Béis Commuter Tote Bag Review: It Organizes Everything You Need for Work and Beyond

This popular commuter tote bag has replaced my previous travel option.

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I like to avoid checking in luggage on short trips so my go-to carry-on bag for many years was a Rains tote because it fits so much and still tucks away under the seat to serve as my personal item on flights. But as many things as the bag fits, it was light on compartments with only one zippered pocket on the inside. In my search for a new travel bag, I tried out the Béis Commuter Tote bag.

From Away to Monos, there are plenty of luggage options on the market right now, and lots of contenders for the best commuter bag. Out of all the different brands, I opted for Béis, Shay Mitchell’s brainchild, touting products that are tried and true functional travel pieces that won’t break the bank. In particular, The Commuter Tote bag is much lauded for its organization elements, something my trusty tote was missing, so I was excited to give it a try.

What is The Commuter Tote bag?

We Tried It

Béis The Commuter Tote

The Commuter Tote is an everyday bag that combines style and function that's perfect for both work and travel.

As the name suggests, the Béis Commuter Tote bag is a work bag, but it also doubles as a travel option with many fans of the bag using it for both. And with its many functional features, it wasn’t hard to see why.

One of the things I was worried about was how heavy it would be because of how big it looked. The last thing I want to do is lug around a heavy bag while traveling or commuting, especially with all the things I carry around with me. So, when I unboxed the bag, I was pleasantly surprised at how light it was. The bag’s lightweight quality is also frequently mentioned in reviews.

While I hadn’t had a chance to test it out at that point, the quality smooth nylon material had me feeling confident that if I were to spill anything on it, it would be easy to clean. The wide strap felt secure and stable while the handles were long enough for me to wear it as a shoulder bag.

The Commuter Tote features

Beis Travel Commuter Tote BagCourtesy Alice Chen

First things first, the primary reason why I chose this tote is the compartments. The tote has a main section with one zippered pouch and two water bottle pockets. I love that the pockets are inside as it keeps the exterior looking sleek; plus, I don’t have to worry about someone snatching my stuff.

Sandwiching the main compartment are two quick access sections, one of which has the famous elastic key leash much loved by reviewers. To be honest, I didn’t use this feature as I don’t usually have a problem finding my keys, but I can see the appeal if you’re always rooting around for them in your bag.

As suspected, the sturdy nylon material makes it highly durable and quick to clean when those inevitable accidents happen. I’m not saying I spilled my drink on the bag, but I’m not saying I didn’t either. A quick swipe with a wet wipe had the Béis bag looking as good as new.

This tote has a few hidden features. A nice touch was the exterior sleeve with a zippered bottom which when open, turns into a luggage sleeve. I appreciate it when my products work double duty. I also had never used a bag with a luggage sleeve before, and I will never travel without one again. It’s also so helpful to have the bag secured to my luggage while navigating a carry-on bag through the airport.

Beis Travel Commuter Tote BagCourtesy Alice Chen

Another thoughtfully designed feature is the hidden phone pocket in between one of the side sections and the main compartment. When I needed to be hands-free during travel, it was convenient to slip my phone in there, keeping it secure but easily accessible. The pocket is actually roomy enough that I also kept my passport there as well.

How we tested it

Beis Travel Commuter Tote BagCourtesy Alice Chen

I took the tote bag for its inaugural spin on a weekend trip to L.A. For the trip, I opted to forgo the adjustable strap, and I didn’t bring my laptop (but more on both later). What I fit in my Béis tote: my 6-inch eReader, a plastic bag of liquids, sunglasses, a portable charger, a large toiletry bag and snacks. There was truly a place for everything and it was all easily accessible.

My eReader slipped so perfectly in one of the interior slots that it tickled my brain. I used one of the water bottle pockets as intended, for my water, and in the other one, I slipped in my sunglasses case. I can also confirm that it fit snugly under the seat in front of me so it worked as my personal item on the flight.

Next, I tested out the tote as a work bag. Most of the time, I work from home so I’m not commuting to a physical office. But I’ll often work out of a coffee shop for a change of environment, so I packed up the tote and headed out. This time, I used the strap, and I was a little unsure if I would like it because it was so thick, but the width made it comfortable and evenly distributed the weight of the bag. The extra support was much appreciated because I had packed my 16-inch laptop, which fit in the front sleeve. A little bit of it peeks out but not enough to bother me.


  • Luggage sleeve that doubles as an exterior pocket
  • Two interior water bottle pockets
  • Hidden phone pocket
  • Adjustable and removable strap
  • Laptop-compatible
  • Metal feet on the bottom
  • Easy-to-clean nylon material


  • The zipper of the main compartment doesn’t go all the way across


Is a tote bag appropriate for work?

Gone are the days of stuffy old briefcases as the only option for work bags. These days, choices for work (and play) come in all styles and sizes. As long as it holds the essentials you need to get down to business—like a portable charger—it works as your work bag.

A tote bag is a popular option for a commuter bag as it’s often roomy enough to hold what’s likely the largest item you’ll need: your laptop. Tote bags often also come with removable or adjustable straps, giving you the versatility to wear them as a crossbody or as a shoulder bag with handles.

Are tote bags allowed as carry-ons?

Absolutely—a tote bag easily serves as your personal item on flights. But just as carry-on luggage rules vary for each airline, there may be specific dimension restrictions for the personal item so be sure to check with the airline you’re flying with before going on the trip.

How do I clean the Beis Commuter Tote Bag?

The good news is that Béis is a quality luggage brand and the majority of the tote features durable nylon (the exceptions being the straps and bottom panel, which are vegan leather) so it’s super handy to clean. No need to worry about food or drink stains, as they come off easily.

What other reviewers had to say

“I have been searching for the perfect work/travel bag since I started traveling more for work,” begins verified buyer Joanna. “I was having a hard time finding a bag that fit my work laptop and supplies and also look[s] sleek at the same time. This bag changes all that. The compartments are perfect, my 15-inch work laptop fits, obsessed with the thick crossbody strap, the phone slot is just right and the zippered pass-through strap for the luggage is so good.”

This bag even won over backpack enthusiasts like verified reviewer Darcy, “I’m usually a backpack person, but I love this bag. I love the simple compartments. One of my favorite things is the hidden phone pocket. My favorite aspect of the bag is how it stands so solidly, no matter what’s inside. It doesn’t seem to flop over.”

The commuter bag gained Béis a fan in verified buyer Ana M., “I love this bag. It has officially turned me into a loyal Béis customer. I love how there’s a pocket for everything. It’s lightweight and comfortable to carry. I use it for travel but also for school”.

Final verdict

For me, the tote kept everything organized for both travel and work. I especially loved its many compartments and appreciated the thoughtful design features, especially ones that worked double duty. If you’re looking for a stylish, spacious solution for travel, work or both, look no further than The Commuter Tote from Béis.

Where to buy The Commuter Tote bag

We Tried It

Béis The Commuter Tote

The Commuter Tote is an everyday bag that combines style and function that's perfect for both work and travel.

You can join the waitlist now to get your hands on The Commuter Tote bag for $118 on Béis‘ website in either black or beige. Or you can shop it at Nordstrom or Revolve for $118 in beige right now. Whether you’re boarding a plane or heading to a boardroom, travel in organized style with this commuter bag.

Alice Chen
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