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There’s no place like home—especially when it’s in tip-top shape. We’ve rounded up the best cleaning and organizing tricks, affordable decor ideas, DIY hacks, and more. Warning: Once you’ve got everything just the way you want it, you may never want to leave!

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    The Best Portable Air Conditioners to Keep You Cool in Any Space

    We've rounded up the COOLEST portable air conditioners you can buy online.

    46 Kitchen Organization Ideas You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

    If your cooking space is getting out of hand, it's time for a makeover. These tricks will make your kitchen...

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    12 Things You Shouldn’t Pour Down the Drain

    It might be convenient to just rinse with water and flush it down the drain. But trust us, it’s worth...

    10 Mosquito Repelling Plants You Need in Your Backyard ASAP

    Why invest in pesticides or bug sprays to control mosquitoes when you can repel them naturally with plants?

    15 Things You Never Knew You Could Put in the Dishwasher

    Boots, toys, potatoes—all are dishwasher safe.

    10 Best Electric Tea Kettles, According to an Appliance Expert

    It’s time for an upgrade! These top-rated electric tea kettles just might change your life—or at least your mornings.

    The 13 Best Pillows for Side Sleepers, According to Experts

    Finally, side sleepers can sleep more restfully and wake up pain-free.

    The 13 Best Silk Pillowcases for Smoother Hair and Fewer Wrinkles

    Say hello to smooth skin, sleek hair, and sweet dreams with these luxe pillowcases you won't know how you ever...

    12 Best Robot Mops, According to Customer Reviews

    Keep your floors looking squeaky clean—the easy way!—with the help of these top-rated robo mops.

    How Long Do Mosquitoes Live?

    For all of the beauty and relaxation summer brings, it's also a season filled with pesky mosquitoes. Buggers got you...

    Best Stain Removers for Clothes Everyone Should Own

    We eat, we drink, we spill. Luckily, we also have experts to recommend the stain removers for clothes to clean...

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    15 Best Vacuum Mop Combos with Near-Perfect Reviews from Amazon

    Clean your floors in half the time with a vacuum mop combo. Trust us: You won't know how you ever...

    Marie Kondo Folding Guide: The Ultimate Guide to How to Fold Clothes and Save Space

    Learn how to fold clothes with Marie Kondo's folding method.

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    This Is the Best Temperature to Set a Thermostat in Summer

    Too hot? Too cold? Stay comfortable and save on energy bills by figuring out what temperature to set your thermostat...

    DIY Closet Organization Ideas That Will Help You Get Ready Faster

    Here are the cheapest, easiest, and all around best DIY closet organization ideas to try.

    15 Toxic Plants You May Already Have at Home

    When it comes to houseplants, sometimes the beautiful can be itchy—or deadly.

    How to Organize a Closet Once and for All

    These closet organization ideas will make your mornings—and your life—easier. You'll never again be stumped by the question "What should...

    20 Hard-to-Kill Houseplants Anyone Can Grow

    Don't have a green thumb? Don't worry! These low-maintenance plants will stay green with even the tiniest bit of TLC.

    12 Closet Door Ideas for Every Type of Space

    Sure, closet doors need to be functional, first and foremost, but that doesn't mean you can't also conceal your wardrobe...

    Capsule Wardrobe: What It Is and How to Build One

    Streamlining your closet makes it way easier to figure out what to wear. Here's how a capsule-style closet helps you...

    If You Live in These Cities, Pest Populations Are About to Spike

    April showers bring May flowers, but abnormal fall and winter weather can bring ticks, rats, and mosquitoes. Yikes! Learn what...

    20 Best Jewelry Organizers for All Your Favorite Baubles

    If your jewelry collection could use some straightening out, these are the best organizers to get the job done.

    19 Ideas for Storing Clothes Without a Closet

    No closet? No problem. These creative clothes storage ideas are the closet alternatives you've been searching for.

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    The Only Types of Cookware You Should Use

    Worried about chemicals in your kitchen? These cookware options will keep you safe—and deliver the most delicious results for every...

    How to Color-Code Your Closet to Keep Clothing Organized

    Get ready for a functional and Pinterest-worthy transformation. All you have to do is follow the rainbow!

    10 Purse Storage Ideas You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

    Try these easy, affordable purse storage ideas to keep your ever-growing handbag collection in check.

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    20 Plants That Are Poisonous for Cats

    They may be pretty…but they’re also pretty toxic to our feline friends.

    11 Things in Your Refrigerator You Should Toss Out

    Doing a weekly food purge saves room in your fridge. It can also save you from a stomachache—or worse.

    17 Utility Closet Organizing Ideas You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

    It's time to sweep away the clutter and sort your collection of cleaning equipment and organize your household supplies: These...