Review: I Can Finally Avoid Clumpy Lashes With This Lengthening Lash Dry Shampoo

The genius Mac Lash Dry Shampoo is the perfect way to achieve refreshed eyelashes.

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Ever since I gave up lash extensions a few weeks ago, my eyelashes have been a little worse for wear. And in the regrowing process, I’m reacquainting myself with the best mascaras. I like my lashes as full, long and fluffy as possible, which means the more coats the better. But adding multiple coats of mascara throughout the day without getting clumpy was near impossible until I discovered the Mac Lash Dry Shampoo Mascara Refresher. Now I can get the long lashes I want with none of the clumps.

Whether you’re taking your daytime makeup into the evening or just want to retouch your drugstore mascara, the Mac Lash Dry Shampoo adds hydration, length and volume back into your eyes. It’s like a fresh application every time.

What is Mac Lash Dry Shampoo? 

Mac Lash Dry ShampooAndrea Carrillo/

When you add mascara over dry product, the result is usually a clumpy, flaky look. The Mac Lash Dry Shampoo Mascara Refresher looks and acts like a regular mascara, but the trick is to apply it over mascara that’s already dried and set. It’s meant for retouches throughout the day, keeping eyes fresh and eyelashes long. Adding the lash dry shampoo gave me that fresh mascara feeling even hours after I’d done my makeup routine

We Tried It

Mac Lash Dry Shampoo

This lash dry shampoo is a mascara refresher that doesn't clump.

Mac Lash Dry Shampoo features 

The teaser brush wand is designed to comb through lashes without tugging or pulling. I love the packaging it comes in. The mint green tube has a flat handle that’s easy to hold and the color adds a fun pop of color to my makeup bag. The “refreshing black” color gives even more volume and oomph to stale mascara. 

As for the formula, the ingredients list includes argan oil and beeswax to soften dry mascara. Just note that it’s not compatible with water-resistant or waterproof mascara, so you may need to switch up your routine if those are your favorites.

How I tested it 

Mac Lash Dry Shampoo Before and After ResultsAndrea Carrillo/

Any mascara wearer knows that once the product sets and dries, there’s almost no refreshing it unless a) you wipe it off and start again or b) layer it on top, leading to a cakey look. Eager to have a solution to dreaded “spider lashes” and other mascara mistakes, I had high curiosity for the lash dry shampoo. 

Two Coats

I started with two coats of the Fenty Beauty Hella Thicc Volumizing Mascara. My eyelashes usually hold their curl for a few hours before they start to sag under the weight of the product. Once that started to happen around the five-hour mark, I went in with the lash dry shampoo. 

The brush has tiny bristles meant for breaking up stale mascara, while the formula simultaneously softens and lengthens eyelashes. The wand borders flexible and flimsy, so I had to be gentle with the application. For the first few uses, my eyelashes had too much product and started to stick together instead of achieving a wispy look. I found that it’s best to use slow movements so that the formula has time to break down the dry product.

A Light Hand

I tried not to apply too much product because, after all, all those coats of mascara and lash dry shampoo are bound to add unwanted weight to my lashes. Still, with two coats of Fenty Beauty and two coats of Mac, my lashes were lengthened as if I had just put on a fresh layer of mascara. The wand seemed to sweep away flakes, leaving eyelashes that looked darker, fuller and longer. No clumps! (My best tip: use a light hand. Mac Lash Dry Shampoo doesn’t detangle as well as it lengthens.)

Still, my lashes held strong for the rest of the day. When it came time for my skin care routine, I used my go-to micellar water and a cotton pad to remove the product from my lashes. Because I had on so many coats of mascara, it did take about four pads to fully remove it all (two for each eye). But even for the days I want a natural makeup look, I still reach for the lash dry shampoo.


  • Refreshes dried and set mascara  
  • Doesn’t tug on the lashes 
  • Long-lasting 
  • Formula includes beeswax and argan oil for a softening effect 
  • Fine bristled wand 


  • Doesn’t work with waterproof mascara 


What does Mac Lash Dry Shampoo do? 

Mac Lash Dry Shampoo Mascara Refresher rehydrates and lengthens lashes that already have dry mascara. The unique wand combs and detangles to keep lashes long throughout the day.

What other reviewers had to say 

“No matter how I use it, whether alone or layered, top or bottom lashes, it’s impossible for it to look bad,” raves Tash, a five-star Ulta reviewer. “This is the first mascara in my 36 years of life that feels like it applies itself. It’s so forgiving! I just sweep it over my lashes. No wiggling at the base. It always looks amazing. It feels hydrating, which is unusual for a mascara…It’s like a magic wand for my lashes. I love it so much that I will continue to replace it when I run out.” 

Anya, another five-star Ulta reviewer who swapped false lashes for mascara, writes, ”I thought I would try this out because I had a few days where I needed my makeup to last all day and I want to look good. I wish I could attach my photos because this works!! [My eyelashes] have more volume, intensity, length and somehow curl without re-curling! I really enjoy this and would recommend it for you to try.” 

“This is my new go-to when it comes to long wear,” says Anissa, a verified Mac reviewer. “On those long days that turn into evening, I wipe this over my mascara and notice such a huge difference. Instant plumpness and color!”  

Product comparison 

There are a plethora of dry shampoos for hair on the market. But this is one of the only products of its kind when it comes to eyelashes. Although some reviewers say you can use the lash dry shampoo on its own, it works best with another mascara. Mac is a trusted makeup brand that’s known for great quality products, so you could even pair it with another Mac mascara. 

Between a drugstore mascara like the Essence Princess Lash and a higher-end one like the Fenty Beauty volumizing mascara, I found that the lash dry shampoo worked similarly with both. It adds great volume and length. As someone who has years of experience with mascara, lash extensions and falsies, I can say that mascara and Mac Lash Dry Shampoo is a great low-maintenance option. 

Final verdict 

It’ll be a while before I sit in a chair for three hours to get eyelash extensions again. The Mac Lash Dry Shampoo is an amazing way to keep my lashes long and full throughout the day. It’s surprisingly easy to use and long-lasting! It seamlessly integrates into my makeup routine for an easy makeup hack and I can retouch my mascara just as easily as I retouch my lipstick. 

Where to buy the Mac Lash Dry Shampoo 

We Tried It

Mac Lash Dry Shampoo

This lash dry shampoo is a mascara refresher that doesn't clump.

The Mac Lash Dry Shampoo is available at Mac, Ulta and other retailers. For $24, it’s the key to fresh lashes all day and night. 

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