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19 Things That Rich People Never, Ever Do

Check out these tried-and-true tactics rich people employ to get their pile of cash—and, more importantly, what they don't do.

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Never stay at the same level

If you want to be rich, you cannot be content with the status quo. You need to keep aiming high. "Most of us didn't get into business to peak and stay there," said Ryan Stewman, CEO of Hardcore Closer. "We got into business to embrace the perpetual climb. You make a million. You want ten million. You make ten million. You want a billion. It's just in our entrepreneurial personality. We're always pushing for more." These are the 26 secrets rich people won't tell you about their lives.

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Never act stingy

Rich people should celebrate their successes, but they also spread the wealth. J.K. Rowling, the first billionaire author, was happy to do just that. She gave $160 million to charity (16 percent of her net wealth) in 2011 because she understood what it felt like to live in poverty. Being stingy might save you a few bucks in the short run, but certainly won't help you feel good about your fortune long term. Here are 9 powerful ways to give to charity without breaking the bank.

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Never go without a mentor

Yes, millionaires are the successful ones because they had a good idea or are cunning business people. But rarely do all the achievements rely solely on one person. There's often a team or guide behind the wealthy individual that helped him get there. In fact, 93 percent of rich people said a mentor had contributed to their success, according to Don't miss these 8 money-saving tips from self-made millionaires.

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Never focus on the money, and not on what they love

It can be a slippery slope from being ambitious to greedy. Focusing on the money might help you become richer, but it doesn't mean you'll feel good about your fortune. Why do you think almost 70 percent of lottery winners end up broke in seven years? The key to true success is doing what you love."How sad to see a father with money and no joy," said entrepreneur Jim Rohn. "The man studied economics, but never studied happiness."

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Never hate their job

There's a reason rich people do what they love. It makes them richer! According to research in Thomas Corley's book "Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits Of Wealthy Individuals," 86 percent of people who liked their jobs had a net worth around $3.6 million. The 7 percent who said they loved their jobs were worth almost double that and it only took them 12 years to accumulate that wealth versus 32 years. Learn the 13 secrets lotto winners won't tell you.

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Never believe in fate

When it comes to lottery winners, luck certainly played a large role in their wealth. But most rich people think it takes some good ol' hard work to earn the cash. Only 10 percent of wealthy people say they believe in fate, while 90 percent of poor believe the opposite. Have faith in yourself and your abilities if you want to amass wealth.

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Never watch too much TV

Money isn't going to come pouring in if you just binge watch Netflix shows. That's why 67 percent of wealthy individuals say they watch less than an hour a day. Instead of wasting time on the couch, they are learning as much as possible about an area of interest and becoming experts. This is the key to success. Another tip: Read up on these 10 ways to make money fast.

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Never go without a to-do list

Getting distracted is a surefire way to not get the money you want in the bank. You have to stay task-oriented if you want to be rich, which is why wealthy people always make a to-do list and stick to it. It helps to keep them on track and get the most value out of every minute of their day.

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Never resist setting goals

Wealthy people might have their to-do lists to help keep them on track, but they also have long-term objectives to stay motivated. According to, 70 percent percent of wealthy people follow at least one major goal a year. Without the big vision, everything would fall apart, and that equals less cash coming in. Find out the 10 things highly successful people do every morning.

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Never let fear take over

Any motivational speaker will say that fear is the enemy to us all. It prevents us from living our best and happiest life. It also stops you from getting rich. "The thing that wealth buys you," said millionaire entrepreneur Umberto Milletti, "is the freedom to take risks. Such risks mean the possibility of outsize rewards as well."

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