I’ve Owned This Viral Orolay Coat for Five Years—Here’s Why I’ll Never Buy Another Winter Coat

You won't ever need another winter coat again.

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I’ve lived in New England, specifically Western Massachusetts, for over 10 years. Originally from Miami, it took me a lot of trial and error to find the proper winter attire to stop hating the cold weather. Being over 1,200 feet above sea level, it’s safe to say our negative-degree winters were starting to take a toll on me. Five years ago, I finally decided that enough was enough—it was time to get warm and comfortable and live in a Parka for six months out of the year. So when I found the Orolay Down Coat, my winter fashion dreams finally came true.

What is the Orolay coat? 

Orolay Winter CoatStephanie Hope/Rd.com

The Orolay Down Coat is the ever-famous Amazon coat you’ve seen on the site. With over 25,000 ratings averaging 4.5 stars, it’s no surprise why the Orolay coat is so popular. You’ve probably seen this coat featured on other websites, especially during Black Friday. It goes on sale every year, and one year I decided it was finally my turn to buy it. The Orolay coat is available in 13 colors and women’s sizes 2XS to 5XL.


Orolay Coat

The Orolay coat is a soft, wind-resistant duckdown parka with a fleece-lined hood, special side zippers and six big pockets.

Orolay coat product features 

Orolay Winter CoatStephanie Hope/Rd.com

The Amazon coat’s outer shell consists of 100% polyester. This provides excellent windproof and warm-keeping capabilities for those extra freezing days. The inside of the coat is filled with 90% duckdown and 10% duck-feather. The coat features a warm fleece-lined hood, special side zippers and six big pockets to store all of your things.

Orolay Winter CoatStephanie Hope/Rd.com

One of my favorite features about the winter coat is the extra snap-on buttons down the center. Keep these unsnapped for more room or snap them all shut for extra coziness. Additionally, there are snaps at the end of the hood to attach it to the coat on windy days. This will prevent the hood from flying off your head with every gust of wind.

Orolay Winter CoatStephanie Hope/Rd.com

How we tested it 

Wearing the coat for five years, it’s safe to say I’ve worn it enough to have given it a proper test. I’ve worn it from the beginning of fall when it’s 40 degrees out to the middle of winter when it’s -10 degrees out with a windchill. I always told myself I’d be one of those fashionable winter people who look chic with their stylish coats, but I end up living in this puffer coat the entire season in utter (and warm) bliss.


Orolay Winter CoatStephanie Hope/Rd.com

Thanks to the thick-down interior, the Orolay coat is almost guaranteed to keep you snug and warm all season. After five years of use, I’m surprised the coat is still as fluffy and warm as the first day I opened the package. I can confidently say that this jacket is 100% New England weather-approved.


Orolay Winter CoatStephanie Hope/Rd.com

I can’t stress enough how amazing this coat is when it comes to the amount of pockets. There are six total. You have the two normal pockets on the side that are surprisingly large. Then, you have two front pockets around the center of the coat that fit many things. I always tend to put my phone in that pocket. The two side pockets on the top are super convenient for receipts, cash or maybe even some healthy snacks—why not? Finally, there is a sneaky pocket on the inside left side of the Amazon coat that’s ideal for storing more secure items, like your keys or ID.

I seldom bring a purse when I wear this coat because everything fits so well in the pockets.


Orolay Winter CoatStephanie Hope/Rd.com

I bought a size medium, and I find it fits me quite well. However, I will note that you may find it tight around the arms if you’re wearing a very thick sweater. If your usual size is medium and you want to wear thick sweaters, opt for a size up for the extra room. Also, the bottom part of the jacket is a bit snug around the thigh area if you’re wider there like I am. Thankfully, the secret side zippers help alleviate some of that tightness. I don’t completely hate it because it helps trap the warmth inside and keep the cold air out.


What can I say? After five years of serious use, this Amazon coat is practically in mint condition. As I mentioned, it’s still just as fluffy as the first day, it still keeps me warm, and there’s no piling of threads, cuts or color wash-outs. This is the kind of jacket I truly believe will last me at least another decade.


  • Thick and warm
  • Many pockets for storage
  • Zippers to extend the sides
  • Big hoodie for extra windy days
  • Wind-resistant
  • Duck-down for warmth


  • A little tight near the thigh area
  • Hand wash only


Orolay Winter CoatStephanie Hope/Rd.com

How much should I pay for a good winter coat?

Typically, the best winter coat will range between $100 to $300, depending on the material, brand and overall quality. It’s important to research the materials used in clothing to find the best jacket for you as some brands may charge more money for something of less quality.

Should I buy a winter coat a size bigger?

If you plan to wear extra layers underneath, I highly recommend sizing up, especially with the Orolay coat. This will ensure you still have room inside the coat to move around comfortably while staying warm.

What other reviewers had to say 

“I have since worn this jacket in Denver, Minneapolis and Chicago in the dead of winter and I highly recommend it,” begins verified five-star reviewer Amanda J. “This jacket kept me warm in all of those locations, and honestly, in Denver, it was almost too warm, as their winters are milder than the Midwest ice box. In Minneapolis, we had some days in the -10 to -20 range, which kept my body warm. Functionally, this jacket is exactly what I needed. It’s warm, has a ton of pockets and I love that it has a hood. The hood is big so it fits even when I had an updo and would still work even if you have a lot of hair. I also love that it covers my butt so whenever I sit on a cold car seat or bench it’s not a problem.”

Verified five-star reviewer Steph also moved from Florida to a cold state. “I moved from Florida to Michigan. The winters here are long and very harsh. I was not very prepared for the winter when I first got here. I bought a $50 puffer jacket, thinking it would be warm. After a few miserable winters wishing I could just move back to Florida, I searched for a down winter jacket, and I saw this had good reviews. It far exceeded my expectations. It fits well and has many pockets, but the main thing is it’s warm. I took a walk when I received it, and it was -7 outside, and I was not even a little cold. I like my life more since I bought this jacket because now I know I don’t have to be completely miserable for 3-4 months of the year.”

Final verdict 

If you’re looking for a high-quality jacket that won’t break the bank but will undoubtedly keep you warm all winter long, you need the Amazon coat. It’s warm, thick and looks cuter than most parkas you find online. If the down feathers alone didn’t sell it for you, I guarantee knowing there are six pockets to hide your snacks in will surely be the dealmaker.

Where to buy the Orolay coat


Orolay Coat

This warm, down coat is windproof and waterproof with a fleece-lined hood, six big pockets and a special side zipper.

Get the Orolay coat on Amazon starting at $152. It’s also available in 13 colors and the prices may vary for each. The Amazon coat is available in women’s sizes 2XS to 5XL.

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