The world wide web is a source of infinite information at our fingertips. You can learn something new, discover something old, or share something special of your very own. Here at Reader’s Digest, we know that not everything on the internet is as it seems, so we’re here to help you safely decode, understand, and explore all it has to offer.

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    How to Get Free Wi-Fi Wherever You Go

    Figuring out how to get free Wi-Fi when you're on the go isn't always easy. This step-by-step guide can help.

    Amazon Music vs. Spotify: What’s the Difference?

    Can't decide between Amazon Music vs. Spotify? We compare both services, prices, and features to help you decide.

    15 Things That Could Happen If Social Media Disappeared

    It could change society—for better and for worse.

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    What Does ICYMI Mean?

    You’ve likely seen it in your inbox or in your Twitter feed, but what does ICYMI mean?

    What Does Wi-Fi Stand For?

    Hint: It's not "wireless fidelity."

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    How to Delete Yourself From Google Searches

    Looking to regain a little privacy? Follow these steps to remove yourself from Google searches—or at least hide the more...

    47 Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts to Start Using Today

    Spend less time on email—and save your wrists, too—with these helpful Gmail shortcuts you’ll wish you knew sooner.

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    Are Open Wi-Fi Networks Safe?

    Public Wi-Fi is extremely convenient, safer than it used to be, and, of course, free. But are the risks of...

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    9 Things You Should Never Google

    Avoid spiraling down the dark hole of Internet searches and creating unnecessary stress for yourself by skipping these keywords.

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    7 Red Flags Someone Is Stealing Your Wi-Fi

    Having an outside party steal your Wi-Fi can be, at best, inconvenient and frustrating, and at worst, harmful to you...

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    8 Signs You Shouldn’t Accept a LinkedIn Request

    LinkedIn is a place to connect with people in your career field and grow your network, but before accepting every...

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    How to Hide Your House from Google Street View

    If you've ever looked up your house on Google street view and seen your car in the driveway and your...

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    11 Hidden Reasons Your Internet Is So Slow

    If your video is lagging and downloads are taking forever, don't bang your head on your keyboard. Try these fixes...

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    The Best Wireless Routers to Speed Up Your Internet

    Keep your internet from getting bogged down with the best wireless routers for fast performance at the farthest range possible.

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    10 Best Websites for Selling Your Unwanted Stuff

    Online options save time, are not weather dependent, and generally garner higher prices for the seller.

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    How the Internet is Keeping Tabs on Your Every Move

    You are being stalked everywhere you go. In your car. On your morning walk. Even in your own home—by...

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    20 Free Things You Can Do Online—That Weren’t Free Before

    Put your wallet away. The Internet is full of free books, free movies, free coupons, and so much more.

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    How to Check Your Internet Speed (and Why It’s Important)

    Nothing slows down your life like slow Internet.

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    If You See This Post on Social Media, Ignore it! It’s a Scam

    This scam has been circling the Internet for years.

    10 Internet Challenges in 2019 That Should Have Never Happened

    Another year, another set of viral online stunts that put people in the hospital.

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    How to Turn Your Smartphone Into a Mobile Hotspot

    The days of searching for public Wi-Fi are over. Here's everything you need to know to turn your smartphone into...

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    This Is How Often You Should Be Rebooting Your Router

    Giving your router a break can do more than just speed up your Internet connection.

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    20 Cyber Security Secrets Hackers Don’t Want You to Know

    Computer hackers have lots of tools to threaten your Internet security, but these tips from cybersecurity experts can help protect...

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    This Is the Fast-Food Restaurant with the Best Free Wi-Fi

    Your favorite fast-food restaurant might also have the best Internet connection.

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    15 Things the Internet Told Us That Just Aren’t True

    You know what they say: If it's on the Internet then it must be true. Well, we're about to bust...

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    There’s a Surprisingly Easy Way to Delete Yourself from the Internet

    We all probably have wanted this service at some point or another.

    This Country Has a Law That Will Let You Permanently Delete Your Internet History

    No one ever has to know about that serious denim phase you went through in high school.