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      Word Power Knowledge Quiz: Words Beginning with A-M

      Match the word to its correct definition to test your Word Power.

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      100 Movie Trivia Questions (and Answers) All Movie Lovers Should Know

      Put your film knowledge to the test and see how many movie trivia questions you can get right. Plus, learn...

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      50 Examples of Onomatopoeia You Never Thought of

      You know the classic examples of onomatopoeia like “boom,” “splat,” and “pow,” but there are plenty of words you use...

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      The History of Jack-o-Lanterns and How They Became a Halloween Tradition

      Why do we carve pumpkins on Halloween? This fun tradition dates way, way back to ancient customs and a spooky...

      Why Do We Bob for Apples on Halloween?

      Compared to other Halloween traditions and legends, its origins aren't as spooky. Learn more about how bobbing for apples came...

      Here’s Why the 7-Eleven Logo Looks Like That

      Why is it 7-Eleven and not 7-11? Why does the current 7-Eleven logo have a lowercase N? We answer the...

      If You See a Blue Twist Tie on Your Bread Bag, This Is What It Means

      That twist tie on your bread bag can tell you a lot about your loaf.

      36 Hidden Messages in Company Logos You See All the Time

      What do Apple, Amazon, Baskin Robbins, and Toblerone have in common? They have hidden messages in their logos—here's what they...

      If You See an Indent at the Bottom of a Wine Bottle, This Is What It Means

      Have you noticed wine bottles come with an indent at the bottom? Sip back and relax as we uncover fact...

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      What Hotel Buffets Look Like Now, Post-Pandemic

      Plated meals, an increased reliance on waitstaff, and higher costs may become the new normal for this popular hotel staple.

      If You See a Painted Purple Fence, This Is What It Means

      Knowing about purple paint laws can help you stay on the right path when driving or hiking in an unfamiliar...

      What Those Symbols on the Dollar Bill Actually Mean

      You probably see the dollar bill every day, but have you ever thought about the symbols on the dollar bill...

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      11 Times You Shouldn’t Use Your Left Hand

      Don't be caught doing any of these things...with your left hand.

      30 Optical Illusions That Will Make Your Brain Hurt

      From spinning circles to disappearing dots, these insane optical illusions aren't what they appear to be. Are you ready to...

      Why You Need to Know What Those Numbers on Your Glasses Mean

      The numbers on your eyewear are more important than you think.

      Here’s What Those Colored Circles on Food Packages Actually Mean

      Wondering what those colored circles on food packages really mean? The answer is more technical than you might think.

      Best Brain Training Games: Riddles, Brain Teasers, Puzzles, and More

      Exercise your brain and sharpen your mind (the fun way!) with these 13 types of brain training games.

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      What Do the Olympic Rings Symbolize?

      The famous Olympic rings logo is more than 100 years old, but its symbolism is ageless.

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      75 Pop Culture Trivia Questions to Test Your Knowledge

      Think you’re a pop culture pro? Some of these answers may not be as obvious as you’d think.

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      This Is the Most Mosquito-Infested City in America

      Mosquitos are an annoying summer bug, but for this West Coast city, they're a huge problem.

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      14 Obscure Etiquette Rules You Probably Break All the Time

      When it comes to eating, talking on the phone, or even introducing people, you're probably guilty of these not-etiquette-sanctioned behaviors.

      Why Is Toilet Paper White, Anyway?

      Color toilet paper was actually trendy in the 1950s.

      Here’s Why There Are 10 Hot Dogs in a Pack, but Only 8 Buns

      I'll never understand why this wasn't fixed a long time ago!

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      10 Things Flight Attendants Aren’t Allowed to Do Anymore

      Between ongoing coronavirus infections and lingering fear, the pandemic has altered the way we fly, including what flight attendants are...

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      Where Did the Phrase “Knock on Wood” Come From?

      Cracking down on the meaning of this popular superstition, one knock at a time! Learn the "knock on wood" meaning...

      14 Visual Brain Teasers and Puzzles That Will Leave You Stumped

      These visual brain teasers and puzzles aren't just fun to complete—they're good for your brain, too!

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      If You See an Orange Tag on a Car, This Is What It Means

      Hint: That orange tag is put there by local law enforcement.

      The Hidden Detail on the Baskin Robbins Logo You Never Noticed Before

      Can you spot the Baskin Robbins logo's clever "secret"?

      The Hidden Detail on the Starbucks Logo You Never Noticed Before

      If you look closely, you’ll notice one small imperfection in the iconic Starbucks logo.

      Why Is There a Cotton Ball in Pill Bottles?

      Is it hurting more than it's helping?