I Used Toppik Hair Fibers on My Thinning Hair and They Completely Changed My Look

Updated: Mar. 11, 2024

If you have thinning hair that you want to appear thicker in a pinch, try Toppik Hair Building Fibers. Our editor was floored by the results.

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I have naturally fine hair, and as I get older, it seems like it just keeps getting thinner. While it’s usually not a problem when my hair is down, my insecurities rise when I try to put my hair up. I don’t have enough hair to cover all of my scalp without having to mold my hair around my head. It’s frustrating and makes me incredibly self-conscious. 

Naturally thin caliber or strands of hair is purely genetic, just like your height or other traits,” says Dr. William Yates, MD FACS. “The main cause for thinning hair or hair loss in both men and women is genetic or called Androgenetic Alopecia. Autoimmune situations, scarring alopecias or mechanical trauma (traction alopecia) to the hair follicle over time with weaves, extensions or tight hairstyles create other forms of hair loss.”

Sherry Schaefer, owner of My Wig Coach, adds, “Both hair texture (fine, medium or coarse) and hair density (thin, medium or thick) are passed down from our parents. Someone can have any combination. A typical combination is fine hair with thin density—the cosmetic double whammy.”

Aside from just never putting my hair up, I thought my only solutions were shampoos for thinning hair or natural hair loss remedies, but I wanted something with instant results. When I discovered Toppik Hair Fibers, I was in complete shock. I truly had no idea anything like this even existed.

What are Toppik Hair Fibers? 

Toppik Hair Fibers conceal thinning hair and bald spots by attaching natural-looking, colored keratin protein fibers to the existing hair with static electricity. The fibers are available in different shades to match various hair colors and can resist wind, rain and sweat for long-lasting (yet still temporary) results.

Toppik works on every hair type and texture—just find your color match and start using. The hair fibers are even a great tool for a root touch-up in-between salon visits, or as a way to help you confidently go gray and flaunt it. When you sprinkle the fibers, they look like light and fluffy sugar. The more you shake, the more coverage you’ll get on your scalp.

Toppik Hair Fibers Stephanie Hope/rd.com

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How to use it

Using Toppik Hair Fibers is simple. When you unscrew the lid, you’ll notice tiny little holes across the top of the container (not unlike a pepper shaker). Using a mirror, shake the bottle until you start to see the fibers fall onto the thinning parts of your scalp. Gently pat them into your hair before reapplying for more coverage.

When applying the fibers close to your hairline, use the included plastic card to keep any fallout from hitting your forehead. If you don’t have the card, use a business card or piece of paper to keep the fibers off your forehead. If they do fall onto your skin, lightly dust them off with your fingers.

My Toppik Hair Fibers review

Toppik Hair Fibers Stephanie Hope/rd.com

I tried the Toppik Hair Fibers in the shade Dark Brown, and they were an identical match to my natural root. To truly put them to the test, I pushed my insecurities aside and documented what my hair looks like up in a ponytail. Even after moving my hair around my scalp a bit to make it look more covered, there were areas I wanted to cover. I started in the front, lightly sprinkling the fibers onto the spots I could see clearly using the mirror. Then, I quickly patted that into my head and analyzed whether I needed more fibers.

To catch the spots that I knew looked thin but couldn’t see using a mirror, I started sprinkling the fibers all over the top of my head and took photos from different angles to see any spots I missed. (Since my first try, I’ve used this method frequently and there’s still a substantial amount of product left in the bottle.)

toppik fibers before and afterSTEPHANIE HOPE/RD.COM

You can lightly comb or use a brush after applying, but the patting method worked just fine for me. I worried that the fibers would melt or flake down my forehead over time, but the product stayed perfectly in place for the entire day. When I use Toppik now, I like to set it in place with a quick spritz of my hairspray or Toppik FiberHold Spray.


  • Completely fills in spots of thinning hair
  • Covers up gray hairs
  • A little goes a long way—the product seems to last for a while
  • Works on all hair types and textures
  • Easy shade match


  • Only a temporary fix
  • Can get on your forehead or face when applying


Microsoftteams Image (4) Toppik Hair FibersStephanie Hope/rd.com

How long does it last?

Toppik Hair Fibers will last until you wash your hair with shampoo. It’s possible they may start to fall out depending on your activity, for example, if you go for a swim. You can use hair spray to secure them longer on your head, but the fibers themselves are resistant to wind, rain and sweat.

Can it damage your hair?

Toppik Hair Fibers will not damage your hair or discourage hair growth. The protein fibers will simply sit on your hair follicles using static electricity and create an appearance of thicker hair. When you’re ready to remove the product, just wash it out in the shower.

Does it work on bald spots?

Yes! You can use Toppik Hair Fibers to cover up bald spots. However, it may not look as natural if there isn’t enough hair on the bald spot. The fibers need hair strands to grab onto and build upon to create a full look.

What experts had to say about thinning hair

Schaefer explains that you can’t make naturally thin hair thicker, but you can make each hair “puff up” a little by using volumizing products, which can make your hair appear thicker. The right styling products and hairstyle techniques will help too, but these, like the Toppik Hair Fibers, are temporary measures.

“There are so many causes of hair loss—genetics, disease, poor diet, medication side effects and stress, to name a few—that no one product, medication or supplement will work for all,” Schaefer continues. “Biotin helps some people, eating more protein helps some, restoring iron levels can help, healing the gut, changing to a different medication sometimes helps, reducing stress, red light therapy and using volumizing hair products can be cosmetically helpful.”

Yates adds, “If you notice you are losing hair and the hair is not growing back, and you are losing overall density, seek a hair loss specialist such as a dermatologist or hair restoration surgeon to obtain the best treatment.” He notes that, if an over-the-counter product promises to grow your hair back, it likely won’t be reliable. 

Schaefer also advises considering wearing hair. “People now widely accept wigs and hairpieces more than they used to. With the huge variety of toppers, also called top-of-head extensions, you can add as much or as little hair as you need. A great topper or wig can give you your life back if hair loss is shrinking it.”

Final verdict

toppik fibers hair spray before and afterSTEPHANIE HOPE/RD.COM

If you’re looking for a quick, temporary fix to cover up thin or balding spots, Toppik Hair Fibers are a great choice. They instantly boosted my confidence, and I didn’t feel self-conscious about people looking at my scalp. The product itself lasts a long time—a good investment for the money, despite the price being very reasonable. I love that I can wash it away in the shower and reapply it the next time I go out. The product comes in nine different shades, and you can purchase it in different sizes, including a travel-sized option. It also works faster than using products like hair-thickening shampoos.

If you’re on the fence, take the plunge and try it out. As someone who has dealt with hair that looks like it’s thinning most of my young adult life, I can say that Toppik Hair Fibers have given me back the confidence I lost alongside my hair.

Where to buy Toppik Hair Fibers 

You can buy your own bottle of Toppik Hair Fibers starting from $7.95 on the brand’s website. It’s also available on Amazon and from Sally Beauty. Warning: Once you use this, you’ll never leave the house without it.

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