How to Quickly Get Ice Cubes Out of a Tray—Every Single Time

Updated: May 29, 2021

Chill out. We’ve got the life hack you've always wanted. You're welcome.

this-is-right-way-ice-cube-trayiStock/john shepherd

Let’s cut to the chase: Trying to get ice cubes out of a tray is one of the most underrated life struggles. How can one seemingly simple task be so frustrating?

Luckily, we have a life hack that will solve that issue once and for all.

First, briefly run the bottom of the ice tray under cool water. Temperature is important here; if it’s too hot, or even a little warm, you’ll have a tray of water instead of ice.

Next, flip the tray over so it’s right-side up, and twist the ends in opposite directions—one side toward you and one side away from you. Now, lick your finger, and stick it to an ice cube. The saliva will freeze to the cube, letting you pull it right out of the tray. Want more ice? Just dump out the cubes over a wide bowl. Tap the bottom of the tray if necessary.

Next time you’re preparing an ice tray, make sure not to overfill it so the cubes don’t stick together. Also, consider buying soft silicone trays (like these), which are easier to work with than hard plastic ones. Cheers!