This Is the Most Likely Name for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Baby Girl

All bets are on for Baby #2's moniker!

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made two bombshell announcements recently. The first: that they’re expecting baby #2. And the second: that it’s a girl!

The world wasted no time guessing (and betting on) what the new baby’s name will be. But, unlike when the couple was expecting Archie, this time we at least know the gender. So, with that to help (slightly) narrow it down, here are the names that are top contenders for Meghan and Harry’s little girl:


This name appears to be the most popular pick. gives it odds of 4-1. However, it’s more likely that the couple will honor Harry’s mother by using her name as a middle name for their daughter. William and Kate did this with Princess Charlotte, whose full name is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana Mountbatten-Windsor. Find out the royal pregnancy rules Meghan Markle doesn’t have to follow this time around.


Of course, the couple could honor the late princess a different way, by choosing another version of her name. Artemis, for instance, is the Greek version of the Roman goddess Diana. But the huntress goes by other names as well, including Cynthia, Selene, and Phoebe.


This was a favorite name of Princess Diana’s. Reportedly, it’s what she would have named her own daughter, had she had one. Now that her son is expecting a baby girl, the name is on many people’s shortlists. It has odds of 11-1. Check out these rarely seen photos of Prince Harry with Princess Diana.

A different “A” name

Since they already have Archie, the couple may decide to stick with the same letter for their second child. Of many “A” names, popular contenders include Alexandra (which has odds of 18-1), Alice, and Abigail (both with odds of 14-1).


This was Diana’s maiden name, providing yet another way for the couple to honor her. Sure, it’s an uncommon name, especially for a girl. But that may actually appeal to the couple. Read about times when Meghan and Harry broke with tradition.


While it’s less likely (with odds of 25-1), the couple may decide to honor Meghan’s mother by choosing her name.  They could also pick a variation of it, such as Dorothy or Isadora.


Names that have been used in the royal family before are always safe bets. Queen Victoria (yes, that Queen Victoria—for whom the era is named) was Harry’s great-great-great-great-grandmother. It has odds of 20-1.

Of course, the couple could also choose Elizabeth. (Queen Elizabeth II will be this baby’s great-grandmother.) But considering the couple’s bombshell interview with Oprah last month, it doesn’t look likely.

And even if the child is named after a royal family member, here’s why Prince Harry and Meghan’s children won’t get royal titles.


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