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Trips are full of excitement! But what’s less exciting? Packing for them. And if it’s hard to remember what to bring, it’s even harder to know what to leave behind. We’ve got some insider tips and tricks up our sleeves to help you travel in style and keep that suitcase light so you enjoy every second.

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    The 11 Funniest Things We Found Shopping Unclaimed Baggage

    Ever wonder what happens to all the lost luggage that doesn't make it back home? It lands at this retail outlet, where someone's loss can be your thrifty gain.

    This Travel Pillow Helped Me Sleep on a Plane for Eight Solid Hours

    This oddly shaped travel pillow promises to help anyone sleep on a plane. With a 12-hour flight looming, we decided...

    Away Polycarbonate Flex Suitcase: Away Launched Their First Hard-Sided Suitcase

    The Away polycarbonate flex suitcase is the hard-sided suitcase of your travel dreams! It's got all the best features at...

    17 Best Laptop Backpacks for Every Style and Budget

    Laptops follow their owners everywhere these days. These are the best options for safely and comfortably toting yours around.

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    This Is the Worst Spot on the Plane for Your Carry-On Bag

    Don't make the process harder than it needs to be.

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    10 Camping Gadgets You Don’t Need (But Really, Really Want)

    Well-chosen extras can take your camping trip from good to great. Here's a list of ten of the best nonessential...

    10 Vintage Camping Hacks Every Camper Should Know

    Make it easy to pack, store, and cook your camping food with these simple tips from the good ol' days.

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    I Make My Living by Road-Tripping America—Here’s What I Never Travel Without

    As my career neared its end, taking up life in a retirement community didn't interest me. I wondered what it'd...

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    12 Items That Can Be Over 3.4 Ounces and Still Go in Your Carry-On

    Finally, some good aviation news! Find out about these little-known loopholes in the TSA’s liquids rule.

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    Your Road Trip Essentials Checklist

    Pack these road trip necessities to keep safe, comfortable, entertained, and ready for just about anything on your next outdoor...

    The Best 25 Spots Where You Can Camp on the Beach

    Grab a backpack and your swimsuit! These gorgeous beach camping destinations are the perfect choices for socially distanced summer fun.

    12 Suitcase Packing Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Vacation

    A poor packing job (not enough undies, the wrong shoes) can mess up your getaway. Here, personal stylists and professional...

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    12 Unexpected Things to Pack for Your Vacation During a Pandemic

    If you're traveling this summer, you'll need more than just sunscreen and bug spray in your suitcase to avoid bringing...

    14 of the Strangest Things That Have “Disappeared” from Suitcases

    Obviously the TSA keeps us safe. Still, some really weird things tend to happen to our luggage in transit, including...

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    13 Things That Are Getting Your Luggage Flagged by the TSA

    Logging too much time in the TSA line? Try these tricks so your luggage will fly through the security checks.

    9 Things You Have to Book in Advance for Disney World Vacations

    For some trips you can just grab your suitcase and go, but if you want to get the most out...

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    How I Pack for a Two-Week International Trip with Only Carry-On Bags

    When traveling, less is more. Here’s how to achieve packing nirvana.

    15 Travel Accessories to Solve Every On-the-Go Emergency

    The smart traveler leaves nothing up to chance. Packing these travel accessories will prepare you for potential misadventures.

    What Really Happens to Suitcases Left at Baggage Claim?

    There's one lonely suitcase spinning around the baggage carousel, long after most of the travelers have left the airport. Let's...

    50 Packing Tricks to Memorize Before Your Next Trip

    Traveling just got a little less stressful.

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    15 Odd Travel Accessories That Are More Useful Than You Thought

    Maybe you've heard about noise-canceling earphones and snuggies, but what about air-conditioned shirts and motorized suitcases?

    11 Cruises with Crazy Cool Amenities You Need to See to Believe

    Start packing your finest cruise outfits and gear, because these souped-up spring break cruises are about to redefine relaxing vacation.

    10 Travel Tricks That Will Change Everything

    Tired of paying full price for airfare? Not a fan of luggage fees? Travel experts share the tricks that will...

    The Ultimate Travel Checklist You Need Before Your Next Trip

    Keep these essentials in your suitcase and on your mind as you plan your next trip away from home.

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    7 Reasons Fall Is the Cheapest, Easiest, and Best Time to Travel

    Just because the lazy days of summer are behind us doesn't mean you have to put your suitcase in storage...

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    9 Tips for Packing Carry-On Luggage for a Hassle-Free Trip

    Even hoarders will pack light with these genius ideas for getting all your stuff in one bag small enough for...

    11 Airlines Less Likely to Lose (or Damage) Your Bags

    On these domestic flights, you can check your bag and fly with confidence that your suitcase will arrive at the...

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    How to Spot Bed Bugs in Your Airplane Seat

    You might have more than concerns about your luggage making it to your destination on time to worry about on...

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    10 Brilliant Tricks for Squeezing EVERYTHING in Your Luggage

    With these packing tips, you’ll be able to fit everything you need in your carry-on during your next vacation.

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    14 Genius Packing Tips from Flight Attendants

    Want to travel lighter and smarter? Master the art of packing with these tips from the professionals.