There’s a New Online Grocery Store Where Everything Is $3—We’re Not Kidding

Most of it is organic, too.

Courtesy Brandless

You want to buy your family organic food, but it can get so dang expensive. Enter a new grocery store where everything is totally affordable. is all about natural food. None of its products have GMOs, or artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors. Plus, more than half its food options are organic. But the real clincher? Everything costs just three bucks.

You won’t just save money on groceries, either. While you’re stocking up on canned goods, cookies, and condiments, you can also find personal care items and household supplies. Two bags of tortilla chips? Three dollars. Hand cream? Three dollars. Paring knife? Three dollars. We think you get the idea.

Courtesy Brandless

So how does Brandless keep its prices so low? Its name says it all. Basically, you pay a little extra for the name recognition of a national brand. Like generic brand items, the site oversteps that marketing markup to offer a lower price tag. The site even tells you your “Estimated BrandTax Savings” when you check out and keeps track of your savings over time—though from what we can tell, it just assumes you save $1.20 on every item.

If you aren’t concerned about buying organic, you can probably find better deals from your usual supermarket. Case in point: a 14-ounce package of Swedish Fish costs about $2.68 (and you’d pay even less per serving if you buy in bulk), but the $3 Branded package is only eight ounces.

But if you’re all about staying natural, you’ll find some total steals. For instance, frugal shoppers will save $2.28 for every two boxes of Shells & Yellow Cheddar they get instead of the Annie’s counterpart. And even though a bag of Branded coffee is only half the size of your typical package, each ounce is still cheaper than Starbucks grounds.

You can also search for special dietary needs, like kosher, gluten-free, vegan, and no-sugar-added items.

Of course, because you’re buying your groceries online, you’ll have to pay for shipping. It’s a $9 flat rate, but if your order is more than $72 (i.e 24 items), you’ll get free shipping. Might as well stock up!

Marissa Laliberte
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