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Once you’re an adult, advice about friendships can start to take second fiddle to dating and parenting advice—and we think that’s just too bad! Friendships are just as important to adults as they are to children, and maintaining healthy friendships can be a major source of happiness. We’ve got some advice, quotes, and general expert know-how to help you do just that, no matter how old you are.

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    25 Funny Friend Memes to Send to Your Bestie

    You'll want to send these to your bestie ASAP.

    The Sisterhood of the Traveling Fish Chair

    A funky furnishing with a backstory sparks 
a week these women will never forget.

    22 Funny Best Friend Tweets That You’ll Want to Share with Your Bestie Immediately

    Get ready to blow up the group chat with these hilarious best friend tweets that you will want to send...

    8 Remarkable Stories of the Most Unlikely Friendships

    Would you pal around with your spouse’s ex? Or buddy up to someone who put 
a foot in your face?...

    50 Sweet Valentine’s Day Gifts to Celebrate the Friends You Love

    Your significant other isn't the only one who deserves some love on Valentine's Day. Here's what to get the other...

    Galentine’s Day: How a Made-Up Holiday Became a Celebration of Female Friendships

    Galentine's Day might have to be done over Zoom this year, but it's still all about ladies celebrating ladies. And...

    Rose Color Meanings: 15 Hues and What They Symbolize

    Don't place that flower order without reading this first! From friendship to passion, here's what every rose color actually signifies.

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    65 Best Friend Gifts for Every Type of Friend

    You two share everything...except your shopping list. Surprise your bestie with these perfect presents that fit any budget.

    My Best Friend Scammed Me Out of $92,000, Forcing Me into Bankruptcy

    She swindled me out of $92,000, forcing me into bankruptcy and destroying my once sunny outlook. But I finally...

    I Befriended My Childhood Bully 30 Years Later

    I thought she was out of my life forever—then she married my cousin.

    I Broke Up with My Best Friend Because We Couldn’t Agree on Black Lives Matter

    This cause is simply too important to just "agree to disagree," even to keep an old friendship.

    It Took Me 34 Years to Realize I Was Racist

    But wait—I have a black friend!

    My White Friends Want to Help—Here’s What I Tell Them

    Being a better anti-racist requires a good heart and a tough exterior.

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    16 Things We’re All Looking Forward to Once Social Distancing Ends

    Real-people share stories about what they're most looking forward to doing after self-quarantine restrictions finally let up.

    25 Care Packages We’re Sending to Friends Who Are Stuck at Home

    If someone in your life could use a smile right now, we’ve got a few ideas.

    How Being a Girl Scout Saved My Life

    Their tight-knit Buddy System was a literal life-saver.

    I Was a Girl Scout—Here’s the Most Useful Thing I Learned

    Girl Scouts gave me a way to always feel at home, no matter where I moved.

    A Muslim Exchange Student and a Christian Girl from Texas Became Inseparable Friends. Then the Unthi...

    Sabika was a Muslim exchange student from Pakistan. Jaelyn was 
a homeschooled Christian. 
Somehow, they became inseparable—until the unthinkable happened.

    How This Boomer Made Peace with Traveling with Millennials

    It's better to build bridges than clash over differences, especially when you're the only boomer on the bus.

    Are Crossed Arms Rude? 8 Secrets Your Body Language Reveals About You

    Body language is a form of nonverbal communication, and whether you (or they!) know it, other people are always reading...

    How One Fan Became Such Good Friends with Charles Barkley That the Basketball Star Even Attended His...

    An NBA star, an immigrant scientist, 
and a friendship no one believed.

    20 Things You’re Probably Blaming on Millennials—But Shouldn’t

    You'd think millennials were responsible for everything! Here's why some of the country's recent trends aren't their fault—or why they've...

    Here’s How a 78-Year-Old Gambler Brought One Woman Humanity

    An unlikely friendship teaches one woman the importance of taking a chance on others.

    The Best Self-Care Gifts for a Friend in Need of Pampering

    When your BFF needs a little TLC, choose one of these thoughtful presents that's sure to promote relaxation, boost self-awareness,...

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    12 Etiquette Rules You Must Follow When Traveling with Friends

    Follow this advice to make sure you end the trip still friends with each other.

    How Does Facebook’s “Snooze” Button Work?

    Finally! Your timeline will never look the same again.

    12 Simple Ways to Make Friends as an Adult

    The quality of a person's friendships can make or break their life, adding to feelings of happiness, and providing health...

    5 Types of Toxic Co-Workers and How to Deal with Them

    For most, working in an office can offer a pleasant, exciting, and motivating path to a successful career. However, sometimes...

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    11 Little Etiquette Rules All Bridesmaids Should Agree to Follow

    There's a lot more to being a bridesmaid than wearing a pretty dress and standing behind the bride. Nowadays, bridesmaids...

    First-of-Its-Kind Study Reveals Who Gossips the Most—And How Often

    Everyone gossips, but for how many hours a day on average?