This Couple Got Married in an Aldi Store and We’re Impressed

The couple who won the ALDI wedding giveaway had the opportunity to say "I do" in the store's produce aisle.

You’ve heard of romantic walks on the beach, but what about down the produce aisle? Thanks to a recent ALDI wedding giveaway, one couple had the opportunity to tie the knot at the most nontraditional venues we’ve heard of yet: an Aldi grocery store. Could this be a new wedding tradition?

There’s nothing like a unique wedding venue to make the big day memorable for the happy couple and guests alike. We’re certain the Aldi wedding scored major points with guests for its uniqueness! Here’s everything you need to know about this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and the couple that won the all-expenses-paid event.

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Here’s how the Aldi wedding happened

Newlywed couple kisses in Aldi store after winning wedding contestCourtesy Fig Media

To enter the Aldi wedding contest—aka “Happily Ever Aldi”—couples were asked to share a brief essay about their connection. The couple that won the Aldi wedding, Jessica Bojanowski and Michael Hurd, shared that the store actually played a pivotal role in their relationship.

You’ve heard of romantic walks on the beach, but what about down the produce aisle? In an interview with People magazine, the couple revealed that throughout their relationship, they were always excited to spend time together at—you guessed it—Aldi.

“We work opposite schedules, so weekends are the only time we get to really see each other,” the couple shared, “We’ve always cherished our Sunday morning ALDI shopping dates. It’s something we look forward to doing together each week.”

The Aldi-loving couple said “I do” in early November 2022. We can certainly understand why they were selected to win the Aldi wedding contest!

Of course, it was all Aldi-themed

Newlywed Couple Poses with wedding gifts form winning Aldi wedding contestCourtesy Fig Media

What would an Aldi wedding be without plenty of on-brand touches to bring the big day to life? Naturally, the Aldi wedding, which took place at the company’s model store in Batavia, Illinois, was on theme. The newlywed couple enjoyed a signature cocktail, Aldi wedding favors and even Aldi-themed hors d’oeuvres. Of course, the brand also went above and beyond for its Aldi wedding giveaway winners with our favorite special touch: A colorful wedding cake featuring an Aldi shopping cart theme.

In addition to the all-expenses-paid event, the Aldi wedding contest winners were also given an incredible wedding gift by the brand: Free groceries for an entire year and shopping carts loaded with Aldi items.

We wish the happy couple “Aldi” happiness in the world!