From finding your foundation to not smudging your lipstick, we’re here to help you navigate makeup products and master makeup looks experts and celebrities swear by. No need to be indimidated with eyelash curlers anymore!

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    15 Best Waterproof Mascaras for Smudge-Free Summer Lashes

    High temperatures and humidity are no match for these waterproof mascaras that makeup artists and online shoppers swear by.

    19 of the Best Concealers, According to Makeup Artists

    No one needs to know you didn’t wake up looking this way.

    The Best Grooming and Makeup Sales We’re Shopping This Week

    Amazon Prime Day is still a few days away, but the deals are already starting! Save on hair care, facial...

    This $8 Nail Product Will Give You Salon Level DIY Manicures

    Struggling to paint your nails at home? This $8 nail product will get you salon level results.

    Sephora Is Giving Kohl’s a Beauty Makeover

    Calling all beauty lovers! Sephora is coming to Kohl's! Here's everything you need to know about the rollout this fall.

    12 Natural Makeup Looks That Will Bring Out Your Best Features

    The secret to looking effortlessly gorgeous? Don’t cover your features—enhance them!

    12 Best Makeup Removers Beauty Experts Can’t Live Without

    Balms, wipes, water, and more! These foolproof formulas get rave reviews from legions of loyal fans.

    This $8 Lip Balm Sells Every 60 Seconds and Cured my Chapped Lips

    A tube of Dr. Pawpaw multipurpose soothing balm sells every 60 seconds. But does it help chapped lips? I tried...

    This Redness-Reducing Concealer Has Over 12,000 Five-Star Reviews

    Do you deal with acne, scars, rosacea, or red patches? This well-reviewed green concealer will take you from flushed to...

    The 17 Best Makeup Brush Cleaners, According to Beauty Experts

    Stop neglecting your makeup brushes! Choose an expert-approved makeup brush cleaner from this list to banish bacteria and get gorgeous,...

    How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes Quickly and Easily

    Haven’t cleaned your makeup brushes in ages? You’re not alone. But you need to follow these directions if you want...

    20 Best Black Makeup Brands That Everyone Can Use to Get Gorgeous

    If these companies aren’t on your radar, you are seriously missing out. Try our top picks from each brand and...

    22 Secrets Makeup Artists Wish They Could Tell You to Your Face

    Ever wonder what a makeup artist really thinks while working mere inches from your face? Seasoned pros share the feedback...

    I Tried the #1 Selling Mascara on Amazon—Here’s Why I’m Buying It Again

    A tube of this essence mascara sells every 10 seconds. But is the number one selling mascara on Amazon worth...

    This Affordable Concealer Has Over 69,000 Near-Perfect Reviews on Amazon

    Tired of looking tired? This best-selling Maybelline concealer instantly erases dark circles—and helps turn back the clock.

    16 Makeup Secrets of Women Who Always Look Put Together

    You don’t need to do a lot to look perfectly polished. You just need a few tips from the pros!

    20 Dos and Don’ts of Fall and Winter Makeup

    It's not just your fall and winter wardrobe that needs to transition for the colder weather; your makeup and skincare...

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    6 Facts That Will Convince You to Throw Out Your Old Makeup

    The effects of expired makeup may not be worth the risk.

    18 Makeup Rules You Should Know by the Time You’re 40

    Makeup trends come and go—blue eye shadow, anyone?—but these classic beauty techniques help you radiate health and vitality at any...

    31 of Our Favorite Amazon Prime Day Beauty Deals Under $25

    Amazon Prime Day is almost here, and we have a sneak peek at all the biggest beauty bargains—including makeup, hair...

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    13 Beauty Trends That Are Downright Dangerous

    These dangerous hair, skin, and makeup trends may look cool, but they are off-limits, according to experts.

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    18 Easy Halloween Face Paint Ideas to Try This Year

    Whether you buy safe, washable face paint or use what's in your makeup bag, in minutes you can add to...

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    20 Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas Almost Anyone Can Master

    Can't think of a costume? Look in your makeup bag! Whether you want to go glamorous or ghostly, these Halloween...

    12 Summer Beauty Tricks Makeup Artists Won’t Tell You for Free

    Here's how you can look like the best version of yourself without sweating your face off in the warmer months.

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    14 Black-Owned Beauty Products You Should Really Own by Now

    Warning: You’re about to become obsessed with these must-have beauty buys.

    16 Face Sunscreens You’ll Be Happy to Wear Every Day

    These sunscreens for the face aren’t goopy, greasy, or pasty so you won’t have any excuses not to...

    How to Choose the Best Lipstick for Your Skin Tone

    The right lipstick can transform your look instantly. But with so many options, finding the perfect shade can feel like...

    17 Beauty Brands You’ve Been Pronouncing Wrong This Whole Time

    No more getting weird looks at the beauty store.

    10 Makeup Mistakes Pros Wish You’d Stop Making

    Experts want you to put an end to these common beauty blunders.

    20 Drugstore Beauty Products Dermatologists Swear By

    Get clearer, softer, smoother skin on the cheap with the affordable (most cost under $20!) drugstore finds that skin docs...