Revive Your Garden for Spring with This Sustainable and Organic Plant Food

Updated: May 17, 2023

Help your garden go organic with Arber plant food.

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At the start of the pandemic, I was one of those people who got overeager about gardening and filled my bedroom with plants of every shape, color and size. A year later, I was down to two: a droopy money tree and one thriving pothos (ironically, two of the most low-maintenance indoor plants to care for). Since then, I’ve learned a lot about plant care, and in my research I found that one key ingredient gardeners swear by is Arber plant food.

Whether you’ve got an expert green thumb or are just trying to revive an indoor garden like me, Arber plant food’s organic and sustainable formula is a must for plant parents. Plus, one 16-ounce bottle of Arber concentrate is the equivalent of 64 ready-to-use plastic spray bottles.

What is Arber plant food?

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If you’re new to the world of gardening or just want to prioritize greenery without relying on plant-care apps, Arber plant food is a way to boost vegetation without becoming a certified horticulturalist. The organic components make it a more sustainable alternative to synthetic fertilizers, such as Miracle-Gro, that use harsh chemicals.

Arber plant food is infused with proteins and natural supplements to make plants strong and healthy, regardless of whether they’re decorative, air-purifying or anything in between. The nutrients release slowly, as opposed to synthetic formulas’ quick-acting recipe. Arber is gentle, clean and effective with a formula that benefits soil, leaf and floral production and root health.

The plant food concentrate takes a liquid form and comes from recycled supermarket food waste to increase soil fertility. An enzyme digests the waste to create complex forms of carbs, amino acids and proteins, organic acids and fats. Rosemary oil is then infused into the formula for a boost of aromatherapy and antioxidants.

It comes in a 16-ounce bottle, which lasts a few weeks depending on how many plants you’re watering. Pet owners need not worry as the formula is safe for pets, too (just beware of these poisonous plants for dogs). However, one reviewer said the scent was attractive to their dog, so keep an eye on pets during a watering routine.

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How to use Arber plant food

Technically, you could make organic plant food right at home using everyday ingredients, like homemade compost, eggshells or coffee grounds. Arber plant food can be used on all indoor and outdoor plants, but for the best results, use it on indoor houseplants during a regular watering cycle.

In a container, mix 1 ounce of the Arber plant food with 32 ounces of water. If you’re tending to a bigger garden, mix 4 ounces of concentrate with 1 gallon of water. Add some of the mix directly to the soil every two weeks. There aren’t any temperature limitations to using Arber plant food. Still, the brand suggests spraying the concentrate in the early morning or early evening to avoid hot temperatures.

The liquid plant food is safe for use on fruits and vegetables, flowers, houseplants, shrubs, succulents and herbs. Nutrients retain instead of being flushed with water through the soil, and plants have the chance to grow bigger and stronger.

Arber also sells a variety of other plant biologicals that promote healthy growth of the plant microbiome and soil ecosystem. Choose from a bio fungicide, bio insecticide, bio protectant and a variety of different sets to meet your plants’ needs. The brand also offers a free plant wellness guide if you’re unsure how to use each product.

The best reviews

Gardening is therapeutic and holds so many mental, emotional and physical benefits. Read these glowing reviews on why Arber plant food is essential to any garden.

As an avid gardener with a dense city garden, verified buyer, Maria S., thinks Arber plant food is a miracle product. “Every single plant I used it for became healthy, thriving, strong, generously blooming and giving more and better fruits or berries,” she writes. “It works ideal for all container plants, the ones in growing bags and in different types of soil. I gave away lots of other garden remedies I used to have for my big garden and orchard; instead Arber helps so efficiently and in such a healthy and fast way! I am endlessly grateful to you guys.”

“All my indoor plants look perkier, and a few that I didn’t have much hope for since they hadn’t adjusted well during our moving process are actually sprouting new leaves,” raves Bridget G.

Where to buy Arber plant food

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Buy the liquid plant food from retailers like The Sill, Lively Root and Grove Co. You can also order it directly from Arber’s online store, along with its other plant care kits, and Walmart. Your plants (and earth) will thank you!

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