This $10 Cream Is Reportedly Meghan Markle’s Skin-Care Secret

Just when we thought we couldn't love the Duchess of Sussex more, she shows us this royal way to look beautiful—and save money.

You would think that marrying a Prince, having an adorable baby, and getting a fancy royal title would be enough to give someone a permanent glow. But as it turns out, Meghan Markle may need a bit more help to achieve that. Her longtime makeup artist, Daniel Martin, hinted to E! News that her luminous complexion doesn’t come from countless facials or pricey highlighting products. Instead, he uses more pedestrian fare on his clients’ skin to give it a gorgeous glow: an inexpensive tube of Aquaphor from the drugstore.

Before you buy an expensive cosmetic highlighter, Martin suggests giving the petroleum ointment a chance. It does the job just as well, if not better. “Aquaphor will give you that same texture, especially in a photo [when applied] on the high points of the face,” he says. Markle isn’t the only royal who loves a bargain. Kate Middleton uses this affordable trick to last a full day in heels.

Martin, who was also behind Markle’s wedding-day makeup, believes in using good-for-you products to accentuate your look. For that reason, a lot of his highlighting is done with moisturizing skin-care products instead of loads of makeup that can clog pores. That one simple swap creates a natural glow since your skin is hydrated and healthy.

So, what’s in Aquaphor, and why does it work such serious magic? It’s an emollient mixture of mineral oil, ceresin, and lanolin alcohol. It also contains moisture-preserving glycerin and the skin-conditioning agent panthenol (a pro-vitamin B5). In addition to working as a cost-saving highlighter, Aquaphor protects and heals chapped, dry, cracked, or irritated skin and lips. It’s ideal for extreme wind and cold weather, as well as everyday life, and perhaps even better, it’s hypoallergenic, preservative-free, and fragrance-free.

The under-$10 ointment is also perfect for delicate baby skin, so Meghan and Archie may just be sharing this medicine-cabinet essential.

Priscila Martinez
Priscila is a seasoned writer covering lifestyle topics including fashion, beauty and brands. Her work has been featured in the Hollywood Reporter and Forbes, and she's a frequent contributor to Newsweek and Entrepreneur. She's also an entertainment correspondent for NBC’s Peacock streaming platform.