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How Much Emergency Cash Should I Have?

You'll want to keep some cash at home in case of emergency. But how much is enough?

Is ‘The Last of Us’ Fungus Real?

Let's separate fungal fact from fungal fiction.

The 2023 Newbery Medal Winner Was Just Announced

This historical fiction children's book won the prestigious award.

If You See Pink Waves, This Is What It Means

Off the California coastline, fluorescent water is making waves.

This Is the Best (and Worst!) Airline In the U.S.

Before you book your next flight, take note of the airlines that have been rated the best and the worst...

Marie Kondo Has Finally Embraced Messy—Here’s Why

The world-famous tidying expert has a sweet new set of priorities.

The Real Reason Why Tomatoes Were Once Feared

The age-old question, "Are tomatoes poisonous?" has an interesting history. Here's why tomatoes got a bad rap for over two...

Here’s Where to Stream Every 2023 Best Picture Oscar Nominee

Now that the 2023 Oscar nominees have been announced, find out where you can watch them to get ready for...

‘It Ends With Us’ Is Being Made into a Movie—Here’s What We Know So Far

Some familiar faces are joining the cast of the highly-anticipated movie based on the bestselling book.

You Might Start Seeing This Brand New Airplane in the Near Future

Say hello to greener commercial flying with this NASA and Boeing collaboration.

This Will Soon Be the Most Populous Nation on the Planet—and It’s Not China

In 2023, China will not be the country with the highest population for the first time since the United Nations...

A New Universal Theme Park Is Coming to Texas—Here’s What We Know

Get ready for "a one-of-a-kind theme park" coming to this Northern Texas city.

27 David Crosby Quotes That Were Truly Inspirational

In honor of David Crosby, these are some of his most inspirational words.

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There’s a National Egg Shortage—Here’s What You Need to Know

You're going to be shelling out a lot more for eggs in the coming weeks and months due to the...

Say Hello to the New Quiet Quitting: Rage-Applying

Some people quit, others quiet quit and still other rage-apply hoping for a better job. Here's what it is and...

What to Expect for “Only Murders in the Building” Season 3

"Only Murders In The Building" Season 3 is welcoming Paul Rudd, Jesse Williams and Meryl Streep to the Arconia apartments

The “You” Season 4 Trailer Has Us on the Edge of Our Seats: Here’s Everything We K...

Netflix's fan-favorite psychological thriller is dropping a new season soon. Here's everything you need to know about You season 4.

The Most Trusted Grocery Stores in 2023

Walmart and Aldi ranked at the top, but faced competition in some regions with local chains.

7 Tips You Need for Changing Careers in 2023

Some people stay in the same career, while others pivot several times. Here's how to know if it's time for...

10 New Words Added to the Oxford English Dictionary for 2023

From "agrivoltaics" to "textspeak," these words are helping us articulate the strange beauty of modern life.

These Are the Most Popular Baby Names in Each State

Can you guess some of the most popular baby names of your state?

Disney Is Rolling Back Some Price Hikes—Here’s What You Need to Know

Customers can also anticipate changes to the Disney reservation system.

The Safest—and Least Safe—Airlines of 2023

New data from Airline Ratings can help anticipant travels make safe, smart flight choices

If You See Pink Snow, This Is What It Means

This pink "watermelon snow" is a striking, bright color reminiscent of sweet summer fruit. But the cause of the snow's...

10 Surprising Things We Learned from Prince Harry’s Book, “Spare”

There's a lot to be said about the royal's latest memoir, but these particular facts left us aghast.

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Will Rent Prices Go Down in 2023?

Experts say there are reasons to be optimistic.

What Is Koselig? How to Incorporate This Norwegian Concept Into Your Life

Just when you were learning how to pronounce "hygge," there's a new Nordic concept for cozy, happy living this winter

Wood Cat Litter vs Clay Cat Litter: What’s the Difference?

And find out which one may be better for your cat

This Is the Right Way to Approach a Salary Question in an Interview

It used to be taboo to ask about salary—while that's no longer true, there's a right way to go about...

What’s the Difference Between a Cyclone, Hurricane and Typhoon?

Which of these terms you use has more to do with where in the world you live than anything else.

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52 Vintage Baby Names That Are Making a Comeback

Did any of your nostalgic favorites make the list?