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So you think you’re a whiz kid? Test your genius skills with these fun (and challenging) brain games. Your mind will thank you.

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    How Many Ducks Do You See? Try to Solve the Viral Riddle

    This riddle is a lot tougher than it looks.

    Which One Doesn’t Belong? See If You Can Spot the Image That’s Different

    Try to solve these challenging puzzles by finding the one image that doesn't belong with the rest. How quickly can...

    Egg Riddle: If I Had 4 Eggs: Try to Solve the Viral Riddle

    The Internet is stumped by this tricky viral math puzzle! Can you solve the "If I had 4 eggs" riddle?

    60 of the Best Riddles for Kids: Can You Solve Them?

    Put on your thinking cap for these riddles for kids! Find all the answers from the easiest riddles for kids...

    Can You Spot the Difference in These 20 Pictures?

    Get your eyes ready—these are pretty tricky.

    Can You Find the Hidden Objects in These Pictures?

    You only have 45 seconds for each image. Game on!

    16 Math Riddles Only the Smartest Can Get Right

    You might want to break out a calculator because it takes a genius to solve these tricky math riddles.

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    20 Printable Sudoku Puzzles to Test Your Smarts

    These printable sudoku puzzles are four different levels of difficulty. You want to start with the easy ones, but if...

    Someone’s Mother Has Four Sons: Try to Solve the Viral Riddle

    It's the riddle everyone wants to know the answer to, but can YOU solve it?

    78 Riddles for Adults That Will Test Your Smarts

    You'll have to really stretch your brain to figure out some of these easy, funny, and hard riddles for grown-ups!

    45 Best Bible Riddles You’ll Have Fun Solving

    See how well those Sunday school lessons paid off with these Christian riddles for kids.

    Mr. Smith Had 4 Daughters: Try to Solve the Viral Riddle

    "Mr Smith had four daughters" is a viral Facebook riddle that has everyone stumped. Check out the detailed answer here!...

    How Well Do You Know the Flags of the World?

    Do you know your tricolor from your Trinidad and Tobago? With nearly 300 country flags to choose from,...

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    35 People with Higher IQs Than Einstein

    We're going to need another name to be synonymous with "genius."

    15 Strategy Board Games You’ll Love (and Where to Get Them)

    Play these games to determine if your decisions will lead to victory or vanquishment.

    Can You Find the Sleeping Dog in This Video Call Scene?

    Cute pets make all video calls better.

    99 Brain Games Guaranteed to Boost Your Brain Power

    Every month, Reader's Digest publishes a few brain games in the magazine to help you become a genius. See how...

    56 Brain Teasers That Will Leave You Stumped

    Solving logic problems boosts brain power, keeps your memory strong, and entertains everyone to no end. See how many you...

    Can You Find Seven Santas Hiding in This Christmas Scene?

    In this image, nine festive people are throwing a virtual holiday party. But they have some unexpected companions—several miniature Santa...

    Can You Find the One Man Without a Mustache?

    That's a whole lot of facial hair.

    33 of the Best Tongue Twisters for Kids

    Help your kids with language development while having fantastic frolicking finger-licking fun with these tongue twisters.

    Can You Spot the Witch Hat Among the Cats?

    Ready for a spooky game of hide and seek?

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    20 Rebus Puzzles That Are Almost Impossible to Solve

    You're going to need a lot of patience and a good eye to solve these tricky rebus puzzles. How fast...

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    15 Word Puzzles That Will Leave You Stumped

    Only the smartest will get all of these right!

    If You Can Answer These Mensa Quiz Questions, You’re Probably a Genius

    Here's a fun way to put your IQ through its paces. Try these sample questions!

    Can You Find the One Scone That’s Different from the Others?

    One of these scones has its fillings arranged in a different order from the others. Finding it might seem easy—but...

    Can You Spot the Ring Hiding in the Garden?

    This field of carrots and hungry bunnies is no place for a valuable diamond ring!