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How to Make Your Healthcare a Priority While Saving Money—Even in a Recession

GoodRx provides affordable, convenient healthcare options, including low prescription prices and flat-rate telehealth medical consultations.

If you’re like most people, inflation hits you on a daily basis, from increased gas prices to soaring grocery costs. And with a potential recession looming, you’re probably wondering how to reduce expenses to keep your budget in check. While you might want to forgo your daily coffee shop latté, one area you don’t want to cut back on is healthcare. Luckily, you don’t need to, thanks to the incredible savings GoodRx provides. And it’s not just better prescription prices, either.

Read on to discover how to make healthcare a priority while saving money during a recession.


The Reality Of Cutting Corners On Your Healthcare

According to a recent joint survey by West Health and Gallup, an estimated 18 million U.S. adults said they couldn’t afford to pay for at least one doctor-prescribed medication during the past three months. Similarly, recent PEW research shows that many people don’t get necessary prescriptions or medical care “to avoid being hit with punishing out-of-pocket costs.”

In fact, you might even know someone who takes shortcuts to make a prescription last longer, perhaps skipping a few doses to “stretch” the medicine for a longer period. Or perhaps the person doesn’t pick up his or her prescription altogether because it’s too expensive. But both could prove very risky. Why? If the medication isn’t taken as prescribed—or skipped altogether—this could impact the medication’s effectiveness and/or worsen the person’s health issue.

“It can be tempting to try to adjust your medication doses to make ends meet, but I don’t recommend doing so. Medications work best when they’re taken as prescribed,” said Dr. Karla Robinson, a board-certified family physician and Medical Editor at GoodRx. “While it may seem like a quick fix to save money now, it can cost you much more in the long run— including your health. Pausing or skipping doses to make a prescription last longer can lead to a worsening of your health conditions, withdrawal symptoms, and in some cases, hospitalization.”

You Can Make Healthcare a Priority and Save Money

When it comes to your healthcare, don’t think “either/or”—think “and.” What does this mean? Healthcare shouldn’t be an either/or decision—prescriptions OR rent, healthcare counseling OR childcare.

Instead, think “and”—as in healthcare AND other necessities. With GoodRx, you can make your healthcare a priority and still save money, even in a recession.

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Get Affordable Prescriptions

GoodRx provides consumers with prescription savings so you don’t need to make those tough either/or choices, allowing you to compare prices with its free app and online tools. Just enter the name and dosage of the medication and GoodRx will ​help you identify the lowest prices at local pharmacies, even sending you a digital, text or printable coupon to access that low price.

Take a look at how these prescriptions savings stack up:

  • On average, consumers save up to 80% off retail prices on prescription medications with GoodRx.
  • Accepted at more than 70,000 pharmacies nationwide, GoodRx beats insurance copays more than 50% of the time.
  • With prescription prices sometimes varying upwards of $100 between pharmacies, GoodRx finds ​low​ prices for free for both brand and generic medications.

How it works: Tap into the power of GoodRx’s vast network of partnerships in the healthcare industry, from pharmacies to pharmacy benefit managers (​PBMs​)​ to pharmaceutical manufacturers. Through its proprietary technology, GoodRx aggregates ​more than ​230 billion prescription pricing data points every day. The end result? Consumers receive curated, geographically relevant pricing information absolutely free.

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Get Affordable Healthcare

Did you know that, as a digital healthcare platform, GoodRx goes beyond prescription savings? GoodRx puts healthcare within reach for everyone, regardless of insurance status. It provides affordable, convenient medical provider consultations online, making it easy to access expert advice. Since 2011, GoodRx has saved consumers over $4​5 billion!

How it works: Through GoodRx Care, you can receive quality health consultations for a variety of primary care services via telehealth services. The benefits:

  • Consumers get to see a medical professional for one low flat rate, all from the comfort of home.
  • Most patients are treated in under 30 minutes.
  • By providing consumers with a quick, easy way to see a licensed medical provider for a range of services, GoodRx has helped consumers avoid an estimated $243 million in medical costs to date.
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Get Trusted Medical Information

Let’s face it—healthcare choices are some of the most complex, difficult decisions consumers face. Your relationship with the healthcare industry? It’s complicated. Literally. But GoodRx can help with that, too. Its comprehensive healthcare research and resources walk you through complicated topics, help you navigate America’s complex healthcare industry, and put the knowledge of experts in your hands. The team at GoodRx Health—doctors, pharmacists, health economists, and public health experts—provides consumers with authoritative, trustworthy answers to the most pressing health questions so you can make better health decisions.


The Bottom Line

While you can’t control a recession, you can change your spending habits and decision making. You’ll need to get choosier ​in looking for ​more affordable options, starting with healthcare for you and your family. By enabling you to compare prices for your healthcare, GoodRx helps you find reasonable, accessible options, regardless of your insurance status.

When it comes to your healthcare, don’t think “either/or”—think “and.” Then turn to GoodRx for affordable, convenient healthcare options.