House Cleaning

Keeping your home germ-free is more important than ever—but that doesn’t mean you want to spend all your time cleaning. Here, you’ll find the most effective cleaning products, the gadgets that will cut your cleaning time in half, and genius tips for keeping everything tidy every day.

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    How to Clean Quartz, Granite, Marble, and Butcher Block Countertops

    Follow our guide to keep your quartz, granite, marble, and butcher block countertops looking brand new for years.

    How to Clean Your Dryer and How Often You Should Do It

    Forgo hiring a pro and learn how to clean your dryer with these helpful tips from an expert.

    How to Clear a Clogged Sink Drain

    With a few household items and these simple steps, you can learn how to unclog a sink and save yourself...

    How to Clean a Dishwasher: A Step-by-Step Guide

    Follow these simple steps for a cleaner-than-clean dishwasher.

    How to Clean Blinds and Drapes

    Once you learn how to clean blinds and drapes, you'll always look out on the sunny side of things.

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    How to Clean Your Microwave, According to Cleaning Experts

    These tips will take your microwave from grimy to gorgeous in no time.

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    How to Clean a Humidifier, According to Experts

    Yes, you need to clean your humidifier regularly. Here's how.

    How to Clean a Keurig Coffee Maker

    Get the most out of your single-serve coffee maker—and the best-tasting coffee—by learning how to clean a Keurig the right...

    The Best Oven Cleaners to Tackle Caked-On Gunk

    Get rid of caked-on food and grease with the best oven cleaners.

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    How to Clean a Shower Head (And Why You Really Need To)

    That thick layer of mineral buildup on your shower head can affect the quality of your scrub down. Here's how...

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    How to Clean an Iron So It Doesn’t Damage Your Clothes

    Don't let a dirty iron ruin your clothes. Learn how to clean an iron with items you have on hand....

    How to Clean a Laptop Screen Without Damaging It

    Whether you use a PC or Mac, laptop or monitor, this guide will teach you how to safely clean your...

    How to Clean a TV Screen

    Follow this expert advice for making your LCD, LED, and OLED TV screens sparkle.

    How to Clean Stainless Steel Appliances So They Sparkle

    Once you know how to clean stainless steel, those streaks, smudges, and stains will be ancient history.

    How to Clean—and Deep Clean—a Mattress

    The experts weigh in on how to clean your mattress—and how often you should.

    10 Ways to Unwrinkle Your Clothing Without an Iron

    No time to iron? Don't panic. These tips will have you smoothed out in no time.

    How to Do Laundry: A Step-by-Step Guide

    Here's everything you ever wanted to know about doing laundry, from sorting to detergents to the best washer and dryer...

    How to Tell If You’re Using Too Much Laundry Detergent

    Even when laundry is filthy, smelly, and stained, more detergent isn't better.

    This $7 Grout Cleaner Is All Over TikTok—Here’s Why

    If your grout is gross and you hate spending hours scrubbing your bathroom tiles, Zep Grout Cleaner just may change...

    How to Wash a Down Comforter the Right Way

    Washing a down comforter at home is a lot easier than you think! Follow these simple steps for the cleanest,...

    14 Creative Uses for Dryer Sheets You Never Knew About

    What are dryer sheets for? A whole lot more than banishing static from your laundry. These genius dryer sheet uses will...

    How to Choose the Best Washing Machine Temperature for Your Clothes

    Switch most loads to this expert-recommended washing machine water temperature, and you could save up to $150 a year.

    How to Get Stinky Smells Out of Your Clothes

    Need to remove mildew, smoke, or other offensive odors from your clothing? Here's exactly how to do it—quickly and easily.

    17 Best Laundry Detergents, According to Cleaning Experts

    Have you been using the same detergent forever? It might be time to change things up with these expert-recommended picks...

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    How to Wash a Baseball Hat So It Doesn’t Lose Its Shape

    If your favorite baseball cap has seen better days, follow these steps to clean it—without ruining it.

    The Best Washer and Dryer Sets for 2021

    With technology that will save you time and money, these top-rated sets are about to become your new best friends—and...

    9 Best Dryer Sheets for the Softest, Best-Smelling Clothes

    Say goodbye to static and wrinkles, and hello to soft, fresh-smelling fabrics.

    How to Clean Your Washing Machine, According to Laundry Experts

    Experts share step-by-step instructions for how to clean a washing machine (both inside and out)—plus how often you should do...

    A Guide to Laundry Symbols: Find Out What Those Washing Symbols Mean

    You know those hieroglyphic-like laundry symbols on clothing labels? They relay important cleaning information. Here's what they mean and how to...

    9 Best Dryer Balls to Reduce Drying Time

    It's a win-win with dryer balls, which save on drying time and help the environment.