The New Google Nest Cam Indoor Is Finally Here

The new Google Nest Cam Indoor is a sleek, stylish, and no-stress way to secure your home.

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These days, the best home security systems don’t require paid monitoring or even a contract. And it’s easier than ever to set up a home security system, even if your house is teeming with smart home devices in every room like mine.

That’s why, as a tech editor and proponent of DIY home security setups, I’m so excited about the new Google Nest Cam Indoor model. It’s the talk of the tech world, but why is it generating such a buzz? Here’s everything you need to know, including where you can buy one (or two!) of your very own.

What is the Google Nest Cam Indoor?

The Google Nest Cam Indoor is a smart home security camera that offers a sturdy build, attractive casing, and a host of intriguing features, all at an affordable price. It’s got everything most home security systems have, but a lot more, too. For one thing, it works effortlessly with the Google Home app. If you’re the type of person who’s automated everything from your lights to your smart thermostat, you’ll find that the Nest camera fits right into your home ecosystem.

In a nutshell, the Google Nest Cam Indoor is Google’s smartest Nest-branded camera thus far. Its full integration into the Google Home app means an easy no-muss, no-fuss initial setup. And in a sea of security cameras with unimpressive features that force you to choose which augments mean more to you, this all makes the Google Nest Cam Indoor a big deal.

Google Nest Cam features

At just $99.99, the latest iteration of Google’s long-running Nest line is packed full of useful and necessary features. Its most interesting augment is a new on-device machine learning chip. It enables automatic object identification to differentiate between people, animals, vehicle, and other types of motion.

The indoor camera offers a secure video stream with 24/7 access, all protected by state-of-the-art video encryption for enhanced privacy. With a three-hour event history onboard the camera, you can go back in time at any moment and view the last three hours of footage. At the fourth hour, your video will be deleted from your history to save space. This might seem like an oversight, but it could help to protect your security camera from hackers—there’s not an abundance of footage to worry about anyone uncovering.

Need more time? Google’s got you covered there, too. You can subscribe to Google’s Nest Aware service to unlock 30 days of video history, just in case. A Nest Aware subscription also equips you with face detection and the ability to make 911 calls straight from your Google Home app. It’ll also sound alerts for specific events such as glass being broken or smoke alarms. Or, opt for Nest Aware Plus for an additional $6—for a total of $12 monthly—and you’ll get all of those features, plus 60 days of video history and 10 days of 24/7 recording.

What to know

Google Nestvia

Keeping your family and belongings safe is a top priority for many tech-savvy homeowners. Any new equipment that streamlines the process and makes it simpler than ever to watch over your home is something to get excited about.

Here are a few reasons you might be interested in inviting one of these new security cameras into your home:

Google Nest pros

  • It’s the latest in Google’s line of Nest products with all-new tech.
  • The camera features a sleek, all-new design with multiple colors to choose from.
  • It integrates with Google Home and all your assorted smart home devices.

As exciting as a new piece of technology is, however, there are a few things to consider before placing your order. For one, it can only be used as an indoor camera. If you have concerns about outdoor monitoring, you’ll want to choose a different product, like the original Nest Cam.

With all that in mind, there are a few other potential cons to be aware of:

Google Nest cons

  • You’ll have to pay a monthly subscription fee for some of the additional features this camera provides.
  • There is no option to expand physical storage.
  • It’s slightly more expensive than other, similar cameras with comparable options.

These are all important factors to consider before bringing a new Nest camera into your home, especially if you’re not interested in subscribing to a monthly plan for additional footage storage space.

How is it different than previous generations?

The new Google Nest Cam Indoor sounds exciting enough, but what has changed between the new version and its older generations?

The difference is night and day. This is a much smarter, leaner, and more efficient Nest Cam than those that came before it. First, there’s a distinct new design for this camera. It features a much more rounded shape, with an adaptable design that means it can be placed on even surfaces or walls. The Indoor model offers four different colors to choose from: snow, linen, sand (with a maple wood base), and fog. It’s small and unassuming, but when placed correctly, could make for an interesting set piece.

The new Nest Cam also has ten times more machine learning power than the last ten models. According to Google’s The Keyword blog, it can process events on-device, which means you get quicker security alerts when you need them the most.

Most importantly, this version of the camera was built specifically for integration with the Google Home app. That means you can access it, view your camera feed, and control it anywhere you are. You can also set up notifications, check and set compatibility with other Google Home products in your house, and more.

There’s a host of differences between this generation and the previous Google Nest Cam Indoor, so it’s easy to see why this version is such a massive improvement over its predecessors.

Where to buy it

The Google Nest Cam Indoor is an exciting addition to the suite of DIY security cameras on the market. You can currently purchase the new Google Nest Cam Indoor for $99.99 via the Google Store. You can also find it at Best Buy and may be able to track it down in-store.

There are additional product options available when you purchase from the Google Store as well, such as installation by professionals from the Handy network. That’ll cost you for $99 for your first device, plus $59 for each additional camera.

The Google Nest Cam Indoor is available now, and you can have shipped to your home in a matter of days. It’s time to get smart about home security, and this is one of the newest, most exciting ways to do so.

Google Nest Cam Indoor Specs:

  • Video Resolution: Full HD (1080p)
  • Camera Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Field of View: 135 degrees
  • Night Vision: Yes
  • Cameras Included: 1
  • Power Source: AC/DC power
  • Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor only
  • Audio Communication: 2-way
  • Color: Snow, Linen, Sand with maple wood base, Fog

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