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12 Amazing Products You Can Only Buy at CVS

We rounded up the coolest items available at CVS, your favorite local drugstore.

Cherry-Ice-Cream-Facial-MoisturizerCourtesy CVS

Peach Slices Ice Cream Facial Moisturizer

Not only are they adorably packaged, these ultra-hydrating lotions are also infused with fruits and floral extracts for radiant, sun-kissed skin that smells as good as it looks. The creamy cherry version packs a hydrating punch with anti-aging cherry, peach, and camellia, while the blueberry gel boasts essences of blueberries and pomegranate perfect for balancing oily summertime skin. Find out the 11 items you should always buy at drugstores.

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shower vapor tabsvia

Lavender Shower Vapor Tablets

Create your own spa with these pampering lavender-scented tablets: For instant luxury, place one of the fragrant tablets on your shower floor. The water activates the vapors to release a relaxing aroma that will take you to Provence—at least in your mind! The pack of three is easy to transport, and at less than $5, makes for an affordable spa experience.

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CVS Epsom Salt Tablets copyCourtesy CVS

CVS Health Epsom Salt Tablets

Perfect after a day of hiking or walking around an amusement park, these individually wrapped Epsom salt tablets help relieve stiffness and pain from overexertion. The travel-ready tablets are perfect for on-the-go use in a tub or foot soak, and are infused with essential oils of either soothing lavender or invigorating rosemary that add a calming effect. You'll be surprised to learn that these dollar store items are actually cheaper at Costco.

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CVS Health Melatonin Gummies copyCourtesy CVS

CVS Health Melatonin Sleep Aid Gummies

Have trouble getting shut-eye? Melatonin gummies can help you fall asleep at home and on the road. Our body naturally produces melatonin, a hormone that indicates it's time for sleep, so if you have trouble getting a good night's rest, you'll be happy to have these easy-to-chew gummies on hand. These well-priced sleep aids come in strawberry flavor and are dairy, gluten, soy, and nut-free.

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CVS Health Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules copyCourtesy CVS

CVS Health Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules

There are so many ways apple cider vinegar can benefit your health. But if you can't stomach it alone, try these ACV pills; they give you the benefits of apple cider vinegar without its distinctive taste. Next time you head to CVS for medicine, make sure you know the secrets your pharmacist isn't telling you.

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CVS-Health-Morning-_-Motion-Sickness bandCourtesy CVS

CVS Health Motion Sickness Band

Perfect for moms-to-be or carsickness-prone kiddos, these drug-free bands provide relief from nausea and vomiting associated with early pregnancy as well as motion from cars, boats, planes, trains, and beyond. Because the bands don't contain drugs, they are safe for all, plus they won't make you drowsy. They work by applying pressure to a point on the wrist that is said to restore balance and calm. At just $7 for two, it's worth trying out!

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CVS-Health-CupholdersCourtesy CVS

CVS Health Cupholder Wipes

These smell-good wipes are ideal to have on hand in summer for wiping away sticky ice cream, sand, dirt, or whatever fun you (and your kids) get into! The hypoallergenic and alcohol-free wipes are infused with hydrating aloe and honeysuckle extract and fit perfectly in your cupholder. Keep them with you to clean the dirtiest spots in places you visit all the time.

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CVS Health Witch Hazel PumpCourtesy CVS

CVS Health Witch Hazel Push Pump

Witch hazel is your grandma-approved, plant-based astringent that reduces irritation and inflammation. It soothes warm-weather afflictions, from sunburn to bug bites, poison ivy, cuts, scrapes, and more. The push-pump packaging is mess-free and ideal for keeping in the kitchen or bathroom.

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Manuka-Honey-BandagesCourtesy CVS

CVS Health Manuka Honey Adhesive Pads

A staple for your summer emergency kit, these next-level band-aids are laced with Manuka honey—a much-touted honey native to New Zealand that is anti-bacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and an antioxidant. These FDA-approved wound treatments are super easy to apply and work on scraped knees, cuts, and more to accelerate healing. Find out some must-haves you should have been buying from the dollar store.

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GEA-Dark-Chocolate-EdamameCourtesy CVS

GEA Dark Chocolate Edamame

We just found your favorite new snack! High in protein and gluten-free, these dark chocolate–covered soybeans are delicious, healthy, and a fun twist on your usual ho-hum go-tos. Crunchy and sweet, these delectable treats are free of preservatives and artificial flavors, colors, and sweeteners for a wholesome snack the whole family will love!

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