This Portable Luggage Scale Has Over 18,000 Five-Star Reviews—Here’s Why It’s So Popular

Spend less on overweight luggage and more on souvenirs. Find out why this portable luggage scale is loved by thousands on Amazon.

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You might be an expert at packing tips, but are you paying for it with overweight fees? Have your heavy bags held up an airport check-in line one too many times? Skip the stress with the Freetoo portable luggage scale, a handy tool that will make you a check-in pro.  

Knowing what to pack in a carry-on or personal item requires skill and strategy. Making sure it’s within the airline’s weight limits, however, is a different game altogether. While there are ways to pack lighter, a portable luggage scale does all the heavy lifting—literally!

What is a portable luggage scale?

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Don’t wait until flight check-in to weigh your luggage sets. The last-minute task can be overwhelming, stressful and might end up costing more than you think. To avoid the pressure and hidden fees, the Freetoo portable luggage scale accurately weighs bags down to the ounce.

This portable luggage scale can hold up to 110 pounds (most airlines cap at 50 pounds). It has a deviation of no more than 0.1 pounds, so you can take “bag fees” out of your travel budget. Depending on where you’re traveling to, the weight units can also be adjusted to kilograms. The scale itself weighs next to nothing and fits comfortably in a pocket to carry on the go.

A CR2032 battery is included, and the device automatically shuts off after 60 seconds. The bright LCD display indicates various messages, like if the battery is running low or your luggage is overloaded. The scale has a piano-lacquered surface with scratch-resistant coating to help it withstand normal wear and tear.


  • Portable
  • Deviation doesn’t exceed 0.1 pounds
  • Can fit on any handle size
  • Comes in three colors
  • Has an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars


  • Requires luggage to be lifted and held while using
  • May take multiple tries to get an accurate reading

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How to use a portable luggage scale

Before you use this portable luggage scale, make sure it’s prepped and ready for liftoff. The battery should arrive correctly installed, but it helps to double-check. Remove the plastic battery film before use and verify that the scale’s screen displays a starting zero number.

When you’ve packed up your travel essentials and are ready to go, fasten the strap around the handle of the suitcase or bag. For objects up to 30 pounds, lifting with one hand may be enough. Hold the scale away from your body so as not to affect the reading. For objects heavier than 30 pounds, lift with both hands on either side of the handle to prevent a wrist or back injury.

Once the scale is turned on and attached to your affordable luggage, lift from the ground and hold for a few seconds. After some time, the scale’s screen will freeze and hold the reading. The final number will display in pounds and ounces or kilograms and grams.

The best Amazon user reviews 

Arguing with a check-in attendant shouldn’t be on your travel itinerary! Here’s why real Amazon users love their portable luggage scale.

Five-star reviewer, Leonardo Cervantes, describes the scale as a “must for travel.” He writes, “This product saved me $50 in oversized luggage charges at the airport! Buy it!!”

Verified reviewer, Tiffany, says, “This is my FAVORITE travel discovery!!!” After going over the weight limit multiple times, she writes that, “This small device has saved me many times by helping me to rearrange my suitcase prior to arriving at the airport to bring down the weight! I love it!”

While traveling for the first time in a while, Kathi R. was also worried about her luggage being overweight. The tool ended up being a lifesaver and “was spot on in measuring the weight of our luggage,” she writes. “Also small enough to travel with so we could weigh all of our souvenirs coming home.”

Where to buy a Freetoo portable luggage scale 

Freetoo Portable Luggage Scalevia merchant

You can buy the Freetoo portable luggage scale on Amazon for around $16. Now you can put more time (and the money you saved on overweight luggage) toward planning your next vacation.

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