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      What Does the Second Amendment Really Mean?

      The answer to that question is as old as the country itself, and it continues to evolve as Americans debate the right balance of individual freedom and public safety.

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      50 Cat Facts That Are Purr-fectly Fascinating

      Think you know everything there is to know about cats? Think again. We're about to blow your feline-loving mind with...

      SOS: Here’s What the Abbreviation Actually Means

      Nope, it's not "save our ship." Not even close.

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      What Would It Take to Amend the Constitution?

      It’s not easy to change the Constitution—and that’s exactly what the Framers intended.

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      35 People with Higher IQs Than Einstein

      We're going to need another name to be synonymous with "genius."

      This Cop Can Recall Every Face He Has Ever Seen

      Facial-recognition software identified one suspect of the 4,000 captured by security cameras during the 2011 London riots; Gary Collins identified...

      What Happens to Survivors of Mass Shootings? Their Untold Story

      In the aftermath of a mass shooting, the attention often goes to those who lost their lives, and rightly so....

      Earth Day Quiz: How Well Do You Know Our Earth?

      It's time for the Earth Day quiz! Get green and test your knowledge of the environment, the oceans, animals, climate...

      14 Earth Day Facts You Should Know

      Our planet is in peril—and it's an Earth Day fact that this day was created 51 years ago to raise...

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      13 Funny Palindrome Sentences That Will Crack You Up

      If you thought palindrome words were cool, get ready to have your mind blown by these full palindrome sentences.

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      26 Palindrome Examples: Words and Phrases That Are the Same Backwards and Forwards

      What is a palindrome? Palindrome words and phrases are spelled the same backward and forward. After reading our roundup, you'll...

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      What Exactly Does the “Q” in “Q-tips” Stand For?

      Q-tips are everywhere. You can find them in bathrooms, in doctor's office, and in episodes of CSI. But what exactly...

      50 Everyday Habits That Can Make You Look Younger

      Forget aging gracefully—here's how to age youthfully. Keep a healthy glow, a spring in your step, and a radiant appearance...

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      24 Cities You Learned About in School That No Longer Exist

      From the tragic to the mysterious, you won't believe these fascinating tales of cities that no longer exist.

      How to Write a Heartfelt Thank You Note

      Struggling with the right way to say thank you? Here are a few tips to help you get started.

      15 Strategy Board Games You’ll Love (and Where to Get Them)

      Play these games to determine if your decisions will lead to victory or vanquishment.

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      Memorial Day: When Is It and Why We Celebrate It

      It's not just the unofficial beginning of summer.

      25 New Words Added to the Dictionary for 2021

      Word nerds, unite! Merriam-Webster added more than 500 definitions to the dictionary this year. Which one is your favorite?

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      18 Portmanteau Words You Never Thought Of

      Love going out for brunch, staying at motels, or playing Pokémon? We bet you didn't know that all these words...

      50 Acts of Kindness for Kids to Do to Make the World a Better Place

      Kids may be little but they can make a big difference in the world, just by doing these simple acts...

      Pi Day: How Pi Was Almost Changed to 3.2

      Why should you never talk to "pi"? Because, hello, everyone knows it will just go on forever. Well, everyone except...

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      15 Rude Things You Probably Shouldn’t Be Doing at the Grocery Store

      Grocery shopping is something we all have to do, seemingly all at the same time. Here's how to make the...

      The Surprising History of Mother’s Day You Never Knew

      A day of thanks and appreciation for the most important and influential women in our lives seems like a no-brainer....

      20 Cool Facts About Space We Bet You Didn’t Know

      Perseverance just landed on Mars, where it will search for signs of life. But space's cool factor doesn't begin or...

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      15 Amazing Facts About the Women of NASA

      The sky is not the limit for these incredible pioneers.

      15 Everyday Items You Had No Idea Were Made By NASA

      The camera in your phone, the insulation in your walls, and that oh-so-comfortable mattress you sink into nightly: You can...

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      Your Guide to a Million Dollar Highway Road Trip

      Take in stunning views and a trip through mining history on one of Colorado's most thrilling and dangerous roads.

      The 12 Chinese Astrology Signs and What They Mean for You

      What's your Chinese zodiac sign? The animal associated with your birth year reveals a lot about your personality and the...

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      April Fools’ Day: How Did It Start and Why Is It April 1?

      The origins of the prank-lovers' favorite holiday are murky. In fact, it's possible that the entire concept of April Fools'...