Google Reveals the Most Popular “How to” Searches from Around the World

What have you Googled today?

Google-Reveals-What-The-Most-Searched-For-“How-To’s”-Are-via-google.comvia google.comThe Internet can truly be a wonderful place for solving certain things. For example, if you’re sick of never having enough storage on your iPhone for the latest app, then you’re set to seek out help on the internet. If you are on fire, taking the time to type in your troubles a search engine probably isn’t advisable.

But of the roughly 1.3 trillion Google searches each year, what is the most common query? To keep things from getting too complicated, we’ll whittle things down to what are the most common “how to’s” asked of Google from 2004 to 2017. (Head to the interactive Google News Lab page for results narrowed down to your country.)

From top to bottom, here’s the overall top 10:

  1. How to tie a tie
  2. How to kiss
  3. How to get pregnant (Listen to the experts on this one.)
  4. How to lose weight  (Here are 40 quick tips to start with.)
  5. How to draw
  6. How to make money (Here are 9 ways to make some fast cash.)
  7. How to make pancakes (Work your way through these 9 recipes to become a pancake expert.)
  8. “How to write a cover letter” (Avoid these 20 words for sure.)
  9. How to make french toast (Follow this chef’s advice for the perfect recipe.)
  10. How to lose belly fat (These nine things will help you with this problem.)

As it turns out, these problems can be solved by skipping Google entirely and just jumping straight to Except if you want to wear a tie while drawing a nice picture for someone you want to kiss really well. We’re at a loss there. Instead, we’ll just point you to these 35 fun Google tricks that will make you smile.

[Source: LifeHacker]