The One Thing You Should Stop Doing to Your Kiwis

Put that peeler down when you pick up a kiwi!

photobeps/ShutterstockWhen you buy a kiwi, chances are you go home and peel it. Though there are ways to peel the fuzz off super-quick, you may want to rethink this step. It turns out that the thin fuzzy skin is not only safe to eat but is good for you too! Learn why you should forget the peeler (and save yourself a little time).

Why should you eat the skin?

That bit of fuzz might seem unappetizing, but it’s important to remember that kiwi skin is so thin. Just think of it like eating an apple! When you decide to eat the fruit whole, you get three times the amount of fiber compared to eating the flesh alone. Want more fiber-filled eats? Fill your basket with these items.

Plus, the skin is also full of vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant that can help fight disease and slow aging.

Before you dive in and eat this fruit whole, be sure to give it a good washing. If that fuzzy exterior is too much to bear, you can find smooth-skinned varieties at many grocers. Look for Sweet Golden kiwis which are known for their paper-thin skin. Find out some of the other health benefits of kiwi.

How to use kiwi

Of course, kiwis are great on their own or tossed into a fruit salad, but you can try some more exotic recipes as well. This way you can take advantage of all the vitamins, folate, zinc and magnesium inside. We recommend this honey pecan kiwi salad for a fresh starter or chipotle chicken kabobs with kiwi for a tropical take on dinner. Don’t forget dessert—layer kiwi onto your favorite fruit pizza for a refreshing finish. Next, don’t miss 9 other healthy fruits your body craves.

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