy-to-crack passwords...unless you want to end up as the victim of a hacker.

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    15 of the Funniest Things to Ask Alexa

    Test out a few of these funny things to ask Alexa for some laughs. The Amazon Echo isn't just a...

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    Google Home vs. Amazon Echo: Find the Best Smart Speaker for You

    Choose wisely and you’ll make your life a whole lot easier.

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    How to Change Alexa’s Name: 7 Easy Steps

    Your Alexa device comes with three other possible names. Here's how you can try one out.

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    20 of the Most Useful Alexa Skills

    Believe it or not, Alexa has more than 80,000 “skills.” These are some of the best skills you might not...

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    62 Alexa Easter Eggs You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

    These Alexa Easter eggs will have you laughing for days.

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    How to Block Annoying Emails for Good

    Ready to finally stop getting those pesky spam emails? Here's how to block them—and clean up your inbox for good.

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    8 Hilarious Mistakes Made by Artificial Intelligence

    We may rely on our friendly robot or AI system to help us humans out from time to time. Here...

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    18 Secrets to Steal from People Who Never Get Hacked

    Learn the best practices that stop cybercriminals in their tracks.

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    Avoid Answering Calls from These Area Codes: Scam Phone Numbers Guide

    Scam phone numbers are used every day to trick unsuspecting people into giving away their private information. The good news...

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    Is Alexa Really Always Listening?

    Ever wonder how much the Alexa sitting in your kitchen really knows about you?

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    How to Block Someone on Facebook Messenger

    Here's how to take control of your inbox and stop getting all those unwanted messages.

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    How to Delete 99 Percent of Your Digital Footprint

    These are the steps you can take to erase your activity from the Internet's long memory.

    The Real Meaning Behind the Most Popular Emojis

    Emoji meanings can be incredibly confusing. Is he crying from laughter, or just crying? Learn how to decode emoji with...

    6 Best Pet Cameras for Keeping Tabs on Your Furry Friends

    Watch, talk to, and even play with your pet—no matter where you are.

    15 Best Board Games to Play Online

    Gather your friends and family for an exciting and memorable virtual game night.

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    How to Delete Yourself From Google Searches

    Looking to regain a little privacy? Follow these steps to remove yourself from Google searches—or at least hide the more...

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    If These Apps Are Still on Your Phone, Someone May Be Spying on You

    Some of the most popular apps you love and have come to rely on could be posing more of a...

    15 Everyday Items You Had No Idea Were Made By NASA

    The camera in your phone, the insulation in your walls, and that oh-so-comfortable mattress you sink into nightly: You can...

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    14 Creepy Things Google May Know About You

    You're not going to believe all the info Google has on you...but it's true. And here's what you can do...

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    Does Taking Facebook Quizzes Put Your Information at Risk?

    Taking Facebook quizzes is fun, but could it also be potentially dangerous?

    The Only Keyboard Shortcut List You’ll Ever Need

    With a few button presses, you can accomplish hundreds of computer tasks, from the simple to the sophisticated without ever...

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    April Fools! 10 Facebook Pranks You Can Pull Off in Seconds

    Anyone who leaves their Facebook profile unguarded on April 1st is a true April fool.

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    The 10 Safest Smart Doorbells for Your Home

    Whether it's opportunity knocking, an annoying salesperson, or a suspicious stranger, now you can safely monitor your porch and decide...

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    How to Disinfect Your Phone During the Pandemic

    Your phone is germier than you realize. Here's how to get it virus-free—without damaging it in the process.